February 29, 2012

// The Glamouria's style is so chic it could make the biggest fashion gals take a second look at their closets. she has the kind of style that makes you look at your closet and think, "i don't have shit wear!". just sayin. //

the beauty of blogging & bloggers {to me} is that you can always find a constant & VERY current update on the ever-changing world of fashion! with a little web browsing you can see what's in, out, cool, un-cool, crazy & just crazy enough. here are a few of my favorite bloggers with killer style. i guess you could call them my fashion-blogging-muses! these gals have got it just right. they can mix & match colors & prints with their eyes closed... and do they ever! check. it. out. boom.

**if you want to see some more fun outfits you could always click............ here!

// Late Afternoon has avant-gaurd style that can inspire you to think outside the {pretty little} box we sometimes get stuck in. she's kinda fabulous and oh-so-chic! check her out. //
// Cupcakes and Cashmere is chic has got it figured out! her style is on point and super do-able! she wears a lot of designer duds, but sometimes mixes in a top from H&M for us normal folk to understand. designer or not, her style is perfection! let's face it, this gal is a top dog. //
// Design Love Fest is one of those gals that has just GOT IT. her blog, style, and creativity is killer. she has to be left-handed. //
// The Man Repeller is off. her. rocker........... and i LOVE it! her style is rad. and if you don't think so, then keep those thoughts to yourself. ((just kidding!)). this gal is really entertaining too! //

 WHO are your favorite Fashion Bloggers???
pick me pick me! (( totally kidding!!!! ))

Living Room: HOW TO

February 28, 2012

// funky mustard living room via //

ever find a photo in a magazine, on pinterest, or on the world-wide-web that you fall in-love with... but think would be impossible to do??? well here is a bright room that i adore AND {surprisingly} it's a pretty easy look to accomplish! plus this look hits that funky yellow trend right on the head. or is it, hits the nail on the head? either way, YOU can get this look(!) just check out the inspirational HOW TO below...

**remember this HOME vs. FASHION post?? the theme was MUSTARD! for more inspiration check. it. out.

West Elm /////// World Market /////// Ikea ////// Z Gallery /////// Anthropologie

where are your favorite places to shop for you HOME???
(( ps: just a little reminder... today is the LAST day of February (how??? i have no idea!), so get those rent checks in people! didn't want it to sneak up on ya! ok peaceout. ))

Old Hollywood!

February 27, 2012

// Red Carpet photo via //

did anyone else watch the most glamorous night in Hollywood, The Academy Awards??? we sure did! me, the fireman, & the pup, Charlie!! with killer movies like Moneyball & The Help up for nominations i just had to tune in this year! i was however disappointed that none of my top picks took home a little-gold-lady for Best Picture, but it was all worth it for the Red Carpet Glamour... and to see the moment where Angelia Jolie struck a pose on the Oscar stage. did anyone else catch this??? 

 THE ANGELINA RECAP: when Angelia Jolie took the stage to present an award, she struck the most posed pose with one hand on her hip and one leg forward to show the high slit in her velvet Versace gown. let's just say this strange pose was super... (i hate to say it) awkward! there was a slight rumble (or chuckle) over the crowd... and i'm sure they weren't talking about her dress! it made me want to turn away. poor girl. but she got through her presentation and was good to go... that is until Jim Rash (& a couple guys from The Descendants) accepted their award while Rash mocked Angie's pose and made this awkward situation slightly hilarious! i think Rash might have brought Anggie back down to earth {a little}.  

// i adore Angelia's "Old Hollywood" look... but not this crazy wide-stance pose. i guess we can't feel too bad for the girl... she does get to sleep next to Brad Pitt every night!!! so keep on posing girl! //

 2012 ACADEMY AWARD RED CARPET WINNERS................................
// Kristen Wiig in J Mendel //
// Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton //
// Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli Couture //
// Cemeron Diaz in Gucci //
// Glen Close in Zac Posen //
// Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji //
// Louise Row (E! Correspondent)  in Black Halo //
// Maria Menousos (Extra Coorespondent) in Maria Lucia Hohan //

(( Red Carpet photo's via & via ))

what was your favorite Red Carpet look?
and did you by chance catch Angelina's over-posed pose???

bonjour Charlie!

February 24, 2012

// get it? she's French! photo's by the fashion gal //

everyone, this is Charlie. Charlie, this is everyone! as you may have read here, the fireman & i added a new {adorable} addition to our little posse! yay! she's a 5 month old french bulldog that is cute as can be... but still somehow manages to snore like a 150lb Saint Bernard! and we just LOVE her to pieces!!! the fireman & i have come to the conclusion that our babe is officially 50% Piggy, 20% Rabbit, 15% Gremlin, 10% Walrus, 3% Football, and 2% Dog!! which to us equals one hilarious & perfect pup!!! we have fallen completely head-over-heels for this little one and couldn't be happier with our newest addition! let's just say, it's the first time i ever heard the fireman talk in a baby-voice! HA! don't tell him i told you. (sorry, honey!) 

*we've officially become crazy dog people! yup, just like that. overnight. so please sit back, relax, and enjoy the 1,000 fabulous photo's of our little babe Charlie!

 // she played in the dirt & ran around our backyard all day yesterday!! //
// she enjoys doing her yoga pigeon pose ;) //
// Charlie had a bunch of new friends over... Buddy being one of them. he's a potential boyfriend. we'll see ;) //
// Jameson's big brother is a yellow Labrador. and they played really well together too! //
// she stopped for a water break & a nap {or two}. OMG that face!!! i love this babe SO much!! //

 // this girl is a little piggy that loves to cuddle!! //
 // yay new people to play with! //
// she's very helpful! //
 // i love this photo because this is how little she really is! such a mini! //
// she fell asleep sitting up. //

have a happy friday guys! got any big weekend plans!?
we'll be hanging with Charlie... which means taking at least three naps a day! all weekend long! 

be happy.

February 23, 2012

// this piece of art is a great reminder of how simple happiness really is... artwork via //

well, i am now...... a Mama! the fireman & i have a new {adorable} addition to our home, a French Bulldog!!! she is SUCH a sweet little lady & i am SO in-love!!! so today i will be busy busy busy potty training, playing with new doggie toys, and going on walks with my little babe! so needless to say i. am. so. HAPPY. 

i hope this post finds you in a happy place... and if not, "change something"!
i love how simple that is. change. something. 

make sure to tune in tomorrow for some pics of our little babe!
happy {HAPPY} thursday! xo's


February 22, 2012

// i personally dig it! //

this is for my East Coast gals!! whoop-whoop! colored denim is the hot hot {HOT} new trend for Spring and is literally. everywhere. i mean, everywhere! so for you gals that live in colder-weather-climates, these bright guys are the PERFECT way to transition into Spring... without freezing your {little} buns off! so i've done my colored denim homework and found my favorite-finds from Designer Denim's to The Looks for Less! so here are my faves, their prices, & where you can pick em up! 

**which denim do you prefer... Designer or the Look for Less? can you tell the difference???
***get more fashion tips & inspiration, here!

// collage by the fashion gal //

**little styling tip #1 PRINTED DENIM: to stay in the safe-zone... make sure to pair these printed bad-boys with a solid top or tee. choose a color from the actual print and use that as your solid top. or when in doubt pair your printed pants with a simple white tee!

**little styling tip #2 COLORED DENIM: a cool way to wear colored denim is to COLOR-BLOCK. color blocking is when you wear a solid color on top with a contrasting solid color on the bottom. example- wear a pair of royal blue denim with a emerald green top! daring & fun!  

i'm {personally} loving this trend... now who's with me!?

what i wore...

February 21, 2012

// photo's by the fashion gal //

last night the fireman and i went out with a couple friends to restaurant-slash-bar called the Hudson House in Redondo Beach. this place is killer. it's decor is spot-on and it's food {& beer menu} is even better! so for this fun little night out (on the town) i wore my coral high-waisted-mini-skirt (that could make any night feel extra special) & a simple white tee! and to top it all off i sported my ultimate-favorite handbag! it's this polka dot YSL that i picked up a few years ago as an impulse... and man, was it love at first sight. this bag started my life-long-love-affair with the good old handbags! (designer or not!) 

**check out more "What I Wore's" here
***oh! and if you're on facebook.... don't forget to "like" us here! xo!

{the goods:}
coral skirt: H&M // white top: JCrew // Navy/Black Jacket: H&M // Handbag: YSL // mary-jane wedges: Nine West // watch: Nixon // rings: vinatge (black: Forever) // bracelets: Forever // gold belt: a Sample Sale from years ago! // sunnies: LF

have you broke out a high-waisted mini yet??? or is it still too chilly where you live? 
if it is... i'm sending nice sunny weather your way!! 

xo, the fashion gal


February 20, 2012

// ONE: Wood Milk Crate... perfect for our DOG TOYS!!! Yup, that's right... we're gettin a pup! //

over the weekend i hit up my favorite LA Flea Market and treasure hunted until my little heart was 100% content! these flea markets can be tricky, ya know. sometimes you can find 1,000 things that are exactly what you've been searching for and other times you can go home empty handed. boohoo. so yesterday the stars were aligned because Mama scored big time!! and yes i said Mama... because the fireman and i are taking on a third wheel and getting a puppy!!! YAY! we are getting our little French Bulldog this Wednesday and couldn't be MORE excited!! eek! but for now... back to the flea market finds and the goodies i picked up.

*want to talk flea markets??? go here & here to see more flea market posts! xxoo.

// TWO: Claw-Foot Mirrored Tray... the perfect way to keep me organized AND in a elegant way! //

// THREE: A Lavender Scented Bag, Vintage Handkerchief, & Lace Doilies... all a fabulous gift for a fabulous girlfriend! //

// FOUR. Vintage 1950's (high/low) Embroidered Fringe Blanket... the perfect crisp white texture for our all white bed! It's soft & cozy too. //

// FIVE: Vintage Tin Box... i'm not really a pink gal, but i fell in love with this color instantly! // 

i did pick up one more excellent piece from the flea market... but you'll have to wait to see this fun little diddy. one tiny clue is... it's the most perfect thing to help me organized my lovely jewels! you'll see!

music sunday...

February 19, 2012

// Gotye! photo via //

do you ever hear a song you love over & over again everywhere you go and just can't seem to figure out WHO IT IS??? well that was me with this song! that is until i was at a fabulous cocktail party with the fireman friday night AND finally heard this funky beat and danced my little buns off! luckily, our DJ-slash-hostess was there to finally unveil the song name & band of this cool beat. so here it is {without further adue} GOTYE singing "Someone That I Used to Know"... ennnnnnjoy! eek! xo.

******check out more Music Sunday tunes here! ahhhhhhh yeeeeah!

{ Gotye "Someone That I Used to Know" have i mentioned... i really dig this tune! }

what's YOU'RE favorite new tune these days??

what i wore...

February 17, 2012

// photo's by the fashion gal //

over the past week i've been fighting this lingering cold that has come and gone... and come and gone again! so yesterday i decided it's time to feel good again! so i threw on the brightest lipstick i could find, a cheerful polka-dot top, and my shit-kicker-biker-boots! (at least that's what my biker uncle calls them). and ya know what??? it kinda worked! this little diddy started to really pull me out of my funk! i guess you sometimes just need to trick your cold with a little bright lipstick!

*for more "What I Wore's" go here! (& enjoy!)
**what's your remedy for a common cold?? hot pink lipstick or vitamin C?

remember this post? rings, on rings, on rings is the hot new thing!

{the goods:}
polka-dot top: Forever // structured sweater: JCrew // dark grey skinnies: Target (the jeggings! yup, i bought them in every color!) // boots: Lola Crus (similar to the Jimmy Choo's) // black tote: Banana Republic // rings: my little collection for over the years // lip stick: MAC (girl about town)

have you been layering your rings these days???
well, throw on those shit-kickers and have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!! xxo!

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