TUESDAY-HOW-TO: tie a tie

June 12, 2012

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it's that time of year to know HOW TO tie... a tie! if your weekends are anything like mine, you may have either a wedding or a graduation every other weekend. let's face it, it's wedding season! now remember that Sex in the City where Carrie was tying Big's tie... and he thought it was the sexiest thing on earth??? well today's the day to get those tie-tying-skills ((just incase your Mr. Big needs a little help one day)). so here are a couple helpful HOW TO's i found for tying a tie, oh and a bow-tie too!

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did you already know how to tie a tie
... i think it's easier then you'd expect, right?!


sip-n-wear said...

great info... i never could figure out how to tie a tie... but guys rarely wear ties nowadays.. i guess i can look this up again for special occasions~

VANESSA said...

Sip-n-wear-- i agree! you may use this as a special occasion reference. i had to look at these videos just last week! i must say though... bow-ties are making a huge comeback! ;)

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