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August 18, 2011


"A skirt is a tube- or cone-shaped garment that hangs from the waist and covers all or part of the legs."
one trend that i can NOT get enough of is MAXI SKIRTS! and luckily everywhere i look (magazines, LA market fashion-week, fashion sites & of-course, fashion blogs) they will be continuing into Fall! yay! i have some great ideas on how-to make this look more fall-appropriate, but for now... here is my maxi-look for this transition time.

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{another thing i love about maxi-skirts is that they are SO super cozy!}
 { t h e   g o o d s}
MAXI skirt: target (!)
*confession/tip: this skirt is actually a dress that was on sale!
... but for a tall gal like me, wearing it as a skirt makes it the perfect length! i love it!

top: target (black off-the-shoulder)
sunnies: LF (i LOVE these puppies)
sandals: sam edelman
watch: nixon
bag: LF
bracelet(s): home-made
necklace(s): mini dog-tags- hinu, long one- vintage coin n/a, gold layer- LBS swapmeet

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