handbags, yes please...

August 23, 2011

a girlfriend of mine just got a great job with Anthropologie (she'll be the newest & greatest Woman's Knits Buyer... ever!) congrats kj! and when we spoke the other day... we were talking about what fall investments we were thinking about making this year. and that's what brought me to handbags. if you are shopping on a budget this fall (as most of us are), then you should think about making ONE amazing thing that you will LOVE all fall. you can always add a couple inexpensive trendier pieces down-the-line... from our favorite H&M's & Forever's. but for now, mix the old w. the new!
(PLUS) sometimes it's smart to buy one great piece that will start to transition your wardrobe into the new season... rather then trying to re-make your entire closet in one shot.

check out these fun handbags that Anthropologie has to offer... they are a bit pricey... but keep in mind, they always have that fabulous sale section!

handbags, yes please...

{i'm loving the bright contrast lining, the satchel silhouette, & the colored leather totes!}

{ t h e   g o o d s }

5. Leather handbag, $648

8. Beaded clutch, $268

thank you for the inspiration kristin... good luck w. your new chapter!

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