a little getaway...

November 30, 2011

// chicago here we come! photo's via //

i am too excited! the fireman and i are leaving for Chicago tomorrow!!! yippppy! our birthday{s} are two weeks apart, so we try and take a little trip (just the two of us) to celebrate! with Christmas right around the corner we attempt to not do birthday gifts... but it actually never seems to work. remember what i got him?! those a-ma-zing Red Wing boots! which {i'm hoping} will be perfect for the cold Chicago weather. AND he already gave me my gift (!)... a new point & shoot camera to always have on me... ya know, in case of an emergency photo-montage!! duh! both are great gifts for our chilly but adventurous trip to Chi-Town! whoop whoop! NOW... if i could only finish our packing!!! oh yeah that's right, i pack for the fireman too. lucky guy! so here is how to pack for a vacation... at least a little system that works for me!

collage via

i have all the items {checked in pink} packed... now i just need to help out with our restaurant eating & yummy beer drinking to-do list! the fireman already has the wishlist started (yay!). i know it may sound a tad bit glutinous, but those are the only two things on our Chicago to-do list! oh, and to relax! eat, drink, & relax! 
{i can't wait!}

what i wore...

November 29, 2011

// photo's by the fashion gal //

hello again! so yesterday i had to run around town and shop for a fabulous client of mine! the personal shopping/wardrobe styling buiz really fills up my days during the busy holidays season. so i wanted to wear something that was comfy, a little trendy, and a bright color that would make me cheerful all day long! so i chose this lovely cropped blouse with an oh-so trendy self-tie all in my favorite color greeeeeeen! and to top it all off... a pair of leopard peep-toe flats and a chunky pewter rhinestone necklace tucked under my fun little self-tie.

*check out more "what i wore's" here!

a lovely blouse & a little bling.

{the goods:}
top: an old fave from a million years ago // skinnies: Target! // belt: Calleen Cordero // bag: Bally // sunnies: Ray-Ban // chunky necklace: Ann Taylor // double-finger ring: a funky boutique // cocktail ring: Bali, like Indonesia! // leopard flats: Steve Madden

have you embraced the leopard craze??? i sure have! meeeeeaow!

holiday {kick-off} party...

November 28, 2011

// photo's & jewelry by the fashion gal //

what better way to kick-off the holidays then with a {fabulous} party with your uber-fabulous friends! over the weekend my good friend Meagan hosted a Holiday Art (jewelry + home decor) Open House Party! wow that's a mouth-full... i guess i'm not really sure what the party was called exactly, but boy was it fun, fun, fun! we had wine for days, the perfect combo of salty & sweet snacks, and some festive home decor AND my very own hand-made jewelry! i was so flattered when my gal Meagan asked for me to show my jewels, but was even more flattered when my friends (and a few new friends) started to buy them! they seemed to really dig the stuff too(!!). this was no Black Friday at Walmart situation, but the party-peeps were definitely swarming my little jewelry table. so i'd have to say this fun party was not only a great time to catch up with girlfriends for the (pre)holidays, but was also a total success for my little jewelry world too!

*well it's official! you can NOW find my jewelry on Etsy {just click here}! more to be up soon. yippy(!)
**so how was your weekend?? were you in a food coma for most of it or did you already jump on the holiday band-wagon!? AND did any of you shop the Black Friday Sales? any crazy stories to share?? i'd love to hear them!

a Holiday ART {jewelry + home decor} open house PARTY!!
{jewelry made by me... and home decor by Lindsey MacDonald}
{these puppies are my ultimate go-to-bracelets! i think i've worn them in almost every "what i wore". the perfect layering piece! they were also my first GIVEAWAY on my blog. the pearls are from my last trip to Bali (see here) and i swear the more you wear them, the pearls actual shine brighter because the oil in you skin essentially polishes them!}

{here are a few of my home-made necklace's!  i brought about 20 pieces and came home with only 3!!! right now i only have a couple pieces on my Etsy account... click here and let me know what you think!}

{i sold a pretty assortment of vintage costume jewelry as well... it was all sold out with in the first 30 mins!}

{left: Kelly has killer style and i was so excited she loved my jewelry! right: our AMAZING hostess... shopping of course!}

{check out more of the fabulous home decor (that she sells) on Lindsey's Etsy! she has some great stuff peeps!}

{calories!? what are those??? it's the holidays!!! wink-wink!}

{these are the best crunchy crackers from Whole Foods... super delish with soft cheese, like Brie!}

{i have no words... these frosting coated pretzel thingies made my NIGHT! Trader Joe's. yum yum yum, i'm serious.}

i hope you all have a wonderful week! PS: has anyone started their Christmas Shopping yet? if you missed Friday's post (due to a severe food-coma) check it out here... great gift ideas for men!

click me for a good time... or just for some jewelry! ;)

MAN-GIFT cheat sheet...

November 25, 2011

// happy birthday to my Fireman!!! like the fireman from a Fashion Gal & a Fireman, silly! //

i just want to wish my beloved a HAPPY birthday! Happy Birthday Fireman!!! i love celebrating his birthday, because he's the simple guy that will never ask for a thing for his birthday and that makes me want to spoil him even more! (i mean, i never as for anything either... but i can sure drop a hint!!) anyway, i may have given him his birthday gift early {as you may have read in this post}. so, are you still curious what the big guy got?? welp! i got him a pair of beeeeeautiful Red Wing boots (The Beckman's) that he's wanted his entire life! these puppies can be a bit expensive, so he never pulled the trigger on a pair in the past... so i surprised him and man, were they worth it! the fireman LOVES his new boots and can't wait to test them out in the cold weather next week when we go to Chicago!!! {check out the #1 photo below... those are them!} anyway, here is my little MAN-GIFT cheat-sheet if you're looking for the perfect birthday OR Christmas gift for your man... or the men in your world. YUP! it's that time again!

*check out more "MAN-STUFF" here or on the left index under "man stuff"... remember that one post about Men's FALL FASHION? if you missed it, check it our here!

the perfect Birthday or Christmas gifts for guys:
{a little disclaimer: the fireman & my electrical contractor brother helped me with this list! so it's got the MAN-stamp of approval!}

1. Red Wing Boots // 2. A Nice Watch (Fossil or Nixon are great watches and are still in the $100-$250 price range) // 3. A Good Meal... tonight I'm taking the fireman to Animal (an amazing restaurant in LA that specializes in ALL different kinds of meat) his dream restaurant! // 4. Tools (Milwaukee- Cordless Drill) // 5. Steak Knives // 6. Ugg Slippers // 7. A Magazine Subscription (Surfer's Journal & Men's Health) // 8. An Iron Skillet // 9. The Art of Shaving- Shaving Supplies (the fireman got this a couple years back from me... i think for Christmas!?)

PS: i am still full! how was your thanksgiving? got any leftovers??

happy {happy} thanksgiving!

November 24, 2011

// woowhoo let's eat! //

happy Thanksgiving peeps!!! AND happy 1st birthday to my very 1st nephew Kasen! {your auntie loves you!} so, this is my favorite holiday {by far} for SO many reason's! want my little list why?? well ok, here it is...
5 reasons why i LOVE thanksgiving: 
1. it's a warm & cozy holiday {like Christmas} but without all the gifts! just time well spent with family and friends! 
2. the FOOD. my mouth is watering just thinking about the meal i'm about to eat! my family celebrates the colder holidays with 50% traditional German food (red cabbage & dumplings) & 50% American food (mashed potatoes & turkey). which basically equals 100% deliciousness! yumyumyum!
3. the COOKING. any holiday where you get to cook for almost 5 hours straight sounds like fun to me! my mom and i will do most of the cooking this year. 
4. the LEFTOVERS. i like the leftovers so much that i'll show up with my own tupperware! i have no shame! ;)
5. AND most importantly(!!!) it's a wonderful time to reflect & say {out loud} what you are thankful for! sometimes we forget to tell the ones, we love most, that we are thankful for THEM! i am so so SO thankful for many things this year. ONE being my lovely blog and the fabulous people that read it! i sometimes refer to my blog as my second boyfriend because i put so much time & love into it. so i just appreciate {& am thankful for} the peeps like YOU who read it! SO THANK YOU! xxo!

*now here is what I will be BRINGING, WEARING, & DRINKING this {happy} Thanksgiving...

i'm bringing this (to snack on while we cook):
{SO easy & SO deeeelicious! my mom & i will snack on this yummy treat while we cook! delish recipe via}

 i'll be wearing {something like} this:
{A stretchy waist maxi skirt is a must!! with a loose fitting sweater over, of course! cozy & chic!}

i'll be drinking this:
{Sparkling Pear & Cranberry Cocktail with Rosemary, recipe via}

have the happiest of happy Thanksgivings!!
i am definitely thankful for YOU {all my wonderful readers & fabulous followers}!

with love xo,
Vanessa (the gal)

old school skills...

November 23, 2011

there are a couple old-school-skills that ladies {like my grandmother} did on a daily basis back in the day. one being crochet! she was a pretty hip lady and would crochet while watching the Laker games and yelling at Phil Jackson like she was his assistant coach! but that lady would multi-task like a champ and could make anything from pot holders to a sweater in one sitting! that is, if the game went into overtime. i am lucky to have grown up with such crafty woman in my family. my grandma taught me how to crochet & knit at an early age... and they are both past-times i still enjoy doing. i'm actually looking forward to taking some time this Thanksgiving {after dinner with a belly full of food} and crocheting a chunky warm headband. we'll see how it turns out!

*do you crochet or knit? or both?
**i also love knitting on roadtrips with the fireman. he's totally used to it now, but when we fist started dating and i would bring my yarn and needles on a trip. i think he was a bit nervous he was dating a grandma... but he's come around!

a little crochet inspiration for you...
A Jar Cusie via
Leg Warmers via
A Granny Basket via
Cozy Cosies via
Puff Daddy Ottoman's via
The Coziest Throw via
Crocheted Headband via

{I'll be following this how-to after Thanksgiving dinner next to the fireplace at my mom's!}

{if you're a first time Crochet{er} here is how to do a basic single-stitch!}

so is anyone else looking forward to doing their favorite crafty project after Thanksgiving dinner?? a belly full of food & crochet needles in my hand(?)... isn't that normal? sounds pretty perfect to me! ;) xo- the gal!

what i wore...

November 22, 2011

// photo's by the fashion gal //

sometimes when i look in my closet all i see are my-go-to-favorites that almost work as my daily uniform! hey i'm not complaining, i'm just a gal that loves her big cozy tee's & her cozy skinny jeans! my #1 old fave in today's "what i wore" is my royal blue {slash} kelly green flannel button up... that was originally inspired by the fireman. it seems as if the fireman's rugged (jeans, t-shirt, and a flannel) uniform began to rub off on me when we started dating. and now my flannel collection is beginning to look a little like his... which means, there is WAY too much plaid in our little house hold!

*i think this is the perfect date-night-movie-night outfit! casual, comfy, and some sexy wedge booties, perfect!
**if you dig this look check out more "what i wore's" here, or on the left index under "what i wore"!

r o y a l   b l u e  {and}  k e l l y   g r e e n

{the goods:}
plaid flannel: Urban Outfitters / t-shirt: Brandy Melville / skinnies: Goldsign / wedges: Dolce Vita / handbag: Bally / sunnies: Ray-Ban / chunky necklace: Ann Taylor / watch: Fossil / gold spike bracelet: Forever / 

i guess this look i looking a little grunge... remember this grunge post here?!
so are you a jeans & t-shirt kinda gal??? what's your go-to uniform?!

5 things: a cozy weekend

November 21, 2011

{one: Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies... topped with a little sea salt, of course! i found this yummy recipe from the lovely cookie-lover{slash}blogger at Cupcakes and Cashmere. see recipe here!}

what a wonderful weekend! the only question is... how did that FLY BY so fast?!?! here are a couple pics & pieces from our little weekend. other then staying warm & out of the rain, there were some arts n' crafts checked off the list, a little flea market shopping (to be expected) and a fun party with our fire department peeps! so yes, fun was had by all! annnnnnnd i may have given the fireman his birthday present a week early, opps! i was just SO excited about it that i couldn't resist and guess what (?) he LOVED it! stay tuned to see what this lucky guy got for his b-day... i'll post about it on friday {on the big guys actual birthday}! what did you guys do this cozy-rainy weekend???

*i know it's a bit early to show you the newest addition to my Christmas Decor... but i promise i won't put it out until i have Thanksgiving left-over's in my fridge!{two: My Homemade Jewelry. i made quite a little collection of colorful necklaces, this cozy weekend in! a girlfriend of mine is hosting a fabulous holiday (Art's n Crafts) party this coming weekend... and she asked me to sell a few of my necklaces! so here are a few of my little collection! these puppies will be available SOON to purchase here!}{three: A Good Foodie Read. since it was a cozy rainy weekend in, the fireman and i picked up a mag we'd both like to read! so the Food Lovers Guide to LA it was! i always get some helpful tips and a yummy new restaurant to add onto our LA food to-do-list!}
{four: My new {& favorite} Vintage Christmas Ornaments. over the weekend i hit up my favorite flea market (remember these past posts here & here?). well i scored again! and stubbled upon this colorful set of glass bulbs that will either sit in a big glass bowl or on our little tree this Christmas season. i love the mint greens & bright pinks!}
{five: A Post Rainy-Day Sunset. after all the rain had cleared, we had such a stunning sunset in Manhattan Beach.}

how was your weekend? do you know what you're bringing for Thanksgiving yet?!?
have a fabulous week! xo, the gal!

music sunday...

November 20, 2011

// if you want a successful band... your fabulous lead singer MUST rock some fabulous bangs, or so it seems. //

this week the fireman and i were looking into tickets to see KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas, which happens to land on the same weekend as my birthday {Dec. 10th! hello, mark your calenders! wink-wink!}. so when we were checking out the band line-up we started listening to our favorites (like Death Cab for Cutie & Florence + The Machine) and YouTubed the bands we didn't recognize right away. so today's music sunday is a band that we've never seen live, but would absolutely love to at the Almost Acoustic Christmas concert! check it out...

*check out more "music sunday's" {here} or under "mixed tape" on the left index... xo(!)

t h e N A K E D a n d F A M O U S.
{The Naked and Famous "Young Blood" i don't know about you, but i dig this song.}

what are you listening to on the cozy-rainy sunday???

like, FUR real...

November 18, 2011

// collages by the fashion gal & photo's via pinterest //

yippppppy! it's friday people! and what better way to end our fun little week then talking about what's-in-style! let's talk fashion, and let's talk FUR! i am (personally) loving myself some {faux} fur these days... i'm loving it in my home {over the back of my office chair} or on my bod! i know this trend seems to come & go over the years, but guess what (?) it's back baby... so jump on this furry bandwagon while the weather permits!! 

*want to check out some more trends & tips... go to "my style tips" on the left index!
**not to open this can of worms... but what are your thought's of REAL vs FAUX fur???
*** and PS: have a fabulous weekend!

NOVEMBER trend to follow 1


my-FUR-wishlist: i have something like this...
... i'd {fur-sure} wear something like these...
... and i NEED something like this!

which fabulous FUR do you preFUR??? get it?! wink-wink ;)
have a wonderFUR weekend!!! (that didn't work as well)

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