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August 23, 2011

    scav·eng·er hunt
    "A game, typically played in an extensive outdoor area, in which participants have to collect a number of miscellaneous objects... or gifts, cake, & balloons!!"

    to celebrate my very dear friend (Harmony's) big birthday, i decided to go old school for her gift and arrange a fabulous scavenger hunt! i have such vivid memories of my mom giving my brother's and i scavenger hunts for our birthdays, and can still feel that excitement we had while trying to solve our creative little clues. this gift was such a fun gift to plan, and gave me a mini creative break in my week. so without further adieu... check out our old school scavenger hunt below...
    . . . . . T H E   H U N T . . . . .
    {first-things-first: i made the clues (or hints) to leave at each location, accommodated w. a mini gift that was purchased from that specific place... the sales people were very supportive!}
    "open me"-"hint #2"-"hint #3"-"hint #4"-"you're doing great"

{"open me" had a card telling harmony about this fun little adventure she was about to go on... then it gave her a hint to her first location. 
"hint #1" was something about justin timberlake's apparel company's name (William Rast)... and a word rhyming w. Pomona (Sanoma). helloooo!! (answer) William Sanoma!!!}
ok, i may not be the more creative clue writer... but it was all really funny!

{"hint #2" said something about our favorite coffee shop on the go... (answer) Pete's Coffee!}
{"hint #3" harmony loves the little things, and that's what we love about harmony! she adores this funky balloon shop that sells unique balloons and balloon arrangements. so this hint went something like this... "go to a place where the shapes are bold and the colors are bright and everything there is filled w. helium delight"... she got it right away. the place is called Balloon Celebrations}
{"hint #4" was a hang-man fill-in-the-blank puzzle that once she figured it out, it spelled... (answer) Sweet Lady Jane. it's a quaint little cake shop (!)}

{"you're doing great" her last clue sent her back to the beginning to retrieve one last gift}

{William Sanoma: a pink spatula!}
{Pete's Coffee: coffee!}
{Balloon Creations: a dinosaur balloon! she absolutely loved this one.}
{Sweet Lady Jane: their best selling cake... triple-berry-short-cake. a-maz-zing!}
{her last gift was a home-made bracelet... i forgot to take a photo of it before i wrapped it. opps!}
{happy happy harmony!}

all-in-all it was a pretty fun gift for everyone involved! even the older sales lady in William Sanoma ("Oli" short for Olivia). she gave me a huuuuge hug and said she loved doing scavenger hunts when she was a little girl... and was shocked we knew what a scavenger hunt even was! she was awesome... and it was a fabulous retro gift.


chanel said...

FUN! what a happy day for harm?!?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Harmony...is there $ in that cake?

vanessa (the gal) said...

we had so much fun... harmony was thrilled! chanely your birthday's neeeext!

harmy pants said...

yess.. so fun! i loved all my gifts especially my new bracelet! thank you thank you for everything you definitely made my day! :)

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