DIY + A {baby} GIFT

November 14, 2011

 // photo's & DIY {do-it-yourself} by the fashion gal //

you know you had a good weekend when A. you're still full, B. you have about 100 new photo's in your {iPhoto} photo album, and C. you completed a fun DIY project (for a girlfriend's baby shower gift!). over the weekend i had the chance to catch up with some of my closest-most-fabulous girlfriends, like the kind that are basically considered family! so needless to say, there was some good food, a lot of laughs, and some deeeeelishious mimosa's had by all! the fireman and i even had some nice down-time together... ANNNNNND did something we've been wanting to do for the last 6 months, bought ALL new bedding! wooowhooo! mama's sleeping good tonight!! so, we officially have all new fluffy white {and oh-so-heavenly} bedding. and scored such a DEAL with the a-mazing Veterans Day sales! thank you Veterans! so without further adieu, here is my {DIY} baby gift that i made for the baby shower i attended sunday {what-a-FUNday!}

*a little note: this is a SUPER-EASY DIY {do-it-yourself} project... it's a store-bought (boy's) puffy vest (by OshKosh, see here) that i embellished with a few pretty & bright vintage buttons. it's an easy way to make your gift extra special & one-of-a-kind!

a boy's puffy vest + pretty vintage buttons = 
the perfect little diddy for a beautiful baby girl!
{PS: i totally want this vest now in MY size! the babies get it all!}
{i don't have any babies (yet) but if i had a baby girl, i would have to dress her in funky boy clothes & pretty girl clothes... just to make that kid extra stylish. PS: this vest was size 3 months. SO CUTE!}

{pick out your 3-5 favorite plastic buttons... i've been waiting for the perfect time to use this teal ice cream cone!}

{cut off the button-backs so the buttons lay flat once glued}

{play around with how you'd like you buttons to lay... and fire up your good old glue gun!!! woohooo!}

{get gluing peeps! make sure to mark where you'd like your buttons to be glued and do NOT use too much glue on the back of the buttons... you don't want extra glue to spill over the sides and leave that hot-glue-crust.}

{i wish the actual size of this baby-vest translated in this photo... it was teeny-tiny! too cute and SUCH an easy DIY!}

{the fireman wanted to take a photo of me on our balcony because look how pretty the day was!
i was off to the baby shower... and mid-coffee-sip}

how was your weekend??? what did you do?!


Meenakshi (meen-ak-she) said...

You are so creative!! Love the way its wrapped!

Annie_VintagDiggs said...

What an adorable outfit! I am on the hunt for cute vintage baby boy pieces because I just found out my sister is having a boy, and this vest is awesome (although the buttons might be a little too girly for him). I've got to start planning this kid's tiny little wardrobe. Let me know if you have any good tips on places for kids vintage.

Annie said...

That MIGHT be the cutest baby outfit I've ever seen. I just LOVE the vest...and how your paired it with the little tulle ballerina skirt. So are definitely invited to my baby about 5-10 years :)

The Other Side of Gray

alicia said...

cute! love the wrapping.

EverythingPrettyGirls said...

That is SO cute. I love what you paired this vest with too- that skirt is precious. I kind of want the entire thing for myself.


Unknown said...

totally, totally awesome. i LOVE it! following!


Natalie said...

That is going to be one stylin' baby, LOVE it! Just found your blog, so cute!

Trish said...

I LOVE what you did with that vest! It's so adorable.

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

I hope I have a friend like you around when I decide to have a baby. How trendy that little one will be! That vest is too precious.



Anonymous said...

Wow, nice view from your balcony...great wrapping too!
I really enjoy your DIY's

Ly said...

That's such a cute idea. The view is jealous.


bb said...

Super cute! I feel inspired.

x. jill
those ghosts

bevy said...

perfect way to girl-ify that boy vest. I have a three year old daughter and I occasionally venture into the boys department to find her a few items. a sweater she took for last years Christmas card photo is a boys sweater, I just changed out the wooden buttons to gold-looking ones. it was perfect.

Christie Ressel said...

Love what you did -- and how you wrapped it!

Fashion Translated

Coley said...

This is so cute. Your presentation is amazing!

jessica // union shore said...

this is so adorable!! and i love the packaging!!

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