gals night out...

August 06, 2011

when it comes to girlfriends... i've really lucked out. i have always had a great group of friends, but these days we are all really making a major effort to have regular "girls-nights". we try and go to either a movie, or dinner, or both once a month! with everyone's crazy busy schedules, i'm always very pleased to see my gals making time for our teeny-tiny tradition... i love it and i'm always in! last night we saw Crazy Stupid Love... and i enjoyed every minute of it!(the quality time & the movie).

{my rule of thumb is: when it comes to girlfriends... always say "yes" to a girls-night (even if you're tired and had a long day)... because we are so lucky to have each other.} 

t h e   m o v i e... CRAZY STUPID LOVE.

three quick comments...
1. i love Steve Carrel... he's amazing. SO funny!
2. did you know Ryan Gosling's abs are computer generated in his sexy scene?! crazy right? but still OH SO SEXY!
3. redheads with fair skin are the next big thing... very very fabulous! especially in emerald green jewelry. i'm just sayin... i love it.

my personal rating... four stars!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about receive what you put into it...thanks for the reminder!

VANESSA said...

hi anonymous friend! thanks for the comment... have a fabulous weekend.

PS: if you're not following my blog... follow! i love the input :)

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