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August 15, 2011

is it monday already?!
the past few weeks have flown by... i think adding (new favorite hobby) blogging to my already busy world, is making the days go by like minutes! i finally got to catch my breath this past  s u n d a y. i did nothing. went for a walk w. girlfriends, spend time w. family, i even managed to take a little cat-nap! but with this new found hobby, i can't seem to turn off the creative wheels from constantly spinning in my head. so i decided to put my thoughts into a collage. a fashion collage at that! 

m y  (interpretation)  of  LA   s t y l e.

{i've always love collaging the old school way... you know, cutting & pasting (like w. real paste). but now w. handy tools like photoshop, ect. you can create some pretty fancy stuff.} 
{the fireman's mom is a very talented artist (she would totally disagree) and specializes in mixed-media art. maybe one day she'll let me post some of her goodies on here. click here to check out what mixed media art is all about.}

PS: i look forward to posting fashion trend reports & inspiration for you! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your fashion ideas and using quite a few..
thanks...I also enjoy your cooking craft & sewing ideas with how to make it!
Please keep it coming...

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