happy FRIDAY!

April 26, 2013

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happy friday everyone!! i've got to say a quick shout out to my fantastic new Instagram friends! it's fun to see what my fab readers day-to-day lives look like.so what are your plans this weekend? i am having a few girlfriends over for a Babes Who Brunch (brunch) this Sunday! so if you want to see how we brunch, then follow here

here are a few friday links for you...

i have got to try this! easy beach waves, i'm in.

this is my kinda dress.

... oh my, i love this & this dress too!

....... AND this stripe & this stripe one too! (great summer dresses Free People!)

i am going to attempt this sugary deliciousness french toast casserole this weekend.

how cute is this personalized cuting board?? could be a perfect wedding gift!?

what's better then a summer peach and balsamic pizza?? 

you can have the perfect paper petals around your home with this lovely book... Petal to Paper.

this picnic/celebration makes me want to live in the country.

if was getting married again (to the fireman, of course) i would have to wear this.

if you don't have a go to denim jacket yet.... this one may be the one for you.

enjoy your weekend!


April 24, 2013

that's right peeps... the Fashion Gal & the Fireman are on Instagram! whoop whoop.
if you'd like to see our day-to-day then find us & follow away! @hellofrenchie

ps: happy humpday!


April 19, 2013

collage by me

happy friday firends! i hope you guys made it through this difficult week with high spirits and a rejuvenated appreciation for, life. i know i have. being a Blogger i know that i sometimes reach readers around this little globe that we live on... so if you are one of my lovely Boston readers... i'd like you to know that my thoughts & prayers are with you and your fellow Bostonians. #prayforboston

this weekend i am participating in one of my ultimate favorite activities, shopping the Flea Market. i am bringing one of my girlfriends for her very first time... and i am so very ready for the treasure hunt to begin. i actually have a few things on my list this month! like more funky globes to add to my collection AND (if i can find it) a fabulous Danish chair. so check out my little list of vintage treasures that i've created above...  and have a great weekend!!

FOOD PORN, these cakes are the real deal.

April 17, 2013

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while poking around the world wide web i just about fell out of my chair when i stumbled upon this GORGEOUS food blog, Call me Cupcake. i have heard the phase Food Porn used lightly around the blogosphere before, but this chic is the real deal. she invented the term! (or should have). her name is Linda, she plays in a Swedish rock band, and makes killer (i mean, killer!!!) cakes, pies, cookies... and all lovely things in the sugar/carb category. check out her blog or just drool over these Food Porn beauties.

*this gal has a book out too (Lomelinos tårtor).. it's in Swedish, hopefully one day will be in English too!

see what i mean???


April 15, 2013

recently the fireman & i were given these awesome Agate Bookends that sat in his grandparents home for years... since the 70's, i'm guessing. so to make them fit into our home and hopefully sit on our bookshelf for the next 40 years, i needed to make this fabulous bookend more, us! so gold leaf it was!! as i posted here, i have a new found love for liquid leaf. it is basically the paint version of the gold leaf sheets we all know and love. but this paint is so much easier to use. so here is the newest addition to our home...

**PS: i think this, this, or this has to be my next gold leaf project.
 you will need:
sponge brush
Agate Bookends
zip lock bag (to line/protect your plate)
painters tape (i didn't tape off the colorful part of Agate rock, but you may want to)
 *sponge on pant in a gentle & even way
*let dry & voila!

total project cost... $6! 
not too shabby.

the WEEKENDER: concert go-er

April 12, 2013

look #1: Madewell chambray shirt  //  glassess  //  necklace  //  rings 1 & 2  //  clutch  //  flats  //  pants
look #2:  coral top  //  sunglasses  //  bikini top  //  jean shorts  //  bag  //  Converse high-tops  //
bracelets 1, 2, 3, 4  //  necklace  //  flower crown

if you're wondering what this "WEEKENDER" thing... is it a new addition to the blog?? well yes it is! this post is inspiration for the gal on the go. it's for the lady that works hard all week (in the office, at school, or raising some babies) all while she anticipates her big weekend ahead! this weekender looks forward to slipping on a cool outfit and hitting the town! this weekend we are talking about concerts... what to wear to Cochella in Indio, CA.... AND the Postal Service concert in San Luis Obispo, CA. the fireman and i will be roadtripping up to San Luis for the Postal Service concert today... and i gotta say, i can't wait for this little weekend getaway to begin.

i hope you weekenders have a fabulous weekend!

DIY + Gold Leaf Polka Dot Pot

April 08, 2013

what s better then gold polka dots????? i know! gold leaf polka dots on a pot filled with my favorite plant of all time, succulents. so i picked up this cool slate grey pot (from my local Joann's...great grey, huh?) and some gorgeous gold leaf... then went to town. it was actually the first time i ever used Liquid Leaf and i have to say it is SO much easier then actual gold leaf sheets. two major thumbs up. in fact once i began gold leafing, i couldn't stop. so check in early next week for more gold leafed goodies! anyway, without further adue... here is my polka dot pot. 

**remember this gold polka dot vase??? 
i bet we could make that too... you think?

you'll need:
round sponge brush (i used the smaller sponge)
Liquid Leaf
ceramtic pot
succulent plant

* lay down a zip-lock baggie to protect your plate surface
 * start dotting!
 * let dry & voila!
probably the easiest DIY ever!
i hope you add some gold leaf polka dots to your home too.

happy FRIDAY!

April 05, 2013

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here is a simple quote for you to take into your weekend.
believe in the beauty of your dreams.

ps: happy friday!

HOME & STYLE: Spring Time

April 03, 2013

1  ||  Neon Striped Sweater... $23
2  ||  Lidded Mini Basket... $18
3  ||  Birch Pot  &  Honeycomb Pot... $14
4  ||  Los Angeles Tote... $19
5  ||  West Elm Sunburst Pillow & Sundial Pillow... $34 / $39
6  ||  Mint Tab Strand Necklace... $28
7  ||  Turquoise Tumbler Cup... $32 each
8  ||  Serpentine Necklace... $148
9  ||  Kate Spade Estate Garden earrings... $68
10  ||  Zipper Pouch Bag... $25
11  ||  Wood Geometric iPhone 4 case... $17
12  ||  Stripes & Strawberries Scarf... $128
13  ||  YSL Golden Gloss... $30

here are a few of my favorite goodies for Spring! mustard & white cut-out pillows from West Elm, tonal plant pots from Terrain, a strawberry & stripe scarf from LEIF, LA tote bag from Gumtree, annnnnnnd my new favorite lipgloss from YSL! these goodies would update any home or wardrobe to look Springy and fresh!

what are a few of your faves?

5 things: Easter Sunday

April 01, 2013

one: fresh fruit salad & my newest kitchen addition... this gorgeous serving spoon.

is it really monday? it's fun filled weekends like those that make me wish there was an extra day in the week! an extra weekend day, that is. sunday was so full of good quality family time, tons of yummy brunch food, and an excited trip to the fire station. our nephews are unreal. too cute for words. they are full of energy, snotty booger kisses, are so entertaining, and will repeat anything you say, so be careful. spending time with them was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

**check out more five things here!
two: polka dot Easter egg + a Eastery centerpiece three: a homemade Bellini Bar, yum!
four: Charlie in her Easter collar ready to hunt for eggsfive: Easter at the station... our nephew Kasen was SO excited to be on the big red truck!

how was your Easter weekend??

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