fri-DAY dreaming...

August 26, 2011

as the work week progresses, my head becomes more clouded w. sticktly work, work, work... and leaves little room for my new found love of blogging & enjoying the creative process. it's all about balance people (!)... and today i am going to work hard & daydream (a little) too!

* here are a few places i would love to be creative and find my blogging chi (cheee)...
** & here are my friday daydreams.............

. . . . . i n s p i r a t i o n . . . . .
{i could definitely write my blog under this sea of pink pedals}
{w. all these amazing colors around}
{in this perfect yellow chair}
{or w. this spectacular view... i would for sure take a dip too
{i could blog in the tub (!)}
{in this stunningly perfect room}
{ummmm yeah, i think i could find inspiration here}
{or in this cozy white bed}
{the table may be small... but i think i could manage}
{or lounge by the ocean}
{i like this funky room}

{in this simple quiet space}
{all photo's by pinterest}
{but this perfect loft-palace... i would just have sweet (real) dreams in.}

the end!

which place would be your little personal paradise???


chanel said...

sea of pink petals...yes please!
i'm also totally down to escape to the white house on the water next to the cliff with you...and take a dip!
also, the teeny tiny table you could make. it's an old wooden wire spool like the electric company uses that they painted bright white!
love you!

vanessa (the gal) said...


vanessa (the gal) said...

PS: next homemade project... electrical-cord-spool-tables... you in or what!?

chanel said...


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