a resolution... you can keep!

December 30, 2011

// Happy {early} New Years! //

so we have two more days (counting today) to come up with a killer {New Years} resolution! i've set pretty high one's for myself in the past... too high if you ask me(!) one's that i'm excited to accomplish & even more thrilled to say out loud... but those fabulous resolutions never seem to get resolved. i always find myself trying to drink a gallon of water a day (in the month of December) just to make up for the past 11 months of not keeping up with my crazy resolutions. come on, drinking more water... totally unachievable, right?! (wink-wink!) so OUT with the crazy resolutions  and IN with a resolution i can finally keep... and with a smile on my face! here are a couple funny (& oh-so-do-able) resolutions that i stubbled upon...

*if you still need a little inspiration on "what to wear" for New Years Eve... check out some sparkly ideas here or here!

7 New Year's Resolutions... You’ll Actually Keep!

Resolve to drink more wine...
Stop thinking of it as "drinking the whole bottle" and start thinking of it as "getting all of the antioxidants."

Resolve to stimulate the economy...
JCrew.com totally counts as the economy. Go ahead! Get the parka. Get six! They come in that many colors for a reason. Eat your heart out, Occupy movement.

Resolve to be less selfish...
There are only about 12 treadmills at your gym, and there are always at least 20 people who want to use them. Take one for the team: Stay home and eat pizza rolls!

Resolve to obsess about bangs...
Whether you have them and are forced to constantly maintain them, or you're simply obsessing about getting them, this is easy to do. Commit to emailing your best friend once a week with a picture of a different celebrity’s great-looking bangs, with subject lines like: "Yes? No??"

Resolve to learn the Spanish word for ladle...
It's cucharon! There! You're done.

Resolve to use fewer industrial chemicals...
You're not avoiding cleaning the toilet; you’re protecting the environment. There's probably a way to apply this philosophy to laundry and dusting too.

Resolve to watch everything in your DVR...
Don’t you hate it when people complain about falling behind on their DVR watching? Don’t be one of those people. -Resolutions via

not too shabby right?!
i hope you all have a wonderful, happy, and most importantly HEALTHY New Year!
yay 2012!! this is going to be the best year yet!

xo, the Fashion Gal & the Fireman


December 29, 2011

// photo's & {fabulous} DIY by Something Turquoise //

well the NEW year is getting close! have you thought about your New Years resolution? drink more water??! that was mine for past two years now! so, i got around to it... and i'm officially getting hydrated! speaking of hydration (see how i did that, wink!), let's talk New Years Eve! what are your BIG plans?? hosting a party? or hitting up your local hot-spot? well the fireman & i are staying home(!) and enjoying our new cozy {little} nest! with all the Christmas (blah blah blah) we have been SO busy and just want to reeeelax, cook, and sip a little champagne while we ring in the New Year. so to spice up our mellow night in, i plan on making these glittery champagne glasses that i found on Something Turquoise (a blogger that i just started following with really great DIY's!). here is the last DIY project that i plan on squeezing in before the new year...

glam champagne glasses..............................................
{go here for the DIY step by step!}
{i bet these glasses will make the champagne taste even better(!)... if that's possible.}

well, what are your big plans? will you be toasting out of a glittery glass this NYE?

5 things: winter fashion

December 28, 2011


one of my favorite things about winter is THE FASHION. it's like you get a chance to reinvent your style during each new season of the year. i love throwing on layer upon layer... even if i have to shed 70% of them off by the end of the day. damn 80˚ weather! i just love the boots, the scarfs, the hats, the sparkle, and even the gloves! but here in southern California we have to choose the lighter weight stuff to layer with... so YES to cottons, and NO to wools. here are FIVE of my {current} WINTER FAVES! 

*check out more winter fashion TRENDS here!
**need a New Year's Eve Dress? here's a little inspiration... AND i recently picked this dress up at H&M for $20!!
***oh! and check out more "5 things" on the left index under "the goodies"/"five things" or here

{threeLAYERS  of  FABULOUS  NECK-BLING via n.a.}
{five. FUR  TRIMMED  COATS  via & via}

what's your favorite WINTER-Y trend??

what i wore...

December 27, 2011

// photo's by the fashion gal //

well how was your holiday!? are you still stuffed with sweets & champagne? i am! in fact i figured why start eating good now... i did so much damage over the weekend, that i KEEP peeking into my See's Candy box throughout the day. i may have had a little chocolate with my coffee yesterday morning. yup, i've really hit rock bottom. but no biggy... that's what the holiday's are all about, right??! to be honest... i am SO thrilled that the festivities are all over!!! i'm no grinch, but i am SO excited to have more time to MOVE IN to our new little place... and NEST! like really nest... pics to come once we're all moved in. so while i was out and about {picking up} new pieces for our new place... i wore this! a BOLD STRIPE & my LEOPARD BAG

*how was your holiday!? anyone else thrilled that it's over and that a NEW year is just around the corner?!
**AND, did anyone see that Lakers vs. Bulls game Christmas morning?! yowza.

stripes + leopard.

{the goods:}
black top: Forever // stripe sweater: Forever(!) // riding boots: Ivanka Trump (Bloomingdales) // leopard clutch: JCrew // skinnies: Target(!) // Chunky necklace: Ann Taylor // longer black necklace: JCrew // watch: Fossil // yellow bracelet: JCrew {from me to, me! i love how bright it is!}

so.......... did Santa come through???
any new goodies you love?

happy {happy} holidays!

December 23, 2011

well folks, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! i hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating what ever you celebrate & how ever you celebrate, {but most importantly} with the ones you love! may your holiday be filled with lots of laughterlove, and beautiful new memories! tis the season!

*incase you need a little Christmas style-guide... don't worry, i got you covered! here's a dose of inspiration from me to you! oh, and check out who WON the GIVEAWAY below!

// collage by the fashion gal //

Annie @ The Other Side of Gray!

Congrats! I hope ou enjoy your fabulous new jade necklace!


December 22, 2011

// photo & DIY by the fashion gal //

i love those nights where its just cool enough to start up your fireplace & light candles around your house. i guess the candles don't really give off that much heat, but when i have a fire, i like to light candles as well. i just love how it gives my living room that cozy soft glow! i try to always have long stem matches on hand {and next to my fireplace} so i can strike up a little fire on any chilly night. the fireman does get a bit nervous with me and my love for candles & fireplaces. don't get me wrong... i'm no piro here, i promise! i just adore that glow! ummm, should i be rethinking my blog name right now??? The Piro & Her Fireman?! ha! that would be awesome. ok, back to business... let's make a matchbook that you enjoy looking at next to your fireplace! this DIY is super simple and gives your little fireplace area a mini boost of style!

*PS: has anyone watched any good Christmas movies this week?? remember this post? i'll be watching The Family Stone tonight, ahh love! 

 {i used one of those long Duraflame matchbooks and just popped the (brown) match paper right out!}
{i used Duck Tape to secure my match paper down... i like the silver shine AND this stuff works!}
 {cut each piece of tape the same length to create a little square around the match paper}
 {and Voila!}
{you can use a regular old Mason Jar... or another cool looking jar. i used this one because i like that it has a handle.}

have you had a sec to check out the GIVEAWAY!? go here to ENTER... and act fast(!) because the GIVE AWAY expires on friday! PS: can i put my own name in the raffle for this fabulous GIVEAWAY??! come on!

what i wore...

December 21, 2011

// cool LA graffiti... and photo’s by the fashion gal //

so this week I took two of my holiday fashion-faves {FUR+PLAID} and wrapped them all into one festive little look! I figured if there is any week of the year to wear your favorite plaid shirt and your big furry vestit’s Christmas week! right!? either my logic is slightly off or I just hit the fricken nail on the head!! what do you think? hey it worked for me as I bobbed & weaved through the crazy holiday shoppers! AND I was super warm and cozy! so, here here for an occasional MIX & MATCHED little diddy! check out my furry festive frock below...

*WANT MORE “what I wore’s”?? go to the left index and look under “the goodies” or click here!
**BTW, is anyone a little behind on their Christmas shopping this year?! check out my gift guides here & here. happy shopping!

PS: if Punky Bruster was an adult {& blonde}, I may just be her.

{the goods:}
paid flannel: Urban Outfitters // fur vest: a little boutique last year (sorry!) // bag: Balenciaga // wedges: Dolce Vita // jeans: Target! (best skinnies ever! I mean jeggings, my bad) // cocktail ring: Nordstrom // lipstick: MAC (Russian Red)

what have you been wearing these days? getting festive to do those holiday errands? or just trying to keep your head above water while {literally} running those holiday errands???

oh, AND if you haven't entered in for the GIVEAWAY... click here and get it done! GIVEAWAY ends friday!

it's begining to look a lot like...

December 20, 2011

{left: the perfect little gift. right: this little guy would be the perfect topper to any holiday gift! le deer ornament via}

ho-ho-how is your holiday-gift-wrapping coming along??? have you decided on what decorative wrapping theme you are going for this year? will you be the classic red & green paper kinda gal, the oh-so-chic silver & gold ribbon kinda wrapper, or the funky craft paper, yarn, & fabric girl?! this year, i'm going for the last one. don't get me wrong... i will always have a special place for the classic wrapping that i remember tearing through at my grandma's Christmas morning. just the same as i will always adore that funky silver streamer stuff she would drape all over her Christmas tree! am i alone on this one, or did anyone else's grandma decorate with this stuff too? well, anyway let's stop talkin and start on wrapping!!! here is a little Christmas Gift-Wrapping Inspiration!

***a gift wrapping money saving tip: here are a couple ways to make your gift wrapping COST EFFICIENT. you can always turn those paper grocery bags inside-out {cut along the seams} and use it as wrapping paper! AND hit up a craft store like Joanne's or Michael's to see if they have any specials on holiday colored yarn to use instead of expensive ribbons. follow those tips so you can save money AND still get that "craft style" look... done & done!

Christmas {Gift Wrapping} Inspiration: GET CRAFTY.
// original craft wrapping collage via & little side notes by the fashion gal //

don't forget about the GIVEAWAY! check our more info here!
don't forget to ENTER... because your chances are looking puuuuurty good!
good luck... the winner will be announced friday!

a gift for YOU! yes, YOU!

December 19, 2011

// photo's & necklaces by the fashion gal //

happy monday peeps! YUP, it's officially the 19th of December... which means it's a whopping 6 days from Christmas!! eek! so how's the Christmas shopping going? all done??? have you found each & every one of your perfect holiday gifts?? what about anything pretty for yourself??? well, it's the time of year to GIVE, and i would LOVE to give a little somethin-somethin to my beloved followers! SO, today's GIVEAWAY is a necklace made by "Yours Truly" (that's me!) and given with oh-so much holiday love! the GIVEAWAY being a fabulous {dark green jade & yellow gold} necklace from little ole ME to YOU! check out the goods below... (!)

*PS: if you're still gift shopping (like i am!) here are some nifty ideas for your gals or your guy!
**check out more homemade "GOODS" on my etsy, here!

// dark green jade necklace made with love... by the fashion gal // 

so how do you get in on the ACTION you ask??? 
ONE. write a little love note (a comment) below.
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good luck!
***winner will be announced friday! wooowhoooooo!

my {top} HOLIDAY movies...

December 16, 2011

my favorite Christmas tradition is one that i started years ago and do a couple days before Christmas. i layout all my holiday gifts, wrapping paper, and ribbon {or festive yarn}, and watch as many holiday movies as it takes me to wrap all my Christmas gifts! i get to be cozy in my home, while soaking in the Christmas spirit, AND be crafty all day long. see, i try to create {essentially} a wrapping trend for my gifts each year. last year i used all vintage designed wrapping paper and yarn (in place of my ribbon)... and this year i plan on wrapping with only craft paper, tons of yarn, and maybe some home-made yarn balls. so let's just say, my wrapping takes me a while. but i love it! and it gives me a good excuse to watch all the Christmas movies that give me that extra holiday buzz!

click HERE for gift-ideas for your girlfriends... & HERE for great gift-ideas for your man!

**so here's my little {top 11} holiday movie list... {11, because i couldn't narrow it down to only 10!}

// collage by the fashion gal //

yup, The Family Stone is my #1 right now!


December 15, 2011

 // i could live in this room. photo via //

what better time to move {as in, your entire home from one place to another} but during the holidays!!!? yaaaay (sarcasm). that's right people, the fireman and i are moving! and we are {seriously} SO excited! really! but not too worry, we'll still be close by. we're only moving to the next town (or two) down. so goodbye Manhattan Beach... and hello Redondo Beach! i {personally} adore change and am looking forward to this fun new chapter... and to our fabulous {newly renovated} beach cottage that awaits us! i am however, oh-so-slightly stressed (out of my mind) to move during the holiday season. YIKES! wowza. UGH. but we can do it!!! so lets focus on the positive and browse through some uber-fabulous HOME INSPIRATION!

*check out some more fun HOME-STUFF here & here! or............. here!

a cozy corner... with an old-man chair.
recovered old man chair via // another funky old man chair via 

a lovely & do-able living room.
cozy bright living room via 

no writers-block happens here, that's for sure.
funky office via // cozy office via n.a

oh so fresh & so clean, clean.

a fluffy white bedroom via

i'll take em! both.
the doorless kitchen via n.a // my rustic dream via

SO, where are your FAVORITE places to score new fun furniture?? any secret hot-spots?!
let's just say, we're in the market!

what i wore...

December 14, 2011

// the holidays are here! and we had a great time celebrating! photo's by the fashion gal //

tis the season to wear bright red dresses & drink too much at company Christmas parties! yipppy! this holiday season i wanted to invest in one new go-to-dress that i could possible wear to two different Christmas parties this week... with two separate groups of people, of course. so off to H&M i went, and found myself this pretty little puppy for a whopping $20!!! {20 BUCKS people!} i love it! and it has that 60's Mod feel, that i adore. so needless to say, i was feeling a little Twiggy-ish, so i threw on my black opec tights & penciled on some black eyeliner to match! 

***check out more where that came from... {or} just more "what i wore's" here!
***PS: WE LOVE PHOTO BOOTHS! this was a good one too {MobilePhotoBooth}

 a little MOD & a lot a RED.

{LOVE a dress with an open back.}
{the goods:}
dress: H&M // leopard clutch: JCrew // tights: target // mary-janes wedges: Nine West // necklaces: JCrew // bracelets: forever // black lace bra: Cosabella 

do you have any Christmas parties coming up? what are YOU going to wear??

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