Wyoming Wine TASTING!

June 05, 2012

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when you're craving a little wine tasting, but there's no where around that will accommodate your wine-o-needs... then just pick up a few bottles, some cheese & pairings, and wine taste at home!! at least this is what the fireman & i did in Wyoming this past weekend... and will definitely be making this a new at-home tradition! after a couple tasty bottles of wine, way too my cheese, and a lot of laughing ((until our stomachs hurt))... he asked me to marry him! so if you're trying to get hitched, just sit your man down and tell him it's Wyoming Wine Tasting TIME!!! ((wink-wink))

**need to be caught up to speed on the whole engagement thing??? go here!
we didn't have anything to make wine markers out of... so we used different shape glasses for each wine!
we built little snack stacks for each other... and had to name our unusual creations too! 
(stack names... top left to right: layers of goodness, the leaning tower cheesa, big mama's masterpiece, & the triple D-lux.)

not too bad for some at-home wine tasting right!?


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Love the new look of your blog, so clean and nice.

Katie said...

love that you named your creations. that looks delicious!!!

Heather said...

this looks like heaven!!!!


sip-n-wear said...

yum... all those look so good... i loveeee havarti cheese! yum yum!

Anonymous said...

Really just wine tasting with tasty cheese and there was a proposal...sounds like he had a plan!!!
I like the different shape glasses for reference.

Rachel said...

LOVE this idea! I have been DYING to visit Jackson Hole for years -- Please tell where you stayed, etc!!

Unknown said...

THAT is adorable. Great idea. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

lovely!! so cute and perfect. =)

P.S. cute blog!

Giovanna said...

Great photos! Looks like a fun weekend! Congrats on your engagement!!


Ariel Tyler Henley said...

how exciting! Lovely pictures!!

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