music sundays...

August 07, 2011

we love our sundays... who doesn't! and if we are home doing things around the house we'll have music playing all day long. no not tv-sundays... it's music-sundays folks!

so here are some tunes from our day.....

{Sleigh Bells- "Rill Rill"... i think she's fabulous.}

{Sleigh Bells- "Kids" no video... but cool song!}
 PS: can anyone else see this being a perfect song for a Chanel fashion show?? it would be the perfect contrast. the fireman has no words for this idea. 

{Mariachi el Bronx- "Revolution Girl"... the band we saw earlier this week}

{Mariachi el Bronx- "Cell Mates"... filmed at the La Cita bar where we saw the band play}

PS: i would recommend downloading these tunes A-SAP... enjoy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The music made me feel like I was in Mexico ...I like it once in a while ... Looking for kids song ...thanks

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