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March 25, 2012

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happy-super-cozy-sunday! i guess today's {rainy} Music Sunday is all about bad-ass red heads that sound fabulous live! seems like a normal kinda theme, right??! well here are just a few tunes i've been listening too lately. in fact, when these puppies are randomly played on my Pandora... i kinda feel like it's my lucky day. you know that feeling?? ok, maybe it's just me ;) anyway, have a cozy sunday! ((PS: today it's raining in LA....... and i LOVE IT!!))

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{ Regina Spektor "Eet" (live in London) i think this song is just grrrr-ate! i'm loving her lipstick + top here too! }

{ Florence + The Machine "Shake it off" (line on SNL) if you've ever tuned into a "music sunday" you may have picked up on the fact that i ADORE Florence + The Machine! i think she. is. fabulous. love! }

{ Ingrid Michaelson "You + I" such a sweet song. if you haven't heard the original version, itunes it! and if you want to click through... they actually start singing at 4:45 mins. i just thought this video was pretty funny! i love cookies too! Ingrid Michaelson, a comedian AND a singer! who knew!? }

do love rainy days too???


Kira said...

I'm quite partial to redhead female musicians as well. I think Jenny Lewis is my favorite though :)

VANESSA said...

i love her too!

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