EXTRA luggage.

March 09, 2012

/////// little miss. Charlie! photo by the fashion gal ///////

happy friday peeps! what are your big plans this lovely weekend?? today i'm heading to the San Fransisco area to help a girlfriend with a little wedding planning, some extra needed catching up, and for a little work too! it will be a quick trip, but i can tell i'm going to miss my mini munchkin {AND the fireman} tons. so last night the fireman, charlie, & i had yummy Thai take-out, caught up on our American Idol t-vo, and THEN mama had started packing.......... and THIS is what happened!!! in the middle of Charlie's night-time nap (yes, she takes many naps a day) she stumbled into my closet and crawled right into my luggage! dogs are funny like that. they just want be with you and give you loads of love. i know i'll only be gone for a quick sec.... but i'll miss this nugget tons!! 

**do you have a pup? 
**has this ever happened to you when packing for a trip? ((it was too sweet not to share!))
**annnnnnnnnnnnd is this the cutest dog you've ever seen, or what?! 
**have a fabulous WEEKEND! woowhooo!


magie said...

Awe..Charlie is adorable! I think she may want to come with you :)
Have a great weekend..

R said...

charlie is so cuuuute!! i'm in san francisco - yayyy!!! it's been a bit breezy lately... I LOVE THOSE SHOES IN THE PHOTO!!


paislea said...

awe! she loves you!!! we went on a cruise in december and had to leave our little kitties behind and i was so sad! they totally missed us cause right when we got home, they started meowing like little crazies! and they slept with us all day long! i love them!!

drop by allister bee soon!

VANESSA said...

Thanks gals! Those shoes are Dolce Vita :)
Allisterbee-- I love that story. So sweet. I'm going to miss my baby tons! But she's at Grandma's house today... And grandma's let you getaway with everything! So she's good to go!
Have a great weekend!

Catherine said...

Have fun in SF!! I'm going to be in Long Beach next week...can't wait! Whenever we go on vacations, our dog, Wilson will sit next to our suitcases and cry. It's so heartbreaking!

The Splendid Suitcase said...

She is adorable! Really makes me wish I had a bigger place so I could get a dog :( Have fun in San Francisco! x

chanel said...

have fun in san fran! love that city! your little girlie is just too cute. when you get back we all need to plan a movie night. or a double date. or both!

xo chanel

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

This is the cutest thing..EVER!!!! How sweet is that?


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