sunday (such a) funday...

July 31, 2011

i hope you had a wonderful sunday-funday!

{manhattan beach summer sunset}

what i wore...

July 30, 2011

i love me some loose tee's & little mini's!

mini: forever
sweater: vintage
sandals: sam edelman
sunnies: ray-ban
necklaces: vintage chains & my ring necklace (by me)
bracelets: pearl "bali" bracelets (by me)
bag: bought at a funky little shop in cabo san lucas

missing bali...

July 29, 2011

there are some places in the world that can take your breath away… whether it is a special spot around the corner from your home… or even somewhere you have only visited once before. it's a place that makes your heart feel full. to me this place is bali. when the fireman and I started dating (three years ago) we went to bali for three weeks after being together for only three months. we have been one more time since, and needless to say, after getting my first taste of this true paradise... I have been hooked ever since!

here is our bali story in pictures...
{desa seni resort... aka: my little wonderland}

{loving the bali lifestyle}

{daily offerings are a balinese tradition}

{ready to ride!!}

{a m a z i n g   s u n s e t s}

{shopping in a open-air market in ubud}

{ubud rice paddies}

{an underground house in nusa lembongan}

{the elephants!}

{we rode through the rainy rainforest}

{the monkeys!}

{these monkey's were nuts... it still makes me laugh}

{what he loves most about bali}

{he surfed until they saw a tiger shark}

{our trendy biker-goggles.. they were $1}

what I love (& miss) most about this crazy-amazing place is…

the wonderful indonesian people. the calm peaceful days. the wide-open beaches. the mango smoothes. the life-changing banana pancakes. the open-air markets. the hand-woven textiles. the crazy monkeys. the warm sun. the lush green rice paddies. the bali sunsets. the calm yoga practice. the amazing surf. the Javanese furniture. the hand-carved wood doors. the yummy organic produce. the bintang beers. the indo lifestyle. the lovely hospitality. the warm ocean water. the little secret beaches. and let’s face it… I could go on forever!

this is a great time of year to visit bali… and since a few of our friends are getting packed for their annual trip… we are reminiscing about our past bali vacations... and wishing we could just jump into their suitcases and go with! until next time :)

we love coffee.

July 28, 2011

// photo by the fashion gal //

I love coffee. I’m one of those kinda gals that not only loves the bitter strong taste of coffee, but I also love enjoying a cup on the go as my morning ritual. I’m not proud… but I am at the Pete’s Coffee in manhattan beach every morning to grab my cup of joe. I love seeing those familiar friendly faces as I jumpstart my day... it’s kinda like the show Cheers where “everybody knows your name”… and I love it! But coffee can never taste better than drinking it out of a  R E A L  porcelain cup… especially if it’s oversized and you need to hold it with two hands. I know I must sound like a coffee weirdo… but I’ve had an appreciation for the stuff since I was a young buck. Whenever the german side of my family visited from germany, we would always have “coffee clutch”. This was a social hour where we would sip on coffee (us kids would toast our milk, like it was coffee) and would snack on cookies as a wonderful afternoon break. I really need to bring this tradition back into my little world… cookies, coffee, and friends… what sounds better?! If you ever have time for a little coffee clutch in your life, you HAVE to try my two favorite stops… Caffe Luxxe (montana ave, santa monica) and/or Intelligensia (abbot kinney, venice beach)… but keep in mind a home-made coffee clutch is always the best.

PS: the fire man likes his coffee black (plain & simple)... and I like my lattes. I love that about him.
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