January 31, 2013

there are many dream worthy things about Paris (i could name a trillion... and most of them include fresh chocolate croissants), but attending Paris Fashion Week is pretty high on my Parisian daydreaming agenda. to be amongst all the exquisite fashion & inspiring styling skills would be such an amazing treat. i mean, i would totally feel under dressed and absolutely intimidated by all the crazy fashion skills... but never the less it is still a big dream on my bucket list.

*i would wear these puppies to Paris Fashion Week, for sure.

who's with me??

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Valentine's Gift Guide: HER HOME!

January 30, 2013

1 ||  gold polka dot vase... $15
2 ||  engraved copper cocotte... $298
3 ||  "way to my heart" cheeseboard... $24    
4 ||  happy pillow & love pillow... $165 & $198
5 ||  printed breakfast tray... $43
8 ||  birdie cake stand... $32
9 ||  pantone single mug... $15
10 ||  monogram jewelry box... $78
11 ||  heart tea infuser... $5
12 ||  The Allure of Beauty & Bazaar... $50 & $65

i have always loved Valentine's Day. i enjoy the idea of taking one day out of the year to be extra romantic whether you're sending a love letter to your crush or making an extra special dinner at home with your honey. Valentine's day doesn't have to be a day that breaks your bank, but should be a day that your celebrate your love or just the sweet idea of, love. it's also a great day satisfy your sweet tooth & grab something extra special for that one true love. here are a few gift idea's that your honey could give you or that you give to someone special in your life. 

here is another gift guide that's just a little more sparkly.
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GIVEAWAY: a Valentine's Day Massage!

January 28, 2013

happy monday peeps!! today is your day. you can win win win a fabulous massage -or- facial & pedicure at Burke Williams Spa!! (not a bad way to start your week right??!) i've teamed up with the fabulous (& super luxurious) Burke Williams Spa to give you an excuse to pamper yourself for Valentine's Day! or.......... you could always re-gift this puppy to Yours Truly. all you need to do are a few easy things, and YOU'LL be entered to win! what a great gift... i'm hoping cupid brings me a massage & pedi!! 
(hint-hint, cupid!) 

the details...
the Romance Package: Value $149 (regular price $180)
Enjoy a Spa Pedicure with your choice of a 50-minute Pure Relaxation massage -or- a 50-minute Spa Style Facial with peel or brightener!!!

three easy steps to win...
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**the winner will be announced on friday!


January 25, 2013

photo via

what a week! it started out with a girls night of sushi @ Katsua & Lady Gaga @ the Staple Center, had a mid-week cooking class to learn a couple fabulous Indian dishes, and ended it with a delicious dinner at Rockwell LA! and to top it all off... had a coffee date with two my great friends (one with a new baby girl, Charlie! & one about to have her baby boy... any minute now)! so this week has flown by and was full of fantastic fun. how was your week?

here are a few links, from me... to you!

these chocolate peanut butter cups looks easy enough to make, could be great for valentine's day.

such a great lipstick color guide.

this wedding dress makes me want to get married all over again!

a heard of giraffe's at your breakfast table??

i LOVE this mad libs love letter, this is how it works.

a terrarium party?! sounds like the perfect party for spring!

i agree with this message, it's all about confidence.

grab a valentine's day card early... these are sweet.

i love theses peter pan collared sweaters: one & two

feeling under the weather? this clove coconut tea should help.

i'd like to be sitting here & making this right now.

now i'm hungry.

have a great weekend.
more happy friday's here.

(update:) tune in Monday for a fabulous Valentine's Day Giveaway!!!

Valentine's Gift Guide >> JEWELRY FOR HER.

January 23, 2013

2 ||  statement necklace... $138
3 ||  "XO" necklase... $80
4 ||  gold bar necklace... $70
5 ||  chrysacolia druzy ring... $480
6 ||  set of 8 stackable rings... $750
7 ||  custom name ring... $772
9 ||  silver + gold pyramid hoops... $176  
10 ||  pink druzy stud earrings... $118
11 ||  "heart of gold" bangle... $32
12 ||  mini titan bracelet... $198

Valentine's Day is right around the corner (it's on Feb. 14th), so if you think cupid is planning on paying you a visit, you may need to start thinking about something special you would love to receive! now ladies, this romantic holiday isn't just all about us, the guys should get something nice too! so tune in for that gift guide coming next week (or check out this guide from last year). but in the mean time... here are some lovely pieces of jewelry that your main squeeze just might like to give you. so forward this post onto your man for a little Valentine's Day hint... he'll appreciate the help, i promise!

forward this link (to him):

INTERIORS: farm house

January 22, 2013

farmhouse photo's via

first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the HOUSE HUNTING! which let me tell you can be pretty exciting & super scary all at the same time!! first of all, who knew my dream home was millions and millions of dollars?!!! turns out the LA/Southbay housing market is crazy expensive and some what intimidating. the fireman and i have been looking at homes casually for a few years, but now that it's time to pull the trigger... things are getting REAL. so what ever house we can get our hands on... i will have to be super creative at decorating on a budget. sounds like a fun challenge to me! but for now... let's just daydream!

*see more wood + white homes here.

kind of AMAZING!
interior designer Jessica Helgerson is pretty talented too!


January 18, 2013

photo via

happy friday good friends! have you heard about the crazy crisp weather in LA this week? yup, it's been cold! and (if you haven't heard) us LA folk don't know what to do in cold weather. i've literally worn 10 pieces of clothing all at once, every day this week! my layers were a little out of control, i admit it. i kinda hit the panic button once the temp went under 40°. so lucky it's suppose to warm up this weekend!!! thankgod! i hope it warms up where ever you are too.

here are a few friday links to get you closer to the weekend...

i love the idea of this ring. so simple.

learn how to knit this weekend!!

still searching for the perfect boot??? i love these, these, & these!

did you take engagement photo's?? i think these are so simple & sweet.

did you hear about the girl who posted a naked photo to Ebay accidentally? #yellowskaterdress

i would like to have this sweatshirt, it looks cozy... and who doesn't like cozy.

this may be the cutest bulldog ever, aside from Charlie of course!

did you hear about Notre Dame's Manti Te'o's potential Catfish girlfriend??? such a bummer.

could you get cozy in a floating bed?

if you're a bottle hoarder, here is a pretty way to display your vintage goods!

holy cow these look good.

have a nice weekend!


January 17, 2013

photo's by me

over the weekend i picked up some gorgeous flowers for my home. flowers around your house can make such a lovely impact and do not need to cost a fortune either! i bought these bouquets for a whopping $3 each at my local farmers market. yep, that's a total of 6 bucks for all these pretty flowers! #suchasteal. i like to play with different ways to arrange my flowers. this is a different kind of flower arrangement that i like to call a flower cluster. i grab 5 objects to hold my flowers in such as... vases, jars, vintage bottles, water pitchers, brass findings, or even a old can! now let's get to work... 

**how do you typically arrange flowers in your home?? i'd LOVE to know!

-- i bought two different types of flowers. i like to keep my arrangements simple & pretty.
-- i always cut my flower stems at an angle, rather then straight across.
-- i find most of my cool old bottles at the Flea Market... i may be a little bit of a bottle hoarder. 
-- make your own vase: add a little texture to a simple jar, by wrapping a natural twine around the jar a few times & tie in a pretty bow!
-- make a cluster with your different height vases... i like placing 5 vases in a tight circle.
-- and voila!

how easy was that?! 


January 16, 2013

photo's via

a unique headboard or piece of furniture can work at the perfect statement necklace to your bedroom. when browsing the web this week, i stumbled upon these fabulous wicker headboards by The Family Love Tree that instantly felt like the type of bedroom i would love to dream in. i adore the clean & simple feeling of an all white room that is filled with pops of color, texture, and restored wood pieces. so when i found this funky home line filled with Bali inspired prints & 1970's inspired furniture... i just about feel in love. 

*make sure to check out more goods from the Family Love Tree, here.

looks pretty dreamy, right?!

5 things: SUNDAY

January 14, 2013

one: sourdough, rosemary, a little butter, rosemary olive oil, and sea salt toast. 

sunday was perfect. perfectly lazy filled with good food, football, and even a morning trip to the farmers market. the fireman and i had the day off together without anything on the books. so we decided stroll through farmers market to pick up a few things for our cozy day in. we cooked, lounged, caught up on some light reading, and attempted to take down our christmas lights. attempted as is, we looked outside saw they were still up, and said "we should really take those down". they're still up. yep that's right, we're those people this year!

how was your weekend???
**check out other 5 Things here!

two: fresh flowers... tune in later this week to see how i arranged them.
three: are those the cutest little carrots you've ever seen? Charlie got one as a treat, lucky girl.
four: my candle obsession is getting a little out of control. 
i just love the glow that all those mix matched candles set off! candles: votivo & anthro
five: the fireman & Charlie getting cozy and watching football.

did anyone watch Miss. America or the Golden Globes this weekend???
here are my Best Dressed Golden Globe 2013 gals.

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