HOME vs FASHION: prints.

March 06, 2012

///// yup, we're talkin prints. photo via. /////

it's been too long since we compared our two loves HOME {and} FASHION! so today seems to be the perfect day to talk PRINTS!!! prints in your home & prints on your bod.  certain trends that you thought were gone for good are back in action people! does floral wallpaper and printed pants ring a bell??! well this trend is back in a BIG BOLD WAY... from bright vibrant florals, to bold statement stripes... and a little paisley in between. SO, here is a tiny dose of HOME vs. FAAAAASHION! woowhooo!

***check out some more HOME vs FASHION fun here!

a LOT a print!
home ////////// fashion

a BOLD bright print.
home ////////// fashion

a POP of {leopard} print.
home ////////// fashion

good ole' CLASSIC print.
home ////////// fashion

perfectly MIX n' matched prints.
home ////////// fashion

 well...... what do you think?
are you hopping on this fabulous {& funky} trend???
i am! see what funky print i wore here.


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

I love the classic look for home, pops of color are always welcomed, but I love clean spaces.

Anonymous said...

Love the good ole' classic prints...and leopard !

paislea said...

oh yes oh yes! i love this! you're so creative! i love how these match up! but i'm especially loving all of the stripes! so perfect!

drop by allister bee soon!

chanel said...

I love the different patterns in the same color tones in the last photo!

xo chanel

Kira said...

Love the last photos. I am a big fan of print mixing!

VANESSA said...

Chanel & Kira-- i agree!! LOVE the last two photo's!

ellen said...


Very nice blog!

Greetings Ellen from http://livelaughlovelook.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

I love mixing prints! I'm definitely a fan.


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