1 trend, 2 ways...

August 12, 2011

here's a little twist on my usual "what i wore" post... this is all about taking one current trend and looking at it in two different lights.
today's trend: a white, white, white dress & denim!
*check out archived what i wore (s): here, here, or here

 {f i r s t   l o o k : a pretty little lace diddy, paired w. a 
light denim jacket & ballet flats}  

{s e c o n d   l o o k : a white linen layered dress, paired w. a 
dark denim button up & slouchy boots}

f i r s t   l o o k : 
denim jacket: vintage
dress: abs
necklace: j crew
shoes: ecco (ballet flats)
bracelets: chunky gold- forever, beaded layers-made by me

s e c o n d   l o o k :
dark denim shirt: vintage levis
dress: abs
sunnies: very special vintage ray-bans
necklace: mini dog-tag's-hinu, 14k gold & stone-made be me

which look do you like better... numero uno (#1) or numero dos (#2)???


Anonymous said...

I like the contras of masculine and pretty ... It looks classic and comfy ... I'm enjoying your daily blog looks like your having fun!

harmy pants said...

I love number 1! but I love the slouchy boots too!

NicolePatti said...

I looove your dress in number 1!! So pretty!And I love the layered necklaces!

the gal said...

yay nicole! thanks for the blog love! follow follow ;) XO

Anonymous said...

ooooh toss up! i love both-they are so different.. love the denim shirt-you rock it well! xoxo

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