look for less...

August 30, 2011

 { kate beckinsale  //  sienna miller }

looking for a cool and wearable trend for fall? well the trend is- colored denim (!) and the safe & easy way to wear this trend... is by toning down the uber-brights and sliding into some- light grey denim (hey- grey is a color too, right?!). buying a lighter grey jean is a great option, if you're not ready to plunge into the sea of mustard's, turquoise, & coral denims (oh my!). 
if you're thinking.... "i'm not totally afraid of color, but i can't see myself in a pair of pink jeans!" then throw on a bright blouse or sweater w. your these neutral pants... and you'll be hitting this trend just fine. you could always add funky bright accessories too. another cool way to wear grey, is by pairing this easy piece w. a white tee, your favorite old jean jacket or a denim worker's shirt... (see sienna miller's pic below). it's basically a great way to wear denim on denim without looking like your sporting a denim tuxedo... leave that to the 90's, Dylan Mckay (90210, come on!)

PS: this trend doesn't need to break your bank either (!)... see below for a fabulous fall find and get this look-for-less!
 ** see more fall fashion trends here & here!

l o v e l y   G R E Y   D E N I M ...
{ sienna miller  //  jennifer lopez, both is genetic denim }

G E T   T H I S   L O O K : go-Designer or Look-for-LESS!?
look for less...
{collage-art made by yours truly}

i vote....... LOOK-for-LESS!
keep in mind friends, that these puppies are pretty grrrreat and we may not be the only one's that know about this little secret. they fit like a glove and will be perfect to tuck into ridding boots (once the weather permits)... so ACT  FAST  because these jeggings won't be at Target for long!

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