naughty naughty...

August 04, 2011

well the fireman went to work this morning... so when i make dinner for myself (table for one), it's usually pretty healthy... or so i attempt. but not tonight my friends! this gal was feeling naughty and surely went to town. do you ever crave something really bad (like a cheesey quesadilla) but really wish you could make it healthy in some miraculous way? well i did tonight... so i created a yummy quesadilla with fresh white peaches!!

it sounds a little crazy... but it turned out soooooo gooood!

p e a c h   q u e s a d i l l a.
{cut the watermelon to garnish the plate & snack on while you cook... don't forget the sea salt. yum!}

{cut 1/2 a white or yellow peach (or nectarine) into small squares & slice a few pieces to garnish the plate}

{coat the pan w. a little evoo & sautee the peaches until slightly soft... add a pinch of sea salt & pepper}

{add tortilla & cheese}

{squeeze a little fresh lemon on... everything!}

{and you have a yummy guilty-gal meal... table for one!}

{opps... i forgot to mention my naughty (ice) cold beer... summer is here!}

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