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August 27, 2011

before the fireman goes back into work (for the next couple days), we decided to have a proper date night. we jumped on our beach cruisers and rode to one of our favorite hot-spots... North End Caffe! we've actually only been there for breakfast & lunch (great breakfast paninis & creative salads!), but have never been there for dinner. so we cruised down to check things out... and left as two very happy (full) campers!

**North End's dinner menu changes everyday... so make sure to "like" them on facebook so you can get updates on their daily bites... check it out here.

. beautiful   m a n h a t t a n   b e a c h   california .
{date night 08.26.11 // such a cool local spot called the North End Caffe. and it was SO good (!)}
{ the fashion gal }                                                    { the fireman }

y u m m m m m m m m m y! it wasn't pretty.

{cesar salad: it was really really good! this was no imitation cesar salad. it was the real deal.}
{brochette: A-MAZ-ZING! go now! go!! it was so fresh & SO full of flavor. i will order it every time it's on the menu... keep in mind their menu changes daily... plan ahead.}
{fillet mignon: the fireman gave it two thumbs up... and that's coming from a guy that eats this stuff everyday.}
{curried catfish: yummmmmmy! i really enjoyed the flavor of this curry sauce. the portion was huge... so i'll have some leftovers for tomorrow.}
{bread pudding: i usually don't order bread pudding, because it usually seems dry and lacks flavor... that was not the case tonight! it was moist, crunchy, sweet, and delish! the home-made whip cream was grand too... and the fresh berries worked as a great balance to this yummy dessert.}
{a great sunset to end a nice mellow date-night}

are there any North End LOVERS out there??
oh & PS: did you know that this little love shack was on (one of our favorite tv shows) 
Diner's, Drive-in's, & Dive's?! very cool.

1 comment:

chanel said...

yes yes yes. love it! loved watching guy there! love that you went out on a date night. never been there for dinner (only thousands of times for breakfast and lunch) but i've heard great things!

love you two!

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