HAPPY friday!

March 30, 2012

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happy friday peeps! i hope you had a semi stressless week and {hopefully} made a couple fun plans for the weekend ahead! if not, no biggy... sometime no plans are just the best! our "no plans" weekend has quickly turned into a super-fabulous getaway overnight! the fireman, the Frenchie, and i are hoping {& praying} to find a condo to rent in Palm Springs this weekend!! a little family getaway here we come! even though i love a cozy weekend at home, i am really excited for our spontaneous {little} getaway! so whether your skipping town or nesting in... i hope you have a fan-tabulous weekend filled with sunshine, cosmos, and maybe a little spontaneity too!

to kick off your weekend
here's a couple links to get the day dreaming started... 

- - what do you think of these FUNKY jello Easter eggs? killer cool or kinda weird??

- - i need {and i mean, need} these PUPS in my life. best shoe color ever!

- - attention all bloggers... if you ever have a "giveaway" pick me! ((i promise i won't tell anyone it was rigged)) wish i would have won THESE bad boys! boo-whooo sad face.
- - umm, yummmm how good does this PIZZA look?!

- - this ETSY shop makes me want to throw a party!

- - i would love to have this DRESS to wear to dinner in Palm Springs!

- - i would love to SPAY PAINT my old funky frames & turn them into cool cork boards like these!
 - {and last but not least} want to see the BEST YouTube video ever??? you will love it! i promise.

xo, the gal!


March 29, 2012

with fingers crossed that this weekend will be warm & sunny i am ready to sport my new minty-green tank top that i scored last week! i think out of all the trends for Spring this burst of mint flavor has to be my ultimate fave. this soft pastel-y green actually looks pretty great just about anywhere you put it! from a funky green leather backpack to a pair of cool hipster jeans, mint green seems to be the new black! YUP, you heard it here first folks! MINT is absolutely the new black... well, at least for now!

**since we're on the subject of this powder-y perfect hue of green... i wanted to share a delicious recipe for the original mint itself, MINT CHIP ice cream! ((for the recipe go here!))

get minty & fresh........ backpack: Asos // watch: Asos (out of stock) // jeans: Current Elliot // platforms: Bloomingdales // clutch: Asos // oxford's: Top Shop // weekend bag: via pinterest ((if you know what brand it is, please let me know. i love it!)) // light fixture: Barn Light Electric // domino book: Anthropologie // hair clip: Top Shop // jean shorts: H&M

QUESTION: WHO do you think makes the best mint chip ice cream???
1. 31 Flavors
2. Thrify's
3. Ben & Jerry's
4. Handle's

**my vote: Thrifty's ((for sure!))

contrasting RING FINGERS.

March 28, 2012

/////////// top 2 photo's by the fashion gal ////////////

ok now let's talk nail color! yesterday i took a little {much needed} time to get my nails did... yes sir it did! it seems like forever since i splurged for the good old spa chair & foot soak. so when it was time to choose my color i knew i wanted to go with the ever-so-cool trend of contrasting ring fingers! i love this trend but feel like it can look a little too Katy Perry if done with too many contrasting brights. hey, Katy Perry is great... i'm just not 16. so i went with a pastel lavender & a subtle nude!! and i am loving the final product! i know i know, sounds kinda boring, but trust me... in person they look pretty great!

**check out my OPI polish colors below. . . . . . . . .

fabulous nail inspiration via ((top left clockwise)) 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

**little local nail salon shout out: my mom recently discovered the fabulous new nail place in Redondo Beach that i finally checked out! she has ranted and raved about how great this place is... so i HAD to try it! the owner (Hoai) rents a mani/pedi chair in a trendy hair salon and is the sole nail technician.... and she is a-mazing! she had me soak my hands and feet in a warm bath of lemon & orange slices! it was so relaxing i could have fallen asleep. she was thorough, professional, and super up-to-date on all the newest nail trends... hence i got the contrasting ring fingers! anyway, it was the best mani/pedi i've had in years! if you live in Redondo Beach {CA} Hoai's number is 310.753.4117.

have a happy humpday!
aka. {wednesday}

TUESDAY-HOW-TO: frosting cupcakes

March 27, 2012

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hello Tuesday! remember {this} post where had our first "Tuesday HOW-TO"??! well today's lovely how-to is all about that sugary sweet dessert we all know and love........ we're talking cupcakes people! and with Spring in the air and Easter around the corner, i figured it's the perfect time to learn how-to properly frost a cupcake. like, really frost. so i found a few fabulous tutorial's that can help us become the pastry chef us cupcake connoisseurs always wanted to be! yay!

**make sure to check out each of the video's below... there are some really great tips in each one! enjoy!

FROSTING TIPS: (Left to Right)  Large round tip, Open star (Wilton 1M), Closed star (Wilton 2D), French tip {photo via}

{ great tip on how to fill your piping bag! i love the rose frosting too! }

{ this seems like a technique that would be fun to try and master. }

{ now these puppies look like the perfect little treat for Easter Sunday! i might have to try out this recipe too! }

{ Man, she's good. }

what do you think... are you going to try and whip together some frosting-skills before Easter sneaks up on us??? it could just be the perfect little treat to wow your family with on Easter Sunday!

what i wore...

March 26, 2012

/////////////// photo's by the fashion gal ///////////////

yesterday {in LA} we finally got a good little taste of some rain! woowhooo! ((i LOVE the rain... and always have.)) there's nothing like having a cool rainy day (off of work) to just get all cozy n' warm inside. the fireman, charlie {our pup} and i did that exact thing yesterday! when the fireman got home from work in the late morning, we hibernated in our mini palace listening to music & catching up on a little DVR until we had to peel ourselves off our comfy couch and head over to my family's house for dinner. and with a teeny bit of red wine and some warm Italian food later, it was literally the perfect rainy day in. 

*for more fun little diddy's {more outfit's/ what i wore's} go here, and enjoy!

{the goods:}
coat: H&M // stripe tights: JCREW // rainboots: Hunter // plaid scarf: homemade // brass brooches: vintage // lipstick: MAC (girl about town)

ps: i was wearing a black sweater tunic under my teal coat. 
i'm not a flasher, i promise.

music sunday...

March 25, 2012

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happy-super-cozy-sunday! i guess today's {rainy} Music Sunday is all about bad-ass red heads that sound fabulous live! seems like a normal kinda theme, right??! well here are just a few tunes i've been listening too lately. in fact, when these puppies are randomly played on my Pandora... i kinda feel like it's my lucky day. you know that feeling?? ok, maybe it's just me ;) anyway, have a cozy sunday! ((PS: today it's raining in LA....... and i LOVE IT!!))

***check out MORE Music Sunday's heeeeeere!

{ Regina Spektor "Eet" (live in London) i think this song is just grrrr-ate! i'm loving her lipstick + top here too! }

{ Florence + The Machine "Shake it off" (line on SNL) if you've ever tuned into a "music sunday" you may have picked up on the fact that i ADORE Florence + The Machine! i think she. is. fabulous. love! }

{ Ingrid Michaelson "You + I" such a sweet song. if you haven't heard the original version, itunes it! and if you want to click through... they actually start singing at 4:45 mins. i just thought this video was pretty funny! i love cookies too! Ingrid Michaelson, a comedian AND a singer! who knew!? }

do love rainy days too???


March 23, 2012

/////// 1 /////// 2 /////// 3 /////// 4.

happy spring peeps! ((i heard it's official.)) now, weather we're FALLING BACK or SPRINGING FORWARD each new season brings a little buzz along with it! don't you agree? you essentially get a fresh new start at the turn of every season. weather it's changing your look or creating new eating habits, you have the choice to make a little change at the start of each new season! so HAPPPPPPY SPRING! ((like, "Happpppy New Year!" but Spring.)) anyway, these are a few reasons why i love spring. a-ring-a-ding-ding!

ONE: once i've been in boots & tennies for all of Fall & Winter, i am SO ready to slip on a pair of springy sandals. yes, sir i am! these, these or these would do JUST FINE!

TWO: i'm a Spring n' Summer cookin-kinda-gal! i like to BBQ outdoors and throw together a fresh healthy salad! AND let's face it... good food bring good people together. so this is my kind of party! (what a great idea for a warm springy night, right??)

THREE: i also enjoy the idea of updating your home for the bright new season. maybe changing out your throw pillows to something a little brighter (these are pretty fab) or even updating your year round wreath to look something like this (i like  the bright yellow yarn idea).

FOUR: the colors! let's just say NEON.......... is kinda trending right now. and guess what????? i like it. of course! here is a great example of HOW-TO pull of this funky bright trend. ps: i'm kinda loving pastels too. here's another great HOW-TO example.

do you have the same feeling about this fresh new start???
well, if you don't... i hope you do now!

H A P P Y   F R I D A Y! (yay!)

H&M... going green?

March 22, 2012

/////// H&M photo's via ///////

H&M going green huh? YUP, you heard right! those heavy hitters are getting with the times! H&M is launching an eco-friendly collection this Spring! the Swedish retailer that we all know AND LOVE has created a line of chic dresses {and one killer blue suit} that is made from materials like hemp, recycled polyester, and organic cotton. the silhouettes are bright & slightly structured and right on trend!! now is H&M pulling the GREEN-CARD because they have an eco-conscious head on their shoulders(???)... or do these smarty-pants just want to create a little buzzzzzzz?! either way, i'm in! i adore the bright springy color palate and would love to own one of these sweet silhouettes! 

**this uber-exclusive collection will hit only 100 stores and will be live {online & in stores} April, 12th! is this going to be a Missoni for Target ROUND TWO????? i'm predicting, yes.

///////////////// LOVE THIS blue SUIT. /////////////////

 ///////////////// LOVE this too. /////////////////
// of course our lovely celebrity friends got to wear these funky goods first. damn them (wink-wink) //

what do ya think?? are you hopping on this fashion bandwagon???

what i wore...

March 21, 2012

/////////// photo's by the fashion gal ///////////

yesterday ((in LA)) it was bright n' sunny with an oh-so-slight chill in the air! so i threw on one of my favorite cardigans and a pair of my go-to skinny jeans, until i took one look in the mirror and thought... we really need to spice this up! so off with the skinnies and on with my high-waisted mini! AND instead of wearing my cardigan as a regular old sweater, i paired it with a sexy black bralette, tucked it into my skirt, and wore it as a top! i was warm, slightly sassy, and super comfy! AND the fireman like this little diddy too!

**remember when i wore this skirt in coral?? i loved it so much i had to buy this mini in black too! 
***if you want in on this mini trend... go here and pick up your favorite color, or two!!!

{the goods:}
stripe sweater: Target! // black lace bralette: Cosa Bella // black tulip skirt: H&M // turquoise rings: (left) a hand-me-down from my mom, (center) Mexico, (right) was my grandma's // sunnies: Olympic Optics // wedges: Dolce Vita // necklaces: vintage // bag: melle bianco

what have you been wearing on those kinda-cool-but-warm days???

5 things: home

March 20, 2012

 // one: Jewelry Organizer- i scored this vintage drawer at the flea market last month and had actually been looking for something to organize my costume jewelry. plus i LOVE the green handle! photo's by the fashion gal //

today's "5 things" are a few little things around my home ((& in my closet)) that have been bringing a smile to my face. from simple bright n' springy colors... to a killer brass bell that comes with tons of family memories. sometimes it's just little things that can brighten up your home... and make your day!
**do you organize your jewelry in any weird & crafty way??? i'd love to hear all about it!
***for more FIVE-THINGS go here!

///// two: Brights- with Spring around the corner i've been playing with some bright-new-wardrobe-combos. that is, until Charlie jumped up at started playing with the hangers. she's kinda cute, right?! /////
///// three: Rose Gold Spike Earrings- I love these bad boys! they were gifted to me by Haute Betts. make sure to check these peeps out! their bracelets are pretty awesome too! /////
///// four: Juicing- this concoction is carrot, kale, celery, cucumber, orange and apple. And it was DELISH! i've also been trying to give myself 5 minutes to sit down, enjoy my juice, and catch up on my magazines. /////
///// five: Brass Cow Bell- i've been looking for the perfect accessory for our hall wall since the fireman and i moved into our new place. and this fabulous hand-me-down {from my mom} was just the right thing. it has been in our family for years and brings back such great memories every time i walk by it. /////

what FIVE THINGS are making your day a little brighter these days?!


March 19, 2012

///////////// photo's by the fashion gal /////////////

question. how is it monday already??! over the weekend i got to spend some much-needed quality time with an extra special girlfriend of mine. one of my super #1's!! which is always great because we can just pick up where we last left off and just SPEND TIME. so little Miss. Charlie {my French Bulldog} and i made our way to ((not-so-sunny)) San Diego this past weekend... while the fireman flew off to Cabo for a raging bachelor party! so, a girls-weekend-it-was! and since i haven't visited my gal in way too long, she had some killer new home-improvements to show me... all while drinking a little of the bubbly, of course! SO... here are a couple of her amazing new HOME updates that her & her hubby did together!!! 

*a little back story about these two love-birds... they were high school sweethearts & have been together for almost 100 years!! crazy right!? especially since they only 29 & 31! (wink-wink) they have a beautiful baby boy named Luke who is 10 months old and loves to show his brand new teeth, AND cuddle with his aunties! and these three live a great place that hopefully they'll have me back to very soon. (hint-hint!)
**wait to see the KILLER wood panel wall below (last photo's)... my friends hubby & his friend (got that?) made this wall ALL by themselves. it's rad. you'll see. 

 the perfect picture wall. this wall is perfectly balance with white/black frames, big/little frames, round/square frames, and has the perfect pop of gold frames! i love the "H" too.
 the gold frames. they work as the perfect pop of shine! i also love the photos of quotes "magic is something you make", mixed with the landscape pictures, and then mixed with lovely personal photos.
 the round frames. i think adding a couple round ((circle or oval)) frames into your mix of square and rectangle frames gives the wall a little more interest. didn't they do a great job!?
 ***let's talk about THIS chair-pillow-combo! i love love LOVE IT!!!! two words, Vintage & Metallic. perfect-o!
the wood-panel-wall. how awesome is this wall?? my girlfriend's hubby made this wall from recycled wood. he kept all the original wood color & nails! he said this rustic wall cost him under $30!! CA-RA-ZY!
***i love the stainless steel & glass picture frames they chose too!! the perfect contrast! (ps: that's Luke!)
great job Mel & Jer! you guys killed it in the interior decorating and weekend hostessing departments! bravo!

wouldn't this wall rustic wood wall make a cool bed headboard?!
now my wheels are spinning!

music sunday...

March 18, 2012

 // i like this band. Of Monsters & Men. and i kinda like this pic too. happy sunday! //

happy sleepy sunny {but kinda rainy} sunday! today i'm listening to a band that one of my closest gals turned me onto. you may or may not have heard of them.... they're called Of Monsters & Men. ((and)) i think they're pretty good! i LOVE the girls voice too. hope you're having a great SUNDAY!

{ Of Monsters & Men "Little Talks" i'm pretty sure this song may sound a little familiar. }

{ Of Monsters & Men "Six Weeks" you like? }

{ Of Monsters & Men "Yellow Light" her voice is rad, right!? }

check out more of these guys {{and gal}} songs! oh, go here.
 enjoy! xo's.

HAPPY friday!

March 16, 2012

/////// photo via /////// 

what a little week! we were busy bee's over here in Redondo Beach, California... and this weekend isn't slowing down! we will be all over the place visiting friends, attending a big birthday bash {my girlfriend's babe is turning 1!}, and hopefully squeezing in a green beer ((or two)) on St. Patty's Day! i know i know, we're suppose to be good this week and juicing our buns off (remember here?)..... BUT it's St. Patty's Day!! {and mama forgot about this fabulous Irish holiday!}... or we wouldn't have started a mini-cleanse THIS week. oh well! by the way, the juicing thing has been great! i feel good! energetic & kinda light! that may explain all the [!!!!!!!!!] today, right?! well, i hope you ALL have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND and find a little time to just sit-back-and-relax. and if you have a little break, check out some of these fab links i've listed below........

check. these. puppies {links}. out
... cheers!

to me, THIS is the perfect St. Patrick's Day outfit! simple... and ready to party.

these short-shorts {@ Oh Joy!} make me SO excited for spring n' summer!

delicious white PEACH & sparkling wine cocktail {aka. a Bellini!}, ummm YUM!

these GREEN mint chocolate chip cookies look like the perfect St. Patty's treat.

i think these funky GOLD rings are pretty cool.

these colorful nails would be all the green you need for ST. PATTY'S DAY!

a place {by home} that we have been CRAVING like crazy since we started juicing.

the first COLLAR i've really liked since the collar-trend started. oh Cupcakes ya did it again!

i love this DRESS & need to find out where it's from!

i think these plaid BALLET flats are perfect for Spring!

this green-velvet CAKE or this MINT chocolate cake could be pretty deeelsih for good ole St. Patty's day!

have a safe, fun, AND fabulous weekend!!!

the LOVE BOAT...

March 15, 2012

// photo's via // 

let's talk LUXURY baby! if i could sneak away with the fireman to do nothing but just relax... this {little} LOVE BOAT may be at the top of my list! this 5-star floating hotel is called Aria and cruises along the Amazon River {in Peru} in style!! it was designed by architect Jordi Puig and was built to offer all the amenities that a 5-star hotel would, on land. this ship accommodates only 32 guests with 16 suits, a fine dinning room, an outdoor jacuzzi and lounge area, an exercise room, all with cabins that face the water with larger panoramic views... not too shabby right!? i'm not a big cruiser-person, but i think i could manage on this boat! 

***how great would it be to rent this puppy out with your closest 30 friends?? now, THAT would be a party!! right!?

**for more info on this luxurious love boat, go here!

sometimes you just have to daydream a little!
happy thursday~


March 14, 2012

/////// photo's by the fashion gal ///////

one of my favorite things about moving into a new place is re-decorating! even if the re-decorating has to be done on a budget. i like making over my home like i would my wardrobe... by giving your older pieces a new life with little touches of color & texture. and when you have a {slightly} smaller budget that's when the creative wheels really have to start spinning! believe me, i think it would be fabulous to have a truck load of money to spend on a little home-make-over, but i do think it's pretty fun this way too! so here are my funky NAPKIN PILLOWS that instantly gave my couch the mini face-lift it was waiting for!

**these funky FABRIC NAPKINS are from West Elm. i wanted to make two fun pillows so i bought 4 napkins (on sale at West Elm) & 2 pillows from Ikea. my total cost was $13 per pillow... which added up to $26 for both pillows! and in the home furnishings world, that's a DEAL!

ok, let's get started!
... and when you get tired of these prints, just flip them around and you have two cool contrasting prints on the other side! not too shabby right?!

where do you like to shop for pillows?

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