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October 25, 2011

// i'm kinda LOVING this stache & hair-do... very cool //

today we are talking about MAN-STUFF (Men's Fall Fashion, to be exact!) and to my knowledge there are 4 men that actually follow this blog: the fireman, my two brothers, and my extremely cool uncle. so let's give those boys something to read why don't we!? i know this could be a teeny bit boring for all you fabulous ladies... so maybe you can share this post with your extremely cute {male} co-worker that you've been eye-ballen for months??! a little in-office romance?? ice breaker!?! come on! we're trying to hook people up here, people! anyway, back to the boys... boys like clothes too and from my experience, between growing up with two brother's & now the fireman, they appreciate a little inspiration & guidance as well. not to name names, but my oldest brother did slip the other day and told me that he was googling Men's Fall Fashion {i'm sorry Philly! xo!}, so i figured i'd write what he was looking for! check out my styling tips & photo's below for Men's Fall Fashion 2011 inspiration...

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**if you {boys} ever have any clothing questions, i'd love to try and help... just leave me a comment, a tweet, or shoot me an email.

1. layers: a tee, a button-up & a sweater;
{style tip:} if all these layers seem intimidating, then stick to neutral colored pieces to layer on top of one another. and if layers are your thing, then through some plaid in there, to mix things up a bit.
 2. color blocking- the man way;
{style tip:} layer a charcoal sweater over a heather grey tee, and then pair this light & dark combo with a colored pant... let's not get too crazy, i like these camel colored khakis.
3. add a sweater between your shirt & jacket;
{style tip:} this is a great Fall update for the office, think about investing in a fitting sport coat to get this look.
 4. jeans & a t-shirt layered with a killer jacket;
{style tip:} when in doubt, KEEP IT SIMPLE! us gals love a man in a good pair of jeans and a crisp clean tee. i think it's definitely worth looking for a pair of jeans that fit well (and don't have too much stuff going on) if the pockets of your jeans have more embellishments then the pockets of my jeans... i'd probably advice against those. if this helps, think about the guys that did & do it right, like style icons James Dean, Steve McQueen, & Brad Pitt.  
 5. add a sweater to your daily duds;
{style tip:} i love this deep blue sweater. if you're not much of a sweater guy, then pick up a neutral color to start and pair it with different layers & colors. i just saw some cool Men's sweaters at H&M & Zara. the great thing about these stores, is that you can hit a trend without breaking your bank! PS: i love elbow patches... just thought i'd through that out there.
*get yourself a nice watch;
{style tip:} old or new, a nice watch can enhance a man's style instantly. don't get me wrong, if your sporting a pair of old basketball shorts and a worn-out tee, a watch won't help you much. but with the right outfit a nice {vintage or newer} watch can complete a look perfectly.
* a nice pair {leather} shoes;
{style tip:} i love these simple leather Clark's. they are low in cost, high in quality, and good in the looks department. i also like the shoes in picture #5. PS: the fireman has Clark's and says they're super comfortable.
// photo's by pinerest //

if your a man and reading this post... i would LOVE to hear from you! any MAN-thoughts? 
and if you're a gal that is enjoying this post... well, i always love to hear from my gals!

for more MAN-tips, check out out facebook page {throughout the day} for a little more Fall Inspiration!


odessa said...

Very nice (hot)! xoxo

GINA BIBER said...

I'm going to pass these tips on to my husband; thank you very much!


The Londoner said...

Top pic is fab! Perfect for Movember! xx

molliee said...

I love all these looks. The layering is hot!


kelly @ paper doll theory said...

this is a great post! so often men's fashion gets pushed to the sidelines. i know a few guys who would be very interested in these tips!


Anonymous said...

my hubby loves the clarks too!! nice post V :)

VANESSA said...

Thanks ladies! Glad you like this post!
KJ! How are you mama!? How's Anthro treating you??!
Have a great days guys! I mean gals ;)

xxoo- vanessa

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Completely agree with yoor 'man-stuff rules'! You have great teste and perfectly managed to exlain the boys how to look cool with minimal effort...

VANESSA said...

Well thank you very much, Not Just a Pretty Dress! Have a fabulous day!!

xo- vanessa

Tari said...

I love all these tips! They're absolutely fantastic, I especially love the leather shoes!

Clara Turbay said...

I like so much what you post.
I hope you can check out mine.

Kelly said...

This is such an awesome post. I think instead of always bugging my boyfriend to stop wearing guys hoodies, I will buy an outfit similar to one of these for his birthday. Maybe then he'll get the hint!

Anonymous said...

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