what i wore...

January 31, 2012

 // photo's by the fashion gal // 

i said it before and i'll say it again(!!!)... i LOVE mixing n' matching Masculine & Feminine pieces together to make one killer cool look. i do! i love it! i think it makes life worth living! ok ok, well let's not take it too far. but seriously, when done right i think there is something {slightly} sexy about a gal that doesn't show all her goodies and instead sports a crew neck tee while leaving a little more to imagination! your boy-toy may not agree with me, but OH WELL! in a perfect wold, i would wear a fitted white crew neck boyfriend tee with at least 2-3 chunky necklaces layered on top of one another, EVERYDAY! but that is neither here nor there...  yesterday i threw on my favorite cigarette skinnies, my favorite gold belt, a brightly striped sweater, and my boy boating shoes! literally, they are boy shoes... and i LOVE them! 

*little style tip: i was shopping with a client this past week and we wanted to get her into a pair skinny-jeans (aka. shinnies)... but she always felt that skinnier jeans made her look short. SO, i folded about 4" of fabric up (at the ankle of her jean) & made them into an instant cigarette fit!! a cigarette fit is when your pants fit slim & sit right above your ankle. AND poof (!) she instantly looked taller & felt fabulous in her first pair of skinnies! Success.

//// that sailboat {at sunset} just made my day. ////
{the goods:}
striped sweater: Old Navy! // white layering tank: Michael Stars // skinnies: Target! (i love these, i wish i bought 100 pairs!) // boating shoes: Clarks // navy head scarf: vintage // kelly green scarf: vinatage // straw tote: LF // silver rings: Mexico // sunnies: Ray-Bans // gold belt: a sample sale from years ago // green stud earrings: Melissa Joy Manning // nail polish: OPI ("Lincoln Park After Dark"... looks great on toes too!)

what's your FAVORITE style? 
better yet, if you had to wear one thing  f o r e v e r  (and ever)... what would it be??!

GAME DAY baby!

January 30, 2012

// best Super Bowl appetizer ever! individual Seven Layer Dips?! genius!! //

well  the BIG game day {aka. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY 2012!} is right around the corner! woowhooo! and with all this excitement, you'd think i was a huge football fan. well, not entirely... i'm a fan of sports & parties! my top 3 favorite things about the Super Bowl is........ ONE. the food! an endless amount of delicious snacky foods will get me excited for any sporting event! TWO. the awesome Super Bowl commercials. hey, i'll grab the beer refills during the game... but I won't miss those million dollar commercials! THREE. men in spandex. ladies, if you say you're not checking those boys out... you're lying ;) since the fireman and i are having a couple friends over to watch the game (as many friends that will fit on our L-Shape couch) we need to figure out what delicious appz & food to serve! here is my SUPER BOWL MENU INSPIRATION!

***the trick to enjoying your own Super Bowl Party is to only choose dishes that can be made ahead of time & prepare in advance... you want to be able to enjoy the game too! 

// Bruschetta- the Italian chips n' salsa! this will add a little gourmet twist to your football day! recipe via //

// Mushroom & Swiss Sliders w. Spicy Fri Sauce- anything bite size and made out of meat is a winner for this special Sunday!! give those boys {& girls} what they want! ps: veggie patty's can always be subbed for your veggie-friends... us veggie-peeps appreciate the effort ;) recipe via //

// Onion Dip- YUM!!! can you tell which app I'm most excited for?! ummmm, with those original ridged ruffles? yum, the salty ones!? and how good does the caramelized onions look? recipe via //

// Spicy Wings- what goes better with football then some spicy chicken wings?! maybe a cold beer? recipe via //

// Veggie Cups- let's balance out those carbs with some veggies. i LOVE the idea of these individual cups! they are ready to go & are super easy to eat without a table in front of you. photo via //

// Homemade Pizza- the best thing about homemade pizza is you get to put whatever you want on it! hell, crack an egg on one if you like. Martha Stewart has about 1,000 pizza recipes here //

what are your big GAME DAY plans???

HAPPY friday!

January 27, 2012

// happy friday friends! //

i hope you all have a fabulous weekend and get all those {little} things from your on-going weekend-wish-list done! whether it's the one of those crafty DIY's you hope to one day do, to cleaning out your closet (and finally purging that crazy halter top you haven't worn in years), or even catching up on your web browsing! if you're looking for something to make you laugh or shop {or even a little cooking inspiration}... check out my friday list below. this week's theme is LIVE OUTSIDE THE BOX! why??? because it's good for you! have a wonderful weekend!

**ok, now you may have seen this skit "Sh*t __________ Say". they can be pretty funny right? well i think this one is the BEST! it's about Fashion Girls and I am embarrassed to say, but i've definitely said 1 (or 10) of these things in the past!! take a second to watch... it's pretty funny!!! {ps: i LOVE "Part Two"}

{YouTube, "Shit Fashion Girls Say" LOL. the bangs part crack me up!! we've all been there.}

{YouTube "Shit Fashion Girls Say- Part Two" Oh my GOODNESS! I have said SO many of these things! How embarrassing!! "Is that OPI or Essie??? Color Blocking. I'm really into statement necklaces!" LOL!}

now if you have a sec,
C H E C K   O U T...

this fabulous Cup of JOE {sexy} body-part post.

METAL statement necklace by anthropologie.

love a good DIY/MAKE-OVER... check out this {chiar} before & after.

if you're trying to kick the sweets... then, don't click HERE! homemade Snickers, yup.

i would like to SWIM with these guys.

CHANEL's Spring/ Summer 2012 haute couture show... cool idea, right!?

i adore this HOT PINK watch via shopbop.

 this could be the PERFECT DIY for this weekend!

have a grrrreeeeeeat weekend guys! xo!

a {TOUCH} of fur...

January 26, 2012

// FUR BABY!!! let's just say... this is my  d r e a m  space. the wood, the lighting, the fur... a dream!  photo via // 

i have jumped on this fur-band-wagon like most LA folk to the Lakers during NBA playoffs! hey... i'm guilty for both. no secrets here! but i can say i am really enjoying this MAJOR FUR COMEBACK! it's a trend that's come and gone over the years, but this time it's sudo-hipster-chic... and guess what, i dig it!!! so let's take a peek at HOW WE can add this fun trend into our homes without breaking our piggy banks! here are a few photo's to inspire your fur insertion...

*have you been wearing any of this texture fun?? here is some wearable-fur inspiration for ya... oh, here.

// i adore these grey furs! the colors in the fur pull the whole room together! and you can invest in just a couple pillows or a fur throw blanket to transform a room and add that fun texture. photo's via & via //

// is that a modern rocking chair i see... with a little fur-love???? so awesome! the fur draped over is really the cherry on top! i adore all the fabulous mixing n' matching of prints, colors, & textures in this room! i bet you could get this look by scouting out your local flea market. get those deals people! photo via //

// an easy way to achieve this furry trend is to drape a little fur over your office chair! PS: IKEA has great {small} pieces of white fur right now... i just picked one up! $30! not to shabby right? was a pun??? ;) Go here to IKEA to check out the goods. photo via & via //

well are you LOVING this fuzzy-trend??? and better yet, have you jumped on the band-wagon!? 
what piece of fur have you added to you cozy home?

a {MODERN DAY} powder room...

January 25, 2012

// paintings by the talented Leight Viner //

since i was little i've loved the idea of a powder room. a feminine space where you can display your perfumes, showcase your jewelry, and use as your very own fashion-sanctuary. growing up my mom had a room pretty spot-on to this description... but with leopard carpet! what a badass, right!? the fireman even remembers his grandma having a glamorous room just like this... minus the leopard carpet... but very OG {original gangster!}. he remembers her sneaking away to her (1950's beach bungalow) powder room and coming out looking like a glamorous movie star. so since we moved the fireman & i have this tiny extra room that is too small for a guest room, but is the PERFECT size for... you guessed it... a powder room! so now it's time to decorate this mini sanctuary... and i'd love to start with the walls! i recently found this Fashion Illustration Art, by Leight Viner, that i absolutely adore!! i think her art is romantic, elegant, and perfect for my {MODERN DAY} powder room!

*these beautiful illustration-paintings caught me eye because of their simplicity, lovely colors, and fashion-sketch theme.
**make sure to checkout the artist & more of her lovely work on her Etsy here!  

// above: i. LOVE. this. one. //

which pieces are you favorites???
i LOVE #1 & #4... but would like these in a set of 3! what should be my third choice?!?!

what i wore...

January 24, 2012

// photo's by the fashion gal //

last week i met a fabulous girlfriend of mine for a good old cup of joe! we rendezvoused on {one of my favorite streets in Southern California} Abbot Kinney! where the shopping is good... and the coffee is even better!!! since we were having such great weather last week (yesterday it finally rained, yippy!) i opted to wear this high-waisted maxi skirt and paired it with a cozy tank & my favorite structured blazer! oh... and where can you find such a colorful maxi like this??? well, i made it! and YOU can too!!! MAXI-DIY coming soon!

*for more info on this lovely little street {called Abbot Kinney} go here and read away!
**need more "what i wore" FUN!?!? go........ here!

{the goods:}
maxi skirt: DIY made by me! // white tank: Michael Stars // belt: vintage // jacket: an old fave // sunnies: gifted from Olympic Optics // nude clutch: vintage // silver cuff & silver earrings: vintage // lipstick: MAC (liner: Beet, lipstick: Girl About Town)

does anyone LOVE a maxi like i do???

5 things: a cozy weekend

January 23, 2012

 // one. My Hunter Rainboots: they were ready to go(!!!)... but the rain barely made an appearance (sad face) //

sometimes you need a nice mellow weekend in! to catch up on all those little things that fall to the wasteside during the week AND to just relax! so the fireman and i spend some quality time in our new home... we cooked, got organized, and drank WAY too much coffee in the process!! we recently bought an espresso maker {which sounds fabulous, right?} but is actually very dangerous for two COFFEE LOVERS. every time we'd finish a cup... we'd look at each other like, of course we should make some more! ummmmmmm, that stuff is good! so here are five things that made up our cozy weekend in!

*if you'd like to check out more "5 things" go to the left index under "the goodies" / "five things", xo! 

{two. My Erin Condren Plannerthis organizer is MY LIFE on paper. it keeps my brain in order and i never go a day without writing in it! i keep it by my bed incase i can't sleep and need to write an idea or thought down. i have a busy week ahead of me... so this bad-boy helped me get organized! oh, and FYI (my favorite part about this planner is) you can customize your planners cover with a photo & verbiage that represent YOU. i adore peonies... as you can tell.}

{three: Sunday Breakfast, Healthy Huevos Rancheros:  there is nothing better then a big healthy yummy breakfast to start your weekend mornings off right! i love Huevos Rancheros, but sometimes feel a little too full after eating them... so i like to make a healthier version at home. 
*ingredients: flour tortilla, black beans, Spanish rice, bell peppers, red onion, kale, fajita seasoning, cherry tomatoes, salsa, avocado, & eggs! yum yum YUM.} 

{four: Walking with my Honey: since the fireman and i moved we've been going on walks around town & down to the beach. this weekend the waves were amazing & the clouds were stunning.}

 {five: The newest addition to our world! An Espresso Maker! (aka. The DANGER ZONE): we may need a coffee intervention at our house ANY day now. what can i say, we like coffee... and now that we can make it any time (with crazy bedhead & in our undies) we are drinking A LOT of espresso these days!!! yup, that's right... undies.}

well, how was your weekend!? cozy & in or crazy & out???

music sunday...

January 22, 2012

ok, so if i was a real-life DJ... i'd probably loose my job. because when it comes to music (i truly love close to everything) but have my faves that i CAN NOT stop listening too. so i would definitely be one of those that play music out! so here we go!!! my favorite album right now is the NEW Florence + the Machine album. it's A-MAZING!!!! go here to just buy the whole damn thing. i did! her voice is killer and makes me want to go to church. she's kinda gospel, AMEN! Aaaaanway, check her out, buy her goods, and please ENJOY!

**check out more of my Florence posts here & here!

{Florence + the Machine "Shake it Out" TURN IT UP PEEPS! this song is meant to be listened to loud! ugh, it's SO good. And PS: i wonder what moisturizer she uses??! amazing skin, right???}

{Florence + the Machine "Shake it Out" YES here it is again. it's so good and sounds so pretty this way as well! i love this song, can you tell?}

{Florence + the Machine "No Light, No Light" she is really good live! the fireman & i went to her concert in LA over the summer... and it was kind of AMAZING! can I just say i dig her style to... this dress is right up my ally.}
{Florence + the Machine "Lover to Lover" man, if i could sing like that... the fireman wouldn't make fun of my current skills so much. i don't know WHAT he's talking about... in my head i sound REALLY GOOD ;) PS: that blouse is also AMAZING! dang, she's good.}

{Florence + the Machine "What the Water Gave Me" i hope you're a fan by now!}

have a fabulous cozy sunday!
i hope you enjoyed a little Florence this afternoon ;)

what i wore...

January 20, 2012

// photo's by the fashion gal //

YUP. that's a mini skirt you see... right smack in the middle of January!! look away all my east coast friends!! save yourself! or at least keep your eyes up top! i sincerely apologize for wearing such a thing when you guys are having such crummy cold weather. i'm sending good weather-karma your way!!! ;) but seriously (and not to brag) but man, that was a nice sunny day yesterday! i'm finally utilizing our new deck and ate my breakfast (yesterday) out in the morning sunshine! i hope these sunny days continue into the weekend ahead... even though we may get a little rain too! H A P P Y  F R I D A Y! wooowhoooooo!

*my little diddy (aka. my outfit): on warm winter days... i LOVE to throw on my favorite riding boots, some extra tall socks, a tunic, and a mini (skirt)! i like to layer up & shed it off as the day goes on. this sweater was just thin enough that i was comfortable all day long! if you like this look, you may enjoy this one too.
**want more WHAT I WORE's??? go here and check it out!

{the goods:}
forest green tunic: Zara // navy blue mini skirt: American Apparel // boots: Ivanka Trump (!) // stripe cardigan: Target(!) // fringe bag: Brandy Melville // sunnies: Ray-Ban // watch: Fossil // ball bracelet: JCrew // gold spike bracelet: Forever // garnet necklace: Bali, Indonesia (sorry!) // nail polish: Revlon (Tropical Temptation... sounds pretty fab, right!?!)

alrighty peeps, HAPPY FRIDAY, peace out!!! 
xo, the gal

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