LF (annual) 60% off sale...

August 12, 2011

loving me some (elllll-ffff)!

well, I feel like I just fought a war. Me vs. LF. oh that's right... i just took on the LF annual 60% off sale. i'm physically exhaused, bruised, and beaten!! ok, well not bruised & beaten... but man am i tired! i did however, score. if you have the courage & patience, i recommend checking it out. but be prepared! go with an idea of silouette, trend, or color that can instantly update your closet (like a shopping to-do list)... or i promise you'll be seriously overwhelmed... annnnd your bank account may suffer ;)

{my new goodies!}
{i plan to layer this fun ring w. a few of my favoite gold bands}
{these bracelets will go great w. all my wrist bling} 
{i've always wanted a gold "evil-eye"... & i found it!}
{i love the old tarnished black chains mixed with the shimmery stones}
... no not all of them are for (little ole') me, i bought a few gifts. 
{finally! fabulous oversized Chanel inspired sunnies!}

what's a girl to do... 60% off sale!?! come on.

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