HAPPY friday!

November 30, 2012

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happy friday friends! how was your week? score any killer cyber deals this black friday/cyber monday week??? well i am SUPER excited for the weekend ahead! today the fireman and i will be going away for the weekend to celebrate my big n' fabulous {soon-to-be 30th} birthday! we're jumping on a plane... and i have NO idea where we're going. fun, right?! some would hate this idea of the unknown... but i LOVE it! as my gift, the fireman is surprising me and taking me away for a birthday weekend where we will eat good food & drink tons of delicious coffee... that's all i know. oh and the place we're going will definitely be raining. so my (vacation-location) guesses are: San Fransisco, Portland, or Seattle. ummmmm, not sure which one it'll be... but i can't wait to find out!

to kick off your fab weekend, 
here are a few links to distract you (for the next few) hours of work...

these look like the best brownies ever made, in the world, ever.

i would love to have these rain boots on my feetzies this weekend.

i like these... and this in mint.

i could cuddly up on the couch and sip on some of this right now.

i need to do a DIY, like soon.

i need to refresh my scarf tying skills with this video.

i just bought this curling iron and {finally!!!} exicuted some decent beach waves.

and......... i love this umbrella.

have a great weekend!
ps: remember when i took the fireman to Chicago for his 30th??


November 28, 2012

 photo's by the fashion gal

sunday was the fireman's 31st birthday! coming out of a busy week full of family & tons of holiday action... the fireman wanted to just chill out on his big day. we started the day with breakfast in bed and then rode our beach crusin bikes to a killer brunch {Baleen in Redondo}. i ordered a smoked salmon benedict & he had a huge hamburger, YUM!! the only to-do's on the birthday boys to-do list was 1. get a hair cut and 2. get a really good cup of coffee. so off to Baxter Finley (the super cool LA barber shop) we went! .... and of course stopped by DUES for a quick cup of jo on our way home. the night ended on our couch with easy delicious take-out & a couple good movies. perfection!

*see the fireman's birthday cake here.

it was a much needed mellow, but great day.

MOCHA {chocolate chip} CAKE.

November 26, 2012

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my favorite kind of recipe is one that's simple, easy, and deeeeeelicious! i think it's safe to say that is what most people look for in a recipe. so you just may appreciate this Mocha Chocolate Chip Mousse Cake. we had a few birthdays in our family this past weekend... so one fabulous birthday cake was in order. the fireman & i were watching the Barefoot Contessa cooking show last week (fireman, busted) and good ole Ina was whipping together this killer Mocha Cake (man, she's good)... so i thought i would give it a go! it's basically a mocha mascarpone cheese mouse layered with rows of super crunchy chunky chocolate chip cookies! ok that may sound a little confusing... but i promise its simple. layer of mocha mousse, layer of chocolate chip cookies, layer of mocha mousse, layer of chocolate chip cookies... you get the picture. here is my version of Ina's killer birthday cake.

recipe + ingredients + Ina's how-to here.

and it turned out oooooooh-so good!
ps: you may want to serve this cake with ice cold milk, just sayin. (it was rich & delish)

yum, i want seconds!

A non-stretchy pant, THANKSGIVING OUTFIT!

November 21, 2012

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i LOVE thanksgiving. it is by far my favorite holiday. it's like Christmas, but without all the gifts. just time well-spent with your family, friends, and loved ones... i'm also game for any holiday that involves tons of food, maybe a little cat-nap, some more food, and then dessert! this year the fireman, charlie (the pup), and i will be celebrating thanksgiving, TWICE! oh yes that's right! with his family thursday... and my family friday! yuuuuuuuuuuuuup, two thanksgivings! nom nom nom! and that is one of the many reasons i'm feeling extra thankful this year. 

*check out a few fabulous thanksgiving recipes from last turkey day.

... oh yeah, and here are some fabulous thanksgiving OUTFIT inspiration! have a great turkey day!
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ok ok, may ONE stretchy-pant outfit! how comfy do these puppies look!?
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what are you Thanksgiving plans this year?


November 19, 2012

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it was just one month ago when the fireman & i got home from our Italian honeymoon. it was romantic, full of food, wine, walking, too much gelato, a masquerade ball, and the very beginning of the rainy season. we walked with our umbrellas and made sure to have an afternoon coffee to stay warm. we never expected that the streets we strolled on would be under water just one month later. i'm sure you've heard by now that central Venice is severely flooded and that 70% is under water! i couldn't imagine trying to schlep our huge suitcases through the water like you see in the photo's below. these Italians are tough and seem to be handling this severe weather in stride.

on our last day in Venice, the water level rose up to sit even with the sidewalk.
this restaurant sits right next to the Grand Canal.

these photo's are crazy... 
i can't believe we were just there walking down each one of these streets. 
pretty good sports, right?!


November 13, 2012

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sometimes i wish i could live in the country. cuddle up in my favorite sweater while cooking, doing crafts, and listening to music all day long. if that was the case... i would be wearing this corded grey sweater, sitting on that wide wood porch, and eating this creamy butternut squash soup. not too shabby right?

... oh and the fireman, well he'd probably be hunting. of course.

what would you be doing? 

FIVE DAYS OF FALL. the velvet trend!

November 09, 2012

what a fabulous week of Fall fashion, right?! we had the structured dress + oxfords that we paired with a killer chunky necklace. (remember, when in doubt... always throw on a statement necklace!) then we put together a high waisted wool skirt + a sweater. in this look, i love the mix of prints, fabrics, and textures. the third look was a mix of menswear + layers. this didn't take much thinking outside the box for me... since this is a go-to look i feel comfortable with, however, i still dig it. and the last Fall outfit was leggings + a tunic sweater. if this look had an umbrella paired with it, this would have been a perfect outfit for yesterdays first rainy LA day! so today we are talking about one of my favorite trends for this Fall........ and we're talkin VELVET! if you can add one new piece to your closet this Fall, i suggest adding a velvet blazer, bag, or slacks would be ideal! 

check out some velvet pieces i adore... 

here's a velvet blazer that would be perfect for an afternoon coffee date.

could be the perfect amount of velvet for a dress!

this is a great look for fall... the velvet pants make it. 

these velvet little flats couldn't be any cuter.

a YSL vampire-blood-red trousers in velvet? amazing & perfect for the holidays.

i LOVE this velvet dress.

this velvet blazer is perfection, i adore the green.

velvet pants with a tuxedo stripe down the leg? wowza! i want these.

here's a killer velvet n' chain waist belt... & a blue velvet bow belt.

pink velvet polka dots.

happy friday!
and have a great weekend! 

FIVE DAYS OF FALL. leggings + sweaters

November 08, 2012

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i wish i was wearing this cozy out fit right now. this is why i love Fall. you can be comfy, layered, and throw on a pair of leggings, a tunic, and a pair of high-top chucks... and be good to go! oh a little side note: the fireman & i went to Italy on our honeymoon (i'll get to that next week) but i noticed everyone and their mama's were wearing high top sneakers! so if you see a pair of high tops you love, pull the trigger! you've got my vote! sorry... i'm still feeling patriotic. so here ya go... day 4 of the Five Days of Fall!

*check out day one, two, and three!

1   .   2   .   3   .   4   .   5   .   6   .   7   .   8

which Fall look do like best so far???
day one, two, or three?

FIVE DAYS OF FALL. menswear + layers

November 07, 2012

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day three has to be one of my faves. i am SUCH a jeans & t-shirt kinda gal and always feel fabulous rocking a masculine/feminine look! i think an important rule of thumb when sporting a menswear-inspired-look is pairing enough feminine touches to enhance the outfit. whether it's a killer pair of heels or stiletto booties, a lovely handbag (see below), or one of my go-to's an amazing statement necklace. i find myself in a loose tee, fitted jeans, and a statement necklace probably 3 days a week! so wear your mens-inspired chambray shirt, trench coat, and moto boots with confidence... just don't forget to balance it out with a little splash of something pretty.

*check out FALL FASHION day one & day two!

1   .   2   .   3   .   4   .   5   .   6   .   7

i kinda love that coat, you?
and what about that Danni Jo necklace??? love.

FIVE DAYS OF FALL. skirt + sweater

November 06, 2012

for day two of my little FIVE DAYS OF FALL (fashion inspiration) i though we should just shimmy those perfect Fall riding boots on and play with a different outfit option. i know it's easy to throw on our riding boots with a pair of jeans or even (shall i say it) jeggings... but today is the day to think outside the box! so here is a look i love and will embrace this fabulous Fall: a skirt + a sweater + a killer pair of riding boots, and maybe even a hat! i love this look...

*check out the first look of Fall here.

1   .   2   .   3   .   4   .   5   .   6   .   7   .   8

what do you think about the print on print??

FIVE DAYS OF FALL. dress + tights

November 05, 2012

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hey there hi there ho there! it's monday people... and this fashion gal is feelin good! no reason in particular. well actually... i am pretty excited that it's Fall! i know that may be a bit of a delayed reaction (since it's been Fall for a few weeks now) but it finally really hit me. let's just blame it on the time change. it's November, the weather is suppose to cool down (here in LA on wednesday), and the holidays are right around the corner. so let's celebrate Fall with 5 DAYS of Fall Fashion Inspiration! today is day 1 (uno)... and we're talking dresses + tights + oxfords + a statement necklace. here is a great way to transfer into Fall without shoving those dresses to the back of your closet. 

1   .   2   .   3   .   4   .   5   .   6   .   7   .   8

what do you think of my little diddy? 
would you wear it?

ps: looks like Cupcakes and Cashmere thinks a dress & tights is cool, check out her Goldfinger post.

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