the WEEKENDER: sunny events

May 31, 2013

Courtyard Picnic:  sundress, sunnies, earrings, necklace, tote, sandals 
Beach House BBQ: top, jean shorts, hat, tote, ring 1 & 2, sandals

happy friday Weekenders!!!!!! here are two outfits i would be oh-so happy to throw on for either a Beach House BBQ or a Courtyard Picnic. i love the casual chic feel of both of these outfits and must say that this bright yellow Tucker dress is high on my summer wish list. as for those killer beach bag/totes.... i say USE those over sized tote bags even if you're not going to the beach! it will force you to use those funky totes that are stuffed into the back of your closet AND will make your outfit look casual and effortless.

 i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

what's inside your summer beach bag???

May 28, 2013

7.  Zipper Travel Pouch... $7.50
8.  Glamour Magazine... $5
11. Classic Panama Fedora... $98

summer is starting to feel soooooooooo close!! remember those last weeks of school as a kid?? the ones were you couldn't think about anything else but long summer days??? i have such great memories speading all day long at the beach when i was a kid. we would have our feet in the sand by 10:00am, would hit up the snack shack for french fries & Popsicles, and would walk home salty, sandy, and a little sunburned every day during the summer!! i hope to spead more days like this at the beach this sunny summer.

getting ready for summer means getting your beach bag ready!
so, what's in your beach bag??


May 24, 2013

last week my two older brother's, their lovely wife & girlfriend, our two ah-mazing nephews (who are the most entertaining people i know... and are 1 1/2 & 2 1/2 years old), my mom, her radical man-friend, ANNNND the fireman & i went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a fantastic family vacay! Phew!! And i've got to say... it was an amazing trip. Jackson is the perfect combo of laid back local-life, stunning scenery, outdoor activities, AND super good foodie & coffee spots. so needless to say it is one of our favorite places on earth. 

remember our trip last year??
it's where we got engaged... see that story here!


ps: happy friday & happy Memorial Day weekend!

... and if you'd like to see more daily photo's check us

to one-piece or not to one-piece???

May 22, 2013

one-piece's by... Madewell  //  Free Peple  //  ShopBop

being a gal that grew up and still living by the beach... i have worn a LOT of bathing suits in my time. but with beach culter comes a little bit of bikini culture too! in Redondo, Hermosa, or Manhattan Beach the ladies are wearing teeney bikini's that are bright, little, and mix matched! the gals are sporting tiny bikini bottoms mixed with a colorful, but typically non-matching top! so do i DARE try and start a one-piece trend????? could be a nice change to the itty bitty mixey matchey, right!?

what do you think???
do you sport a sassy one piece?


May 20, 2013

sunday morning with a large low-fat latte and $50 in tote i was off to the Long Bleach flea market for my monthly vintage retail therapy. as i was on my way out the front door... the fireman said jokingly, "if you come home with any vintage bottles, vases, or plates... i may not let you back in!" lol. turns out i have a slight hoarding situation over here when it comes to vintage bottles, vases, and plates!! so instead... i brought home a ceramic pitcher (that i can still hold flowers in), a silver trophy, vintage matches, a turquoise squash blossom necklace, "te amo" embroidered fabric (that i'll soon turn into pillow cases), annnnnnd a Mexican embroidered tablecloth! phew!!  so he let me back in AND i felt like i scored... and all for under $50!

*check out more flea market finds here.

*this is the shape pillow i plan to cover with me new "te amo" embroidered fabric.

how was your weekend??
make to any flea markets?!

happy FRIDAY!

May 17, 2013

image via design love fest

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! we had such a fabulous vacay in Jackson Hole Wyoming... but are definitely happy to be home... and sleeping in our own bed! i'm sorry for not posting while we were gone, but i just needed a little time away from my the world wide web to relax and spend quality time with the hubs and family. but i've gotta say... i missed you!

here are a few links to take you into your weekend...

homemade katchup?! yum yum!

i LOVE these little moccasins... i wonder if i could make them... ummmmm.

what do you think about one-piece bathing suits???
i absolutely adore this one & this one!!!

looks like a may NEED a one piece after eating at this LA hot spot.

these colorful wire baskets would look perfect on my dining room table!

summer is a great time to sport a denim vest & a sundress.

these Swedish Hasbeens would be perfect to skip around on a hot summer day.
(when does summer start, anyway?)

the perfect bight white & neon DIY for summer.

this is a great way to find a little inspiration.

i can't decide which Rifle Paper iPhone case to get... maybe the white & colored floral one?

i absolutely love this creative "new job" gift idea.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
(vacation photo's coming next week)


May 06, 2013

one: with the help of the hubs... i finally washed one of my latest treasures from the Long Beach flea market! now it's ready to go to Jackson! (taken via Instagram)

last week we had some ah-mazing weather in LA. it was the type of weather that makes you feel a little guilty for living on the west coast. but that all came to a quick halt today! it's raining! (which i secretly LOVE). so this weekend i began to pack for our big family trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming, took care of all my killer succulents (which let's be honest is pretty simple), and hung with the fireman & Charlie! overall...... it was a pretty wonderful and mellow weekend.

*check out more 5 Things here!

two: i'm definitely in need of a gold leaf intervention... here are some more pots i leafed!
 three: some fresh flowers for the house... all from Trader Joes.
 four: she likes to play with them all at once.
five: more sunbathing succulents! 
this was our weather Friday... now it's a bit wetter... and cloudy.

how was your weekend????

the WEEKENDER: weekend lunch

May 03, 2013

look 1:  tee  //  skirt  //  necklace  //  bracelets 1 & 2  //  sunnies  //  bag  //  ballet  slippers
look 2:  dress  //  necklaces 1 & 2  //  sunnies  //  bag  //  gladiators

happy friday everyone! wow what a week! next Thursday cannot come quicker... the fireman & i are off to Jackson Hole Wyoming with my family for a little get-away and quality fam-time. so until then we both have tons of work to do but will hopefully squeeze in a afternoon (this weekend) to Venice Beach for some lunch at one of our favorite spots GJelina... or GTA (GJelina Take Away!) YUM!

what are your plans this weekend??
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May 01, 2013

over the weekend i had a few of my sassy girlfriends (& their littles) over for my very first Babes Who Brunch! i say first, because i'm hoping our Babes Who Brunch brunch turns into a new little tradition between my group of friends! let's face it our girlfriends are muy muy imporatante and we need to cherish and nurture those lovely ladies in our lives. riiiiiiight!!?? so here are a few bits n' pieces from our yummy Sunday brunch!

oh! and here is the recipe for the French Toast Casserole i made... it was a hit!
polka dot straws via
turquoise serving spoon via
gold spoon via

if you start a Babes Who Brunch with your group of friends
... make sure to instagram it at #babeswhobrunch !!

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