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July 31, 2012

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let's just hop to it, shall we?! if there's one thing i've noticed that my fabulous readers like reading about, it's fashion... and the oh-so fun What I Wore's i post. so here are a few of my favorite What I Wore's ((from the past year)) broken down into mini trend-categories, of course!

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a chambray shirt.

a striped cardi.

denim on denim.

bold stripes.

grunge inspired.

dark top / bright bottom.

 white skinnies.

 a bright skirt.
 my favorite color... green.

... and those are a few of my faves!
which look do you like most?


July 30, 2012

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that right peeps, one year! i can't believe it was only one year ago that i wrote my very first post... about coffee, of course. it has been such a great year... from moving into a killer new place, to getting the cutest pup {in the world}, and topping it off with one BIG engagement! i'm so thrilled that i documented such an important year of my life... and, so it seems, i shared it all with you! i've learned a ton about the blogging world, social media, and that ladies around the world LOVE fireman! who knew... it's a global thing! so please stay tuned for my "Best Of..." series of posts throughout the week. i hope you all have enjoyed my blog as much as i've enjoyed writing it...
((because there is more to come!))

thanks for following!


July 27, 2012

/  bright wall paper + gorgeous bright flowers... photo's via  /

it's the end of July... and to me, that feels like the exact middle of summer!!! so if you haven't bought all the new fabulous things on your summer wardrobe/home list... no worries... you can still spruce up your home with bright colors + tons of white! sometimes i wish i lived in a all white home with pops of color everywhere... kind of like what i imagine Jonathan Adler's home to be like. you know, the guy that designs alllll that killer-funky home stuff?! well anyway, here are a few great examples of how to shift your home to look bight & cheer-y... just like a sunny late-July summer day!

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bright pillows + some killer DIY wall art  
a new printed rug + bright tonal pillows
a bright duvet cover + a newly cover headboard 
printed dishes + framed art
killer neon heels + coffee table books
a great throw blanket + the perfect tea cup
fresh cut flowers + an easy DIY framed
your jewelry displayed + ah-mazing Hermes boxes

i hope this gave you a couple fun ideas to add a little "pop" into your home...
oh, and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!



July 25, 2012

/ / / me + tanya + meagan @ a white party! / / /

one kind of party i can never miss, is one with a theme! over the weekend i attended a "White Party" where everyone was draped in bright white head-to-toe! i wore a simple white tank, with high-waisted cuffed shorts from H&M, and a little pop of color on my shoes! my friend Tanya wore an amazing dress from Dolce Vita paired with cool rustic low-top boots, and my friend Meagan sported a simple slip-dress with horizontal cut-outs and beach waves. all-in-all we were dressed the part, had fun, and didn't spill a drop of wine on any of our white! much success!

**here are some other great options for a White Party...
daisy top + lace shorts via
a killer skirt + a white denim via  //  a white dress accessorized to perfection via
a fantastic white dress via // white lace mini via
cream skirt + white tank via // spaghetti tank + high waisted shirt via
white slacks + tee via // white top + white pants via

have you been wearing white-on-white this summer?


July 23, 2012

the Fashion Gal & the Fireman... under water!
/ /  photo's taken by Jeff Berting  / /

since our friends & family all received their Save-the-Date's late last week... i figured it was an absolute must to share our engagement {Save-the-Date} photo's with you! the fireman & i wanted to have a fun photo of the two of us for our Save-the-Date... but not just any old photo. so we reached out to our friend/amazing photographer Jeff Berting to see if he wanted to take a couple under water photo's! surprisingly he was equally, if not more, excited about the idea then we were! so i picked up 25 yards of fabric ((that's 75 feet!)), made a huge white bridal skirt, the fireman threw on a fitted suit... and we jumped right in! i hope you enjoy the photo's as much as we did taking them! here we are "taking the plunge"...

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((above: this one is our favorite))

did you do anything unusual for your 
engagement or wedding photo's?

SUMMER from the sky.

July 20, 2012

/ / / / / photo's by Honestly WTF / / / / /

wow! what a gorgeous day we had yesterday! my fingers are crossed that our entire weekend is exactly the same. warm, sunny, clear blue skies... and hopefully packed beaches! yup, i said it. packed! i want to swim in the ocean and see the sand full of bright stripped & polka-dot umbrellas. i love these beach photo's from the sky. they are beaches from St. Tropez to Manhattan Beach. check out the original story here!

have a great weekend!

pretty cool, right!?

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