May 17, 2012

photo's & cake by the fashion gal.

i am no baker, but i do think i've mastered the trick to a good cake. good frosting. this was my first time using white food coloring on my buttercream frosting, since buttercream can usually be slightly yellow ((like butter color)), this food coloring makes it a perfectly pretty white! this birthday cake also had a colorful surprise inside... this was my first attempt at a yellow, pink, & orange swirled cake! my inspiration for this color swirled cake was from this killer baker Created by Diane.  

*PS: I picked up this white food coloring at Michael's... and this stuff works!
*side note: i used two boxes of my favorite vanilla bean cake mix. 
*buttercream recipe here.
divide your cake mix into separate bowls... then add food coloring.
**best kept secret ever: add your white food coloring to your buttercream frosting and your frosting will be bright white and super chic!
 add frosting & fresh strawberries in between your two cake layers... yum!
unfortunately, this cake was cut & finished so quickly i didn't have time to snap a photo of the inside. (big sad face). it looked great though... with colorful swirls with that tasted pretty good too.

do YOU have a killer frosting that blows your family & friends away???
 i would LOVE to know! seriously. please share! 
((recipes are always better shared, right?!))


Houndstooth & High Heels said...

That looks delicious! Now I have a craving for a cupcake :)


xo, S

sip-n-wear said...

i would love to see a picture of it cut into a slice to see the inside! looks yummy!

Erika said...

This cake looks delish! And white food-coloring?....who knew!

Always Maylee said...

White food coloring... genius!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Moussia said...

the icing looks so creamy and delish! I have been looking for the perfect accompaniment to my cakes mixes this looks like it would work perfectly!

VANESSA said...

i'm glad you all feel as enthusiastic about the white food coloring as i do!!! genius right?!

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

It looks really yummy, you did a really good job!

Emily said...

What a fun cake! Looks pretty and delicious!

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