what i wore...

August 25, 2011

i'm the kind of gal that thinks sexy can definitely come across in a pair of your favorite worn-in jeans, a fresh white tank, w. your hair pulled back into a high bun or a (on purpose) messy pony. so this long sleeve jersey (mini) dress hits the nail on the head when it comes to an easy-sassy-fun-look! AND you can very easily dress this puppy UP, or even dress it DOWN.... here's what i wore.

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D R E S S   it   D O W N . . . (keep it simple!)
{shake what your mama gave ya}

D R E S S   it   U P... (add a boy blazer & a chunky necklace & wedges!)
{definitely not a model (!)}

{ t h e   g o o d i e s }

dress down...
dress: ABS (bran-spanking-new)
sandals: sam edelman
bag: oldie but goodie bought in cabo
scarf (on bag): my grandma's (vintage)

dress up...
dress: it's the same one silly!
blazer: an old fav... n/a
wedges: nine west (mary-jane's)
neck-bling: jcrew (love their chunky necklaces)
sunnies: LF (read LF post, here)
clutch: vintage (some funky shop on melrose)

don't forget the  W R I S T   B L I N G...

leather wrap w. stone: beth orduna
silver beaded wrap: LF (read LF post, here)
green pearl & gold pearl: made-by-me (!)

what do you think about this tight long sleeve mini trend???
too Kelly Bundy (???)... or just about perfect!

(i definitely am   l o v i n g   it.)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the tight mini!!! I need to find me one!!

Anonymous said...

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