October 29, 2012

photo's and details by the fashion gal.

well folks, happy monday! as promised here are some photos of the details from our BIG DAY! i haven't received our professional photo's from our killer photog's yet, but do have some great pics of the details from our magical day. and i must say it was... magical. almost every single detail was homemade by yours truly (with the help from my fabulous mother)... so hopefully you like what we put together for this oh-so-very special day. so without further adue, here are the deets from our San Luis Obispo barn n' garden wedding day!

*a little side note: sorry for the extra-large amount of photo's... a bunch of friends, family, and a couple fabulous followers have asked to really see the details. so here ya go! 

the barn + the garden.
table seating + family photo table.
the homemade gold fringe photo booth + the fire engine red props.
the tequila lounge: with a custom copper light fixture/wedding gift made by my amazing brother.
the cake table: tree trunk logs + polka-dots + cupcakes!
the tables: mixed matched vintage plates + eclectic jar centerpieces. 
mr. + mrs. table: a vintage candelabra + a homemade mr. & mrs.
the BBQ menu + the champagne bar.
the 1950's fire truck. (yup, they had a fire truck in the barn! crazy, right??!)
the lighting + the home-made flags. 
the amor sign: aka. the necklace of the barn!

tune in later this week for more wedding photo's
... of the dress & a couple cute firemen too.

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October 26, 2012

hi all! this fashion gal is BACK! married to the fireman, honeymooned in Italy, and now home-sweet-home for my favorite season of all, Fall! not only is it good to be home sleeping in our own bed, but is great to be welcomed home to crisp air and a little holiday & halloween buzz. our block is apparently big on halloween decorations (which means, we are now big into halloween decorations... can't be the non-decorators on the block!) which really makes it feel like Fall is here! so here are a few things (with links, of course) that make me LOVE this time of year...

my top 10.
1. drinking warm apple cider or chai tea or hot chocolate out of my favorite (oversized) coffee mug
2. getting cozy on the couch with a big blanket on rainy days
3. wearing sweaters
4. decorating for halloween, then christmas
5. shopping for the perfect pair of boots
6. trying out new fall/holiday recipes, i like this one
7. getting all bundled up for a long walk when it's crispy n' cool outside 
8. dressing up for halloween... last year i was this
9. having movie marathons at home... this is the last movie i watched, it was good
10. eating soup

oh, and tune in next week to see the deets from our big day & our Italian honeymoon.
happy friday, have a nice weekend!


October 02, 2012

hello long lost reader friends!!!
I am SO sorry for my long absences & blog-free days... I was busy getting hitched to my handsome hunk of a FIREMAN! meeeeeeaow! we got married last saturday on September 29th in a killer barn in San Luis Obispo, CA. it was intimate, sweet, full of love, a lot of laughter, a lovely blooming garden, and even a green vineyard... we were surrounded by our family & friends, and danced liked there was no one was looking. we even toasted (with super classy shots) in the one-and-only tequila lounge. needless to say... IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES!!!
... and so we heard, the BEST wedding ever!

now we are off to Italy for a honeymoon full of adventure, gelato, and maybe even a little vino (that's for sure)! so please stay tuned in a couple weeks I will have photo's from our BIG DAY... and from our little vacation too! see you guys soon!

xxo, Mr. & Mrs. Fashion Gal & Fireman
(writing from LAX, with love!)

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