5 things: we are loving

August 09, 2011

here are some little diddy's we think are AWESOME...

{#1... Custom Single-Speed Fixie Bikes}
i know they're a bit trendy right now... but we love these retro cool bikes! and the fact that you can custom build these speedy guys... makes it all the better. check out these fun rides here.

Oh-da-lay!! what's better then sand between your toes, some salty chips & spicy salsa, and a ice cold mexican beer!? nothing! if we had to choose our favorite mexican beers... i would say Dos Equis Lager, and the fireman would say Dos Equis Amber. either way... we're in! where's the pinata!?

these things are amazing! if you like to cook with fresh garlic, then you have to have one of these puppies. you can chop garlic in seconds AND it's so easy to clean! they could also work as a great hostess gift. you can find these little jewels at William-Sanoma or Amazon... see the how-to here.

ok this something I AM loving.
it's an oldie but goodie and still so amazing! when ever i break out my old fave, Stella Rose, the fireman always compliments me... anyway, it's one of my #1 go-to's... so if you're in the market, check it out this fabulous fragrance.

{#5... BBQ-ing!!}
summer is the best time to practice your BBQ-ing skills. you can find the fireman BBQ-ing all year long... even on a rainy day. but it's one of my goals this summer to become a Grill Master! I've been tuning into to Bobby Flay's Grill it! & Barbecue Addiction for some new tips. something i've mastered is... shish kabobs!

love the bike, right!?


Anonymous said...

Cool bike I've never seen one.

chanel said...

oh the good ol' stella! love it!


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