5 things: abbot kinney

August 16, 2011

since the fireman is off hunting (you heard right, hunting) and busy doing some serious man-stuff... i figured i'd use my day-off for some quality me time! so off to abbot kinney i went. i guess i was missing the fireman (just a little... ya right SO much) because this is a place we like to explore together. we have a few favorite hot-spots that we usually hit up... a few too many to list & picture today. so here are just a few i visited on my solo-trip...

ps: this jem-of-a-street (abbot kinney) is hidden in venice beach, CA.

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{#1... L E M O N A D E: fast fresh food}
{w. a fresh zesty name like "Lemonade" they sure follow through by making their own home-made lemonade, lemon cakes, and lemon cookies... oh and healthy stuff too}
{lemonade has quick, healthy, farmers market fresh food that is great if you're on a lunch date or 
dining solo}
{not only are their lemonade's delissssh... but so are they're lemon cupcakes. yum yum!}
{i didn't try their coconut cake today... but it sure looked yummy! and i'm kinda in-love w. this cake platter. what a great color!}

{#2... S T R O N G H O L D: clothing store}
{this is probably the fireman's ultimate shopping experience. he is definitely not the shopper of the family, but when he visits Stronghold... it's hard to get him out of there!}
{good ole Red Wings. if you are looking for a quality boot that will last you a lifetime, check these out}
{Stronghold is known for it's old school workman's clothing. they carry brands like Pendleton, Red Wing, and custom make high-quality denim products in-house.}
{anyplace that serves whisky (in beautiful crystal decanters) while you shop... is simply amazing to me. i LOVE these little touches... even though i'm not much of a whisky drinker!}

{#3... F I R E F L Y: gift & clothing store}
{i love this store for a few reasons: great gifty-things, cool coffee-table books, great (inexpensive) jewelry, funky stationary, retro kitchen stuff, & they carry Cosa Bella bras}
{no, you're SUPER!!}
{these matchbooks made me think of the fireman on his hunting trip... poor bambi (sad-face)}

{#4... I N T E L L I G E N T S I A: coffee shop}
 {if you only have time for one stop while visiting abbot kinney... this is one stop you MUST make}
{yep, i splurged. it's called an Affogato Gelato. it's a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream w. espresso in a sweet little dessert cup. amazing.}
{if gelato & espresso isn't your thing... then i would recommend a good ole latte in a real porcelain cup. if you have the time to drink your coffee there... the cup (surprisingly) makes a big difference, i promise}

{#5... A L T E R I N A T I V E: clothing store}
{one of my favorite things about this new shop is the funky merchandising... inside & outside the store. i love this idea of planting a succulent garden in old cans!}
{this cool men's & woman's store is inside an original craftsman style home. i love!}
{alternative carries the softest coziest cotton sweatshirts i have ever felt. when you start looking for your next cozy sweatshirt... check these guys out. you will be hooked!}

what a great day (!)... however, i sure did miss the fireman on my solo-mission. 
till next time!


Anonymous said...

Yummy...lemons and coffee with gelato!

chanel said...

ummmmm, you should have called me. i was sitting at home!!

the gal said...

dang. i should have!
are you love birds going to cafe luxxe tonight for the coffee tournament of the year!?! i really want to go... but don't think i can swing it ;(

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