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August 22, 2011

over the weekend i took a little me-trip down to the Long Beach Swapmeet. this monthly treasure hunt is my own mini-tradition that i really enjoy doing w. a buddy or by myself. i'm always happy to go w. the fireman or even a friend, but really enjoy the (occasional) quality me-time... to explore & hunt! i grab my large latte, bring my favorite tote & hat, and start planning my treasure-grocery-list. i always try and go to a flea-market w. an idea of what i need or want to shop for. sometimes this works as a curse and i can never find the silver vase or crocheted throw i was looking for, but i think it's always best to have a design direction in mind... even if you slightly veer!

. . M Y   N E W   T R E A S U R E S . .
{new treasures: ruffled white milk-glass dish & hand painted moroccan tin bowl} 
these new goodies are perfect to hold my everyday earrings, watch, & rings!
{new treasure: royal blue glass jar (right)}
jars work great as vases & also work as an elegant way to store your jewelry. these jars are inexpensive, colorful, & add a funky twist to any countertop.
{watch: nixon, stud earrings: melissa joy manning (uva rovite druzy), dangle earrings: bought @ firefly }
{i love green. it's my favorite color to use as an accent around my house.  l o v e!}
{new treasure: white milk-glass vase... the succulents are also from the flea market a couple trips ago!}

{finally! fall fashion magazines are here! hip-hip-hooray!! let the research begin!}
{a little me-time + some treasure hunting + great reading material = a successful day off}
{new treasure: light blue glass bottle (right)}
{when we were in maui this year, we ate at an amazing restaurant that had these colorful bottles on each of the tables (for water). i loved the idea and have been looking for the right bottle ever since. now we can always have a little H2O on the table for a dinner party, or for just the two of us. 
PS: an old wine bottle works great too!}
{new treasure: funky dark, but bright oil painting (2.5 ft. x 2 ft.)}
this puppy was $8!! i'm not too sure what i'll do w. it yet... maybe add it to my collage wall? we'll see!

**a couple flea market shopping tips: 
+ try not to dress too trendy (i'm serious) one look at you and your price will double!
+ smile, be polite, & bargin nicely... i think the vendors appreciate it & may give you a better price.
+ wear sunscreen & a hat, bring a large soft tote, a water, & enough cash.
+ go early! early bird catches the worm... or at least the best treasures.
+ never seem too excited about a item... the more excited you are, the more the vendor knows they can get for it.

(hope that helps... xo!)


Anonymous said...

As a vendor I agree with your recipe of bargaining good eye on your new treasures!

Danielle said...

PLEASE count me in next time!

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