December 02, 2013

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The Perfect Scarf.

October 10, 2013

FINALLY, it's Fall!! wooowhooooo! i could not be more excited to break out the boots and throw on the scarves!
i also have a little tradition during this extra special time of year... every Fall season I like to peruse Pinterest and my good ole' Fall Fashion Mags for some seasonal inspiration! I pin my pins and tare my favorite looks in hopes to actually try out one new trend or to find the perfect new Fall piece!

Check out my FAVORITE Fall piece this year... The perfect scarf
. . . . .

The weather is finally starting to cool off so make sure to grab your newest scarf soon... 
because these puppies are going fast!
. . . . .

11 things for FALL.

September 26, 2013

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Fall is by far my favorite time of the year! the weather starts to get cozy and cool, the fashion trends begin to change (and i get to pull all my favorite boots, sweaters, and hats out of the closet), and i always try out new warm and hardy recipes... plus, overcast rainy weather is my ultimate weather!

so here are a few things i'd like to do this cozy Fall ahead...

1. do more yoga.

2. finished one of my half knitted scarves from last Fall.

3. find a chai tea latte recipe and master the art of chai tea lattes at home.

4. find the perfect booty (short boot) to wear with skinnies boyfriend jeans or tights & a dress.

5. bake cookies for a friend.

6. clean out my closet (or at least all the summer stuff).

7. learn how to make banana bread from the fireman's aunt.

8. reorganize all my scarves, handbags, and shoes. 

9. wear more felt hats.

10. go on a babymoon with the fireman.

11. master a new soup recipe in the slow cooker.

what does your Fall to-do list look like???


September 23, 2013

hellllllllllllllo my long lost blogging buddies! i'm sorry i've been a bad blogger lately, but it turns out that morning sickness is the real deal and ALSO.... it's not just in the morning! (i think i guy named it "morning sickness", just sayin). so yep, the fireman knocked me up! (lol) but seriously, we are BEYOND thrilled and now that we know what little thing is (a girl) we are over the moon and already obsessed with her! 

so with that and the new online boutique Wool + Rose & that KTLA morning news thing... this little mama has been busy! so, i hope you're all doing well!!! i've missed you and your comments. and now that i'm feeling better... you'll have to stay tuned for some baby-mama posts, online boutique newsletters, and maybe even a occasional What I Wore!! yup, i'm going to do my very best to get some maternity What I Wore's up on the blog! so stay tuned........ and check out our Gender Reveal Party pics!

Gender Reveal Party side-note: we had a sonogram done a day before our Gender Reveal Party. the sonogram technician called our baker and told them Boy or Girl! then the baker made the (gorgeous polka dot) cake that was either blue or pink inside!!! once we cut into the cake (with our friends & family surrounding us) we then found out, IT'S A GIRL!!! 

... and this little mama-to-be got a tab bit emotional.
hormones are a mother.

 T E A M   B L U E!T T E A M   P I N K!

Watch the big reveal....

pretty great huh?
we are THRILLED!

KTLA 5 News-- Cost Per Wear

August 13, 2013

what i'm wearing:
( printed pants- H&M, printed top- H&M, two statement necklaces- JCREW, heels- JOIE )

hey guys! so yesterday i was on a LA News station KTLA 5!
i was there to talk about the concept Cost-Per-Wear... which basically means how much value you can get out of one piece (like a great handbag or a piece of clothing). incase you'd like to try and figure out the Cost-Per-Wear of an item you'd like to buy (to make sure it's really "worth it") then follow this little formula: original price ÷ the estimated times you plan on wearing that piece = CPW!

it was such a fun experience at KTLA,
i hope you watch and take a little something away!

... and don't forget, Wool and Rose will be launching Sept. 1st!

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