March 19, 2012

///////////// photo's by the fashion gal /////////////

question. how is it monday already??! over the weekend i got to spend some much-needed quality time with an extra special girlfriend of mine. one of my super #1's!! which is always great because we can just pick up where we last left off and just SPEND TIME. so little Miss. Charlie {my French Bulldog} and i made our way to ((not-so-sunny)) San Diego this past weekend... while the fireman flew off to Cabo for a raging bachelor party! so, a girls-weekend-it-was! and since i haven't visited my gal in way too long, she had some killer new home-improvements to show me... all while drinking a little of the bubbly, of course! SO... here are a couple of her amazing new HOME updates that her & her hubby did together!!! 

*a little back story about these two love-birds... they were high school sweethearts & have been together for almost 100 years!! crazy right!? especially since they only 29 & 31! (wink-wink) they have a beautiful baby boy named Luke who is 10 months old and loves to show his brand new teeth, AND cuddle with his aunties! and these three live a great place that hopefully they'll have me back to very soon. (hint-hint!)
**wait to see the KILLER wood panel wall below (last photo's)... my friends hubby & his friend (got that?) made this wall ALL by themselves. it's rad. you'll see. 

 the perfect picture wall. this wall is perfectly balance with white/black frames, big/little frames, round/square frames, and has the perfect pop of gold frames! i love the "H" too.
 the gold frames. they work as the perfect pop of shine! i also love the photos of quotes "magic is something you make", mixed with the landscape pictures, and then mixed with lovely personal photos.
 the round frames. i think adding a couple round ((circle or oval)) frames into your mix of square and rectangle frames gives the wall a little more interest. didn't they do a great job!?
 ***let's talk about THIS chair-pillow-combo! i love love LOVE IT!!!! two words, Vintage & Metallic. perfect-o!
the wood-panel-wall. how awesome is this wall?? my girlfriend's hubby made this wall from recycled wood. he kept all the original wood color & nails! he said this rustic wall cost him under $30!! CA-RA-ZY!
***i love the stainless steel & glass picture frames they chose too!! the perfect contrast! (ps: that's Luke!)
great job Mel & Jer! you guys killed it in the interior decorating and weekend hostessing departments! bravo!

wouldn't this wall rustic wood wall make a cool bed headboard?!
now my wheels are spinning!


Heather said...

I love picture frame collage walls - it's such a fun and personal way to decorate!


CupcakesOMG! said...

wow! perfect timing--i want to do a photo wall, but i always see the black square frames. i love the idea of different shapes and the gold too!! i am definitely feeling inspired!


Kathy said...

So cute! There's nothing more than putting a photo's on the wall to make it home. xoxo

Unknown said...

Beautiful blog and posts, would sure love to have a new friend sweeti so I follow you now and hope you follow back so we keep in touch!:*

chanel said...

love it and the little peak into mel's life!

xo chanel

Wida said...

Wow, this is all just perfection!

Missing Amsie Blog

Kira said...

That wood panel wall is so fun, great ideas!

Anonymous said...

im loving their interior decorating style!!

Crazy for fashion said...

It looks great! I am following you :) I got a giveaway at my blog and would love you to enter! <3<3

bevy said...

great job indeed! i think gallery walls can be so tricky to make look right, but they did it wonderfully.

Jeane M. said...

Love the title, the wonder wall suits perfectly. Hope to be able to have that wall too and that lovely wood panel wall, wickedly pretty.

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Koko @ Koko Likes said...

LOVE the wall with all the mismatched frames. LOVE.

Jersey Blogess said...

i want to live here!!!! when can I move. that Jewelry organizer is perfect - very cute and it fits into your decor.

Pich and Roor said...

OMG I LOOOOVE how they decorated their house!!

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