MOTHER'S DAY {gift guide}

April 30, 2012

happy monday peeps! is anyone else completely stumped on how it could possibly be the first day of May tomorrow!? as in, the 5th month of the year??? this year has officially flown by. like here it is... and poof, there it went. so we need to get our butts in gear & start shopping for the lovely ladies in our lives... we like to call MOMS

**i hope this gift-guide helps you shop for your wife, friend, sister, or mom... which ever Mother you like to treat on this special day. PS: Mother's Day lands on May 13th this year... so get shoppin!

 row one. 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
row two. 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
row three. 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
row four. 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

have you started looking for the perfect gift yet???

music sunday...

April 29, 2012

/ //////////////////// photo via //////////////////// /

good morning music sunday! how did you sleep?? i feel like i haven't posted one of these "music sundays" in years! so let's talk about this little English rock-star named Ellie Goulding!! i have heard her songs everywhere lately... but never realized how funky & fabulous this chic really is until i YouTubed her live shows... and this girl is good! and better yet, different! i also adore her style. an English rocker that sounds good live AND has some killer fashion sense... i'm in!

{Ellie Goulding "Lights" she pretty great live, right?! i guess i'm kinda loving the black tee, leather pants, and OH-so-fabulous blonde due!!! i dig it.}

{Ellie Golding "Starry Eyed" i LOVE this look. love the top, the belt, the shoes... love it all!}

see what i mean???
i need that second outfit!

we like food: lunch

April 27, 2012

/ / photo's by the fashion gal / / 

as promised ((earlier this week)) here is my WE LIKE FOOD recap of the most amazing {semi} fast-food aka "take away" restaurant in the world!!!!! oh yes people, it's that good. and it's called GTA!! GJelina Take Away!!! yup, it's the GJelina you're thinking of ((on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, CA)) but right next door... and best thing yet... it doesn't require reservations!! nope. just walk right up, order your super deliciousness, & eat right there ((standing eating area only)). and man, is it good. 

*a little side-note: on our way up to Venice from Redondo Beach {about a 25 min drive... with no traffic}, i told the fireman how stuffed i already was and how he may be a lone-solider for lunch. that is UNTIL we got his order at GTA! i ate half of big boys pizza AND half of his triple-salad too!!! 
guess mama was hungry after all. YUM!
want more food porn?
here ya go!

**if you're not familiar with GJelina... check out my {other} post here.
ps: happy friday party peeps! i hope you make it a good one!


April 26, 2012

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it's that time of year ladies... it's Wedding Season! now whether you're a bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, a M.O.B., or just attending the big bash you'll need a dress ((or three)) for these upcoming events! it was brought to my attention, yesterday, that the wedding season has officially arrived... when three of my girlfriends asked me where they should shop for a killer dress. YES, 3! so i thought... if these gals are in need of a dress, you may be too!

*below i created three-cocktail-colleges {appropriate} for any Spring wedding! ANNNNND i categorized them into three different price points! 1] $50-$100  2] $100-$250  3] $250-$400! so if you see a dress you like, make sure to click on the numbers below the photos. i hope you find your perfect dress!

$50-$100 shopping suggestions: H&M, Zara, Nordstroms Rack, Modcloth, & the links below...
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

$100-$250 shopping suggestions: BCBG, JCrew, Nordstroms, Hatch, & the links below...
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

$250-$400 shopping suggestions: Bloomingdales, Net-a-Porter, Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg & the links below...
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

*if your big day is coming up and your friends are asking "what should i wear"... just forward this post on! a little style advice from me, to you, to them!

do you have any weddings coming up this wedding season???
if so, how many?


April 25, 2012

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if you're a semi-fanatic-coffee-lover {like me & the fireman} then you are probably always looking for the next cool spot to grab a cup of joe! this local hot-spot TWO GUNS opened about 6 months ago in manhattan beach, ca & has become one of my favorite coffee stops in LA! the shop itself is kicked back, friendly, low key, and has seating inside & out. it's become quite the little spot to meet a friend for coffee or grab a yogurt/granola breakfast on your way into work. i'm actually meeting one of my gals there for a quickie-catch-up tomorrow morning! oh, and another girlfriend there next week!! see what i mean... this place is good.

**if you like coffee check out these post's i wrote about this liquid gold. check out Caffe LuxxeInterlligensia, & my first blog post {ever} here! it's about coffee too!
stay tuned, this "LOCAL LOVE" addition is something i'm adding to my blog to give some cool local {Southbay + LA} businesses a little shout out. you can also find these "LOCAL LOVE" posts on Southbay Magazine's website...

((i am a contributing blogger for this killer {local} mag... so make sure to check it out!)) 

xo peeps!


April 24, 2012

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today we're talking about boys boys boys... oh AND the style they rock. last sunday when the fireman & i cruised to Abbot Kinney (( in Venice Beach)) i had the chance to sit back and do some serious people-watching. people-watching has always been one of my favorite past-times... not like the stalking type... i just like to see what people are wearing, ect... and Venice Beach is a PREMIERE place to soak in some raw LA culture! but i must say... my ultimate favorite place to people-watch is the airport. yep, LAX baby! i'll even get there a little early to grab my huge latte, sit back, and take in all the different types of styles that travel in-and-out of our busy little city. so now let's talk about MEN'S STYLE... and what you're man rocking these days!

**for more MAN-STUFF go here!

mr. cool guy.
the prepster.
the beach babe.
a hipster.

i think the fireman is definitely right smack in between "A Hipster" + "A Beach Babe".
what's your boy??? or even a boy you're currently crushing on??

better yet, if you're a guy reading this post... and i know there are about 7 of you that do now ((they're basically all related to me)) then what style are you??? Phillip, you can comment anonymously ;)

what i wore...

April 23, 2012

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well happy monday. boowhooo (sad face). unfortunately the weather in LA wasn't all that i had hoped for. it was overcast and boarded on drizzling all weekend long! now keep in mind, i am one of those weirdo's that actually LOVES chilly overcast weather... but that is not the case when the weather man promised me sunshine & high 70's!!! damn weather man! so i threw on my favorite green poncho and dragged my spoiled LA ass to Abbot Kinney with the fireman & the Frenchie to sulk over a delicious lunch and a life changing cup of coffee. {side note: Abbot Kinney is the perfect place to roam through on a chilly overcast afternoon.} the lunch we had was from GTA ((GJelina Take Away)) & the coffee was an Affogato Gelato from Intelligensia... it's my ultimate fave. 

**if you like my green poncho, there's a chance you may like to check out MORE "what i wore's! go here.  
{the goods:}
t-shirt: LNA // high-waisted jeans: Forever 21 // poncho: from a Sample Sale two years ago (sorry!) // fringe bag: Brandy Melville // sandal's: Lulu's {in Manhattan Beach} // watch: Nixon // small dog tag necklace: Hinu // sunnies: Olympic Optics {in Manhattan Beach} // silver ring: Mexico

*tune in later this week to get a little "WE LIKE FOOD" review on GTA ((GJelina Take Out))... and believe me, i've got somethin to say!

ps: why am i being so moody today??? 
maybe because i have to start my monday at the dentist. waaaaaaaaa! 
anyway, how was your weekend??? kinda chilly? or pretty perfect?!

HAPPY friday!

April 20, 2012

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we made it!!! another week down... and one killer weekend ahead!! the weather is going to perfection (so i hear), the beaches will be full, and my days are going to be close to empty! yay! i love those weekends were you have time to do just about anything you want. i plan on walking to coffee both saturday & sunday morning, redecorating my office {a little}, and kicking back with my mini familia ((well, Charlie & the fireman)). oh, but we do have one big thing to look forward to this weekend... the puppy's first day of school!!! we are attending our first day of doggy training classes and are super excited to make some new puppy friends (and hopefully learn how to sit & stay along the way). needless to say, Charlie is fricken pumped! i hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

if you want to check out from work early...
here's a couple fancy links to distract you:

if this dress was 6" shorter... it would be the PERFECT summer dress! don't ya think?

i love love love this idea... INSTAGRAM magnets??! i mean, come on! i'm ordering some as we speak.

how beautiful + delicious does this SPRING english pea, potato, and rice soup look? it's so pretty!

lately i've been sporting my TOMS as part of my daily "run-around-town" uniform. so i may be in need for a new spring-y pair... i thinking these puppies just may do the trick.

i would like to watch a movie in this FLOATING theater?? wouldn't you? maybe Titanic 3D... or maybe not.

this just may be the EASIEST DIY in the world! like, for real. i'm totally doing it to my front door mat.

i've been on a coaster kick ((for whatever strange reason)) and THESE are my new fave.

i'm going to try and replicate these looks TODAY, TOMORROW, and SUNDAY!!

((check out more "HAPPY friday" links here.))
welp peeps, i hope you all have a fabulous + sunny weekend! enjoy!


April 19, 2012

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yesterday was one of those days were i checked a couple major to-do's of my ongoing to-do list! i had the day off from organizing other people's closets n' clothes so i decided to dive head-first into my own. the photo above is just a taste of my spring cleaning mission... i have a far way to go!! but my day wasn't all work... i squeezed in a {little} play time too! 

*here's my day in photo's.

{photo's from top to bottom}
Charlie going to town on her newest bone... i love how she holds her toys. ((i'm a proud mama!))
Beautiful surprise flowers.
Out of all the dog toys scattered around my house, this one's my fave.
I meet my sister-in-law for a quick walk to the park. My nephew Kasen loves (& i mean, loves) the swings.
My nephews Kasen (16 months), Parker (3 months), Charlie, Natalie, & i!
The lipstick i threw on for a spontaneous date-night... and the polish that's currently on my toes.
I picked up these colorful tool bags for a potential DIY project.
The fireman in his Red Wings... ready for date-night!
Me! in a super casual outfit. i guess my bright lips made the outfit.
The fabulous light's at dinner. ((ps: i'm still full))

have you started Spring Cleaning yet???

coachella INSPIRED.

April 18, 2012

/ farris wheel photo via /

over the weekend one of the largest music festival's took place... and if ya haven't heard, this {little} concert is called Coachella! this (so-called) "Modern Day Woodstock" brought folks from all over the US, and I'm guessing the world. so with a melting pot of music lovers ((naturally)) comes a runway of fabulous fashion trends mixed with rockers, cool hipsters, and that 70's bohemian style that always seems to pop up at any outdoor {weekend} concert!! ((hey, i'm not hating... i'm all for the 70's. peace.)) so here is some Coachella STREET STYLE along side my "what i would wear" Coachella fashion inspiration!

+ here's a {little} street style for ya...

fringe-y Fergie via
red + white Spanish tunic via // floral dress + killer shades via

maxi military via
tiger jumper via // rockette party gals via
Vanessa Hudgens dancing. photo via

what was {or would be} your Coachella go-to-look???
for more about Coachella ((& all the weekend video recaps)) go here.

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