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August 04, 2011

it's called: Honestly... wtf. and the reason i love it SO much is for the section called "DIY" (Do It Yourself)! i have always loved making things: clothes, jewelry, bags, taking something old and recreating it... so basically, i love arts n' crafts!!! i mean..... true love. if i could stay home and do arts n' crafts all day long... i would. believe me.

this site has such great ideas and shows simple easy steps on how to make fun projects from start to finish. so if you are already a crafty gal or would like to try making your first (one-of-a-kind) piece... you'll have to check this site out. i'm personally putting these fabulous chunky chain bracelets at the top of my to-do list!!

{i love the chucky gold chain mixed with the bright mixmatched colors}
{step one}
{step two}
{step three}
{step four... & ta-da!}
{check out the full tutorial and find yourself some inspiration @ Honestly... wtf!!}

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