May 31, 2012

if i was to dream up the perfect kitchen to cook in, a menu that could make any mouth water, & an outfit that is sweet as can be... then i would make my rustic lunch a day worth dreaming about! and THIS is what my {little} daydream would look like...

i would...
kitchen via // pizza via // lace top via

do your daydreams look like mine???

up up and... away!

May 30, 2012

01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07          .          01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07 

today the fireman, charlie & i are jetting off for a little vacathat's right... we're bringing the pup on a plane today ((for her second flight ever... hopefully she's a pro... fingers crossed!)) and are heading to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the a little down time!!! why Wyoming you ask??? well it has been on our long travel to-do list {right up there with Montana & Morracco} and had the chance to stay at a fabulous-family-friends-(vacant)-vacation-home! so..... Wyoming here we come! yahoooooo!
i hope i see a deer.

if i could only bring ONE thing on a plane ride...
it would probably be........ a scarf!

what would yours be???

5 things: MEMORIAL DAY

May 29, 2012

{one: the fireman, the frenchie, & i at a Memorial Day BBQ}

i love a weekend that starts with a coffee, walk, & my favorite breakfast spot... and ends with wine, a killer sunset, and a BBQ ((with family & friends)). this was a weekend that i wish never had to end. we kicked off summer 2012 just right... with good old corn-on-the-cobs & ice cold beers! YUM. i also found a little free time to arrange the fresh flowers that i picked up from the Farmers Market earlier this week. so all-in-all... this weekend was a hit. 

*check out more 5 things... here
{two: dahlia's from the Farmer's Market}
{three: light beer + fresh orange}
{four: a family BBQ.}
{five: our flag}

how was your three day weekend???

music sunday...

May 27, 2012

/  /  cozy bed via  /  /

gooooood morning! ((yawn.)) tell me, is there anything better then waking up on a cozy Sunday morning, opening all your bedroom windows, and listening to a little music as you crawl back into bed??? well, i may be alone on this one... but to me that sounds like the start to a perfect Sunday. if you're with me, here are a couple tunes for you to listen to... all curled up in bed!

{Radical Face "Welcome Home" great song.}

{The XX "Intro" i could play this on repeat all day long.}

{Passion Pit "Swimming in the Flood" another good one right???}

if you'd like to lay in bed & listen a little bit longer
... then here are more Music Sundays for ya.

HAPPY friday!

May 25, 2012

/ / killer bike via & photo via / /

we made it!!! another great week behind us... and a fabulous-fun-fulfilled weekend ahead! ((a THREE DAY weekend i might add!)) wooowhoo! what are your big plans this weekend? i plan on spending some quality time outside {hopefully in the sun... come on sun!} & i'll also be celebrating a wonderful girlfriend of mine at her 1-day bachelorette party this sunday. remember this post... those shorts with a white tank would be perfect for this day-time-party! 

since Memorial Day always feels like the first day of summer to me,
i've attached a bunch of summer inspired links below... 

these BIKINI Body Snacks look delsih!

i am in love with this idea... OMBRE balloons. simple & creative.

these Michael Kors wedges are PERFECT for summer.

yes, these DO look like the most delicious popsicles in the world! i agree!

a great place for a fresh summer salad in the South Bay {just north of LAX} is THIS place!

NEED these... too bad they don't have my size. ((sad face))

this looks like summer on a piece of TOAST.

i just stumbled upon this BLOGGER... i adore her blog & this dress.

what a fabulous summer COCKTAIL... yum!

i could wear this all MEMORIAL day weekend.

ps: did anyone catch the American Idol finally??
what do you think about the results?

bright lipstick... do or don't?

May 24, 2012

/ neon red via /

i say do do do! on those days were you can't imagine wearing anything but cozy boyfriend jeans and your favorite worn-in-tshirt ((you've had since college))... just throw some of this bright stuff on and call it a day! oh, and maybe some killer shoes too... just sayin. i understand the feeling of "i may look like a street walker right now" but you don't! just make sure to dress down those bright lips with some cool basics and you should be fine! 

bright fuschia via
coral via
pretty pink via
the perfect red via

what do YOU think???
do or don't?

what i wore...

May 23, 2012

/ / / / photo's by the fashion gal... taken by the fireman / / / /

the weather in LA has been great this week! so good that the fireman & i have been either BBQ-ing on our deck or walking to dinner ever night. so this sheer little mint green number is the perfect outfit for a pre-summer date night... or at least i think so! this skirt AND top are both from H&M... i have been cleaning up there this Spring! they have every trend I am loving and all for such a great price. it's all about mixing n' matching your old ((my jean jacket)) & new ((my mint mini skirt)) and your inexpensive goodies ((my Payless sandals)) with your core staples ((my YSL bag))! here is what i wore...

{the goods:}
skirt: H&M // bag: YSL // sheer tank: H&M // 
bra: Cosa Bella // jacket: vintage // sandals: Payless (!!!)

what's your go-to date night outfit???

TUESDAY-HOW-TO: chair recover

May 22, 2012

/ / photo's + DIY by the fashion gal / /

today's TUESDAY-HOW-TO is all about taking something old {& funky} and making it new... and super bright! i picked these little gems up down the street from my house... on the street corner... with a FREE sign on them! yup, free! the fireman is ((now)) definitely used to me walking into the house with a new crazy project... so this was just another one of those crafts on my {on-going} project-list. without further adue, check out HOW-TO recover {funky} old chair cushions!

**the first step is to repaint the chairs. i went with a simple white paint. i thought white iron chairs with bright colorful cushions would look great on our deck for the summer ahead!

cut your fabric about 2.5" wider then your seat cushion.
use your first piece of fabric as a guide to cut your second piece ((this is if you have 2 chairs)).
start folding your fabric up and around the bottom of your chair. staple about 1" apart.
gather your fabric on the corner {like your wrapping a gift} and then staple.
feel free to cut your excess fabric & hammer in any loose staples.
and voila!
your chairs are ready for a summer brunch!
charlie claimed her chair right away.

do you have any funky old chairs you could recover in something bright for the summer?!
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May 21, 2012

/ / / Trilogy Nail Salon (aka) Zenka Nails MB / / /
Manhattan Beach, CA

when i'm looking to treat myself to a little mani-pedi i usually like to try new places that have a combo of trendy polish colors ((with high-quality polishes)), good customer service, and most importantly a killer foot massage. so when i tried out the nail salon {Zenka Nails} inside the Trilogy Spa in Manhattan Beach, i left so happy & super excited about my newest nail trends! Gel Polish + Minx!! i've heard about these cool nail trends but hadn't found a place in the South Bay that offered both techniques. in fact, i'm pretty sure Zenka Nails are the only peeps in the South Bay that do Minx! so check out my newest trend-obsessions!

*check out more about this Gelish Gel nail polish.
*and if your curious about Minx go here

if you live in the South Bay or are visiting Los Angeles any time soon... 
go here for some more LOCAL LOVE shout-outs!

gals gone wild.

May 18, 2012

this weekend a bunch of us gals are heading out to San Diego to celebrate one of my besties for her Bachelorette Party Weekend! woowhooo, mama's gonna party! so i put together a little recap of what the inside of my suitcase is looking like. i hope you all have a fabulous weekend and hopefully will have a little sunshine too! 
happy friday!

get the goods...

pool side: hat // bikini // bracelet // bag // sandals
ladies lunch: shirt // shorts // watch // ring // sandals
boogie night: dress // necklace // clutch // watch // gold // black // friendship bracelet // shoes

do you have any funny Bachelorette Party stories?
((i'd LOVE to hear them!))


May 17, 2012

photo's & cake by the fashion gal.

i am no baker, but i do think i've mastered the trick to a good cake. good frosting. this was my first time using white food coloring on my buttercream frosting, since buttercream can usually be slightly yellow ((like butter color)), this food coloring makes it a perfectly pretty white! this birthday cake also had a colorful surprise inside... this was my first attempt at a yellow, pink, & orange swirled cake! my inspiration for this color swirled cake was from this killer baker Created by Diane.  

*PS: I picked up this white food coloring at Michael's... and this stuff works!
*side note: i used two boxes of my favorite vanilla bean cake mix. 
*buttercream recipe here.
divide your cake mix into separate bowls... then add food coloring.
**best kept secret ever: add your white food coloring to your buttercream frosting and your frosting will be bright white and super chic!
 add frosting & fresh strawberries in between your two cake layers... yum!
unfortunately, this cake was cut & finished so quickly i didn't have time to snap a photo of the inside. (big sad face). it looked great though... with colorful swirls with that tasted pretty good too.

do YOU have a killer frosting that blows your family & friends away???
 i would LOVE to know! seriously. please share! 
((recipes are always better shared, right?!))

i like YELLOW.

May 16, 2012

/ / / best pop of yellow i've ever seen! / / /

what's your favorite color??? mine is usually green {all the way}, but lately i can't get enough yellow! anywhere from mustard to canary... this color has just been calling my name. yellow isn't the easiest color to wear... SO, i've been wearing it as my accessories, in a stripe, and it's all over my home! well at least in these pillows ((& my on my rug)). one of my favorite tee's {right now} is even yellow! it's a white & yellow striped boat neck from good ole J Crew. now i'm not strictly 100% monogamous with this uber-bright color... i still have a very special place for my greens. like mint green to be exact. 
remember this post??? minty perfection.

*here's a few yellow things i love & want! gimmi gimmi.
silver beaded necklace via

fabulous yellow trousers via
neon yellow + silver necklace via
the prettiest yellow sandals via
bright yellow top via

yellow printed pillows via

i need this yellow dress, via

want more??? ok! here are a few more yellow things i am ((slightly)) in-love with
these ballet flats, this lace bralette, or this gold tassel bracelet!

what's your favorite spring color?

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