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November 23, 2011

there are a couple old-school-skills that ladies {like my grandmother} did on a daily basis back in the day. one being crochet! she was a pretty hip lady and would crochet while watching the Laker games and yelling at Phil Jackson like she was his assistant coach! but that lady would multi-task like a champ and could make anything from pot holders to a sweater in one sitting! that is, if the game went into overtime. i am lucky to have grown up with such crafty woman in my family. my grandma taught me how to crochet & knit at an early age... and they are both past-times i still enjoy doing. i'm actually looking forward to taking some time this Thanksgiving {after dinner with a belly full of food} and crocheting a chunky warm headband. we'll see how it turns out!

*do you crochet or knit? or both?
**i also love knitting on roadtrips with the fireman. he's totally used to it now, but when we fist started dating and i would bring my yarn and needles on a trip. i think he was a bit nervous he was dating a grandma... but he's come around!

a little crochet inspiration for you...
A Jar Cusie via
Leg Warmers via
A Granny Basket via
Cozy Cosies via
Puff Daddy Ottoman's via
The Coziest Throw via
Crocheted Headband via

{I'll be following this how-to after Thanksgiving dinner next to the fireplace at my mom's!}

{if you're a first time Crochet{er} here is how to do a basic single-stitch!}

so is anyone else looking forward to doing their favorite crafty project after Thanksgiving dinner?? a belly full of food & crochet needles in my hand(?)... isn't that normal? sounds pretty perfect to me! ;) xo- the gal!


Carried Away said...

Oh knitting...I haven't done that in a while but used to love it when I was a child. My grandma was the expert in the family also :) I should get back to it...I remember how fun and relaxing it was :)

Annie said...

Um...I want every knit thing you posted there...SO cute. I don't knit, but you're making me wish I did!

The Other Side of Gray

Sandra Leiva said...

I love crochet!!
Looks great on the coffe! hehe.

issatchieu said...

so many creative ideas from jus crochet!! WOW

Meenakshi (meen-ak-she) said...

Wow...the second pic is too cute...baby leg warmers!!

Check out my COASTAL SCENTS giveway if you're interested!



Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh my goodness! I would so knit just to make those adorable leg warmers. So cute!

bevy said...

my grandmother crocheted too! wish i had took the time to learn it.

Kira said...

I LOVE those leg warmers!

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

My friend has a crochet business and I rock the slouchy hat almost on a daily basis! Love this.


Anonymous said...

Awe I didn't know you crocheted! I have been crocheting for almost a year now and I absolutely love it. It is such a nice past time. I'd love to see some more things you've made.

<3 Rachel

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