go big blue!

August 13, 2011

D o d g e r s  (1)  vs A s t r o s  (0)
...the dodgers made the winning run in the bottom of the 10th!
very very exciting! go big blue!!!

 {me & my big dodger beer & dodger blue nails}
{i needed two hands for this puppy!}

if you live in LA you probably have a royal (Dodger) blue and/or a deep (Laker) purple piece of clothing in your closet for a last-minute (jump-on-the-bandwagon) game! this time around we had planned far in advanced to celebrate our wonderful friends (erin & jonny's) 6th wedding anniversay & to see the Dodger's beat the Astro's! we splurged on the most amazing seats (i've ever sat in), dusted off our royal blue gear, ate every ball-game junk-food, and drank the biggest coldest beers in the stadium. i'm still full! my nail polish was even celebrating... royal blue glitter (of course!). anyway, it was a fabulous time, and really made me appreciate our super fabulous friends! happy anniversary  l o v e   b i r d s... XO

{erin suprised johnny with this little love note}
{"erin loves johnny! happy 6 anniversary!"}
{since we're used to the nose-bleeds... these seats were not too shabby}
{the gals...}
{the fire-men...}
{when in rome... garlic fries & ice cold beers!}
{what a gorgeous sunset... we really lucked out w. the whole night}
{the:  l o v e   b i r d s !}

 PS: i still don't know what was more fun... the haliarious conversation on our carpool into the city or the actual baseball game! that's when you know you have pretty fun friends!!

**little style tip: paint your nails the color of your favorite team. Dodgers.... GO BIG BLUE!!!
you could always try this blue polish DS Magic be OPI (!)


Moosh said...

I LOVE this!!

the gal said...

thanks mooshies!! wish you were there! now THAT would be fun!

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