happy FRIDAY!

March 29, 2013

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if your family is anything like mine, your holidays are typically based by food. and THAT is 100% allllllllright with me! my mom has always loved "planning a menu". one Christmas we literally had a menu printed up and place on everyone's table seating. she doesn't mess around. so this sunday will be no different and we will be eating like kings! other then the food and quality family time... i am SO looking forward to watching my crazy adorable nephews run wild while they hunt for their Easter eggs.

so if you are a big foodie during the holidays...
here are a few links of delicious spring-time brunch (or dessert) bites... & drinks, of course!

white strawberry lemon sangria

cinnamon toast pancakes

vanilla cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting

summer peach & balsamic pizza

roasted red pepper quinoa & white bean burgers

bacon, egg, toasty bites

coconut cake with raspberry filling

strawberry citrus vodka cocktail... like a strawberry mojito, yum

bistro egg sandwich

asparagus, spinach, and feta quiche

baked eggs in potato nests

... and monster Easter cookies!

happy Easter weekend!


March 27, 2013

Pysanky Inspired Eggs via

i am a huge fan of decorating Easter eggs! this year i wanted get extra inspired so when the fireman and i have our (unofficial) Annual Easter Egg Decorating CONTEST... i will bring home the gold. oh yeah, that's right... the gold. so here is are a few of the fantastic decorative eggs i found around the web! AND they all seem very do-able & fairly easy too. now off i go to pick up my gold leaf from the craft store!

*will you decorating eggs this weekend??
Gold Leaf Eggs via
(these are the little guys i plan on making!!)
Nail Polish Marbled Eggs via

Pantone Eggs via
Dip Dyed Eggs via
Sweet Heart Eggs via
Neon Dipped Eggs via

which one is your fave?


March 25, 2013

industrial shelving + striped rug + printed pillows via

hellllllllo my long lost blogosphere friends! sorry i've been MIA over the past week. Spring had sprung and this little lady got busy! so, let's talk spring. i don't know about you but i always feel like once Spring rolls around that my living room (as well as my closet) needs a mini make-over to brighten things up. sooooooo, i've scoured the web to find a few living rooms that have those bright touches i want. i've made a few notes below each photo on the aspects i love about each room... and where i think we may be able to finds these goodies.  so... here we go!

*on a budget? you could always make your own pillows from bright cloth napkins!

images via + shopping ideas...
-- bright furniture: West Elm, Crate & Barrel
 -- fresh plants + cool pots: Jonathan Adler, Home Goods, Home Depot
 -- mixed prints: Ikea, West Elm, World Market
-- rug + side table: Rugs USA, West Elm, Pottery Barn

image via + shopping ideas...
-- industrial bulps: West Elm, Home Depot
 -- neutral prints: Pottery Barn, Home Goods, West Elm, Ikea
-- subtle wall art + vases: flea market, Ikea, Crate & Barrel

image via + shopping ideas...
-- white fur + white light fixture:  Ikea, Fab.com 
-- striped throw blanket + funky pillows: flea market, Fab.com, Etsy
-- geo print rug: Rugs USA, Fab.com

which living room do you love most??


March 18, 2013

image by me!

so the fireman, the frenchie, and i are in the absolutely stunning Mammoth Mountains right now! we are having a blast so far. one of my favorite things about driving up to Mammoth (which is about a 5-7 hour drive) is the roadtrip part of the trip. i love waking up early enough for it to feel like not your usual early morning and bring all my favorite roadtrip goodies in the car with me! we are here in Mammoth with a bunch of our fireman friends (a ladies dream come true) which comes with a bunch of man jokes, unusual smells, and lots of beer. like i said... a dream come true. ha! but i love it... they're pretty funny.

here are a few things that i love about roadtriping...

1. waking up when it's dark outside
2. meeting at our local Pete's & Noah's bagel (bagels are guilt-free on roadtrips!)
3.  colorful socks
4. Pandora's: Drive Soundtrack, Florance + the Machine, Notorious BIG, Jenny Lewis, and Air Radio
5. having a sleepy frenchie on my lap for hours n hours
6. wearing a beaning, sunnies, and cozy pants... so cozy.
7. snacks: goldfish, apple slices n peanut butter, think thin bars, aussie licorice, peanut butter pretzels
8. telling stories & laughing a lot
9. knitting (it's my thing, i love it.)
10. stopping at local gas stations & buying super rad (kinda weird) souvenirs 
11. Schat's Bakery
12. lot's of coffee stops.........

.... and those are a few of my favorite roadtrip things!

what are yours?

happy FRIDAY!

March 15, 2013

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happy friday! i hope you find yourself enjoying a pint of green beer, a shamrock milkshake, or just channeling your inner Irish this weekend! i will be channeling my inner snow bunny with the fireman & friends on a snowboard trip in Mammoth, CA. i am just as excited to stay in and cook warm cozy comfort food all weekend, as i am to get up on the mountain. 

here are a few friday links from ME...
to YOU.

these are the perfect st. patty's day cupcakes!

have you checked out Honestly YUM yet???

these photo's of a photographer's love leading him around the world, are perfection.

have you eaten at The Hart & The Hunter yet??

i love these adorable animal butt magnets.

a pretty pop of green.

i would love to have this striped dress in my closet.

i wish i could ONE day win one of these giveaways! i want want want this backpack! (pick me?)

hey this backpack is pretty cute too. 

wow, could you live with less? i'm inspired.

what are you grateful for?

such a fantastic statement necklace.

mint chocolate chip cookies i need to be eating (or not eating) this st. patty's day.

last year's patty post.

have a great weekend!


March 13, 2013

lovely front braid via  //  artsy bar cart via

two things i can't get enough of these days are pretty braids & vintage bar carts! i know that may seem like an unlikely combo... but i have been searching pinterest (and around the web) for new ways to merchandise my bar cart with objects i already have at home AND i've been trying new ways to braid my hair. i still can't figure out how to do a fishtail braid without my arms falling asleep mid way through. but i HAVE had success with this double braid from Cupcakes and Cashmere! it's super easy to do and can last an entire day of running around town.

*back to the bar carts... do you have one??
... and what do you keep on yours?

wheel bar cart via
crown braids via  +  via
 bangs + braid via

bar cart details via  +  via
pretty gold bar cart via


March 11, 2013

one: i broke out my vintage traditional Mexican tapestry for the perfect pop of color in my kitchen.

saturday i was up to my elbows cleaning through boxes and boxes of wedding decorations and props... we may have had a bit of a wedding-decor-hoarding situation over here. so needless to say it was a task i'd been putting off since our wedding, almost 6 months ago! but finally i managed to go through all the goodies i wanted to keep, purge, and hopefully sell! next step, ebay. so once i checked that major task off my list i kept the Spring Cleaning going and did a deep clean around our house. i put my newest bright colored tops towards the front of my closet, switched out our winter throw blanket for a brighter one, and even did a little dusting too. 

how was your weekend??? did you get your Spring Clean on?
two: i've simplified my bedside table with these chic Dauville Gold & Platinum Canvas bowls.
three: my closet is looking Springy already! i've been finding some real jems at H&M.
four: i've been using fresh fruit (lemon, lime, and/or oranges) and herbs (mint and/or basil) for my homemade spa water... the perfect thirst quencher to keep in your fridge. 
five: we picked this blanket up the last time we were in Mexico. i love it and think it brightens up our living room perfectly for Spring. remember when i made this burlap pillow?? i still love it!


March 04, 2013

image by me!

did you or would you change you last name to share the same last name as your hubby or wife??? until i met my main squeeze & now huuuuuuusband (the fireman) i never saw myself changing my last name. after my oldest brother got married, he told me this... once you're married you instantly have a new little family to protect & cherish, even if it's just the two of you, you're now your own family. and once i met the fireman i knew he was the guy i wanted to have as my new little family. even if it's just the two of us... & Charlie! 
SO..................... to make a long story short (and i may have mentioned it here), last week i changed my last name! like, whoa. it wasn't as complicated as i imagined, but it did take time, effort, and some pre-planning (make those DMV & SS appointments people!). here are the steps I took to change MY last name...

Step One:  Social Security Office
-- make an appointment
-- bring the correct documents:
current license/ID or passport, social security card, marriage certificate

Step Two:  DMV
-- make an appointment
-- bring the correct documents:
current license/ID, social security card, marriage certificate
-- put your make-up on because you'll be retaking your license picture! cheeeeeeese!

Step Three:  Passport 
(via Main Post Office)
-- bring the correct documents:
current license/ID or copy of temporary license, current passport, marriage certificate
-- get your hair did because if you don't bring your own photo, you'll need to take one there too!

Step Four:  Your Bank
-- bring the correct documents:
ATM card, current license/ID or passport, marriage certificate
-- make sure to order new checks, ATM card, & credit cards
-- if you are creating a joint account you can ask about that process then

Step Five:  All Other Accounts 
Legal Stuff:  Student loans, Vehicle titles, Mortgages, Voter registration
Personal:  Health insurance, Insurance cards (auto, home, etc), Utility companies, Gym membership, Social media profiles, Home address labels, Apartment rental contracts
Work Related:  Payroll– Talk to HR, Email address, Business cards, Email signature, LinkedIn profile

Step Six:  Surprise your new hubby with your NEW NAME!
-- if you can keep all these steps a secret from your man, then wait until your new ID comes and surprise him with the news... i think i may wrap my new driver's license in a gift box and let him open it!

............. and if you want to really be pro-active you can download this Name Change Packet and fill out all your paperwork before you go each place (DMV, Social Security, ect.)!

so, did you or would you change your last name???


March 01, 2013

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hello hello & happy friday! i hope you all had a wonderful week. i was able to spend some quality time with a girlfriend & her new baby boy and even squeezed in a little yoga! who knew a down dog was SO difficult, phew! i did do one major thing this week... i changed my last name... things are offically offical! so tune in next week to get my insider steps on how to change your name. that's right folks, i'm officially a Wade!

here are a few links to bring you
into your weekend... enjoy!

a pretty cat toy DIY.

LA peeps, have you heard of Feed in Venice yet??? looks amazing... we're going to try it out sunday!

this gal knows how to throw a party! check out her party closet.

i like green, and i like these!

i like these 3 tips on hosting house guests.

5 words: coconut toffee chocolate chip cookies, YUP!

this fabulous sweater has two Spring Trends i love, bold stripes & crystal embellishments.

i've been searching for a new rug... this one is pretty great!

what kind of mascara do you use??

these darling stackables need to be on my little fingers!!

i don't know about you, but i think this pixi cut is cute-as-can-be.

the perfect homemade fabric boxes to help you get organized this spring!

see you next week!

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