5 things: fireman food

November 04, 2011

{ONE: The Classic: Beef Chili, recipe here}

hey look, it's friday! yippppy! yay! whoop-whoop! well last night i went to the fire station to visit the fireman and eat dinner with the guys. i try not to rain on their parade too often, but if my fridge is looking a little empty & sad, and i know MY fireman is cooking... then i am there! so me and about 10 of the guys enjoyed some super good food they prepared! some bacon-wrapped jalapeno thingies (those were all gone by the time i got there), rosemary red potatoes, a pear-cranberry-arugula salad, huge steaks, biscuits, and a cheesecake (that i brought). and i've got to admit, it was pretty good!!! AND very entertaining... those guys are pretty funny! the things guys talk about {when in a large MAN-PACK} is hysterical! sometimes it just blows me away that us gals and those guys are just SO different from one another. but hey, you've GOT to love em! right?!? well here are some FIREMAN classics (with recipes below) for you to enjoy over this {fabulous} upcoming weekend! enjoy!
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**since we're talking food... go here to get a little restaurant inspiration for your saturday lunch or sunday brunch!

{TWO: Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies, recipe here}
{THREE: Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream, recipe here PS: this is MY fave!!!! YUM!}
{FOUR: Blue Cheese Burger, recipe here}
{FIVE: Chocolate Chip Cookies, recipe here}

have a wonderful weekend! xo... the gal!


magie said...

Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. Your blog is amazing! :)
This post is making me super hungry! :P All those recipes look really good, I am going to have to give those a go..

caise said...

oh I'm so hungry right know ;-)
I love those cookies!

Meenakshi (meen-ak-she) said...

Yummm....all of this looks soo good...I think I'll take a stab at the cookies this weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

Sooooo what DO all those heroes talk about (receipts is my bet) !? Wow, what a burger...I'm going to bake the cookies today.

Ellie Lee said...

Hey Vanessa, thanks for the comment on my blog which brought me to yours... (btw, I wasn't the model in the pictures; but thanks!(; )

ANYWAY, thank my lucky stars I was reading this post on a super full stomach! The inspirations are amazing and I want to try to make everything! Not the huge burgers though... It looks a little scary. Heh!

I'd definitely be saving this post and coming back for more!

PS/ love how you've mentioned your fireman;p Heh! Can't wait to see photos of the both you together!


Jamie said...

Peanut butter chocolate icecream. YUM!

Kathy said...

Oh my, I'm super hungry for a good chilly. xoxo


EverythingPrettyGirls said...

Thanks for your comment... reading your blog now, and it's ah-mazng! Especially this post- just got so hungry!!

Have a great weekend! You have two new readers :)

xo everything-pretty.com

Jess said...

omg, all of these photos are making me so hungry!

Devon said...

Okay, bacon wrapped jalapenos. I'm not even going to say more because nothing I say will match that awesomeness.

Bonnie said...

This fireman food also seems like my Mr. A's kind of food. He would love this!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

chanel said...

Mmmmm....I want to eat one of those cookie with that ice cream on top of it.


VANESSA said...

I know i wrote this post... but it is making my mouth water too!!! My mom read the post (this morning) and already whipped up the chocolate chip cookies today! I may have to make the chili since it's a bit rainy in Manhattan Beach... What are you guys going to make??? HAVE A GREAT (& cozy) WEEKEND!!! XO- the gal

molliee said...

you had me at bacon wrapped jalapenos!


Aida said...

Great post, loved it!!!!


Candace Shiflet said...

oh my delicious. Bad idea to read this while I'm starving haha :)
Lovely Little Rants

Akiko said...

All looks sooo delicious.. (especially the ice cream)! I just read some of the posts here and you have such a great blog! -akiko


bb said...

Amazing photos, thank God I already ate!

x. jill
those ghosts

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Okay, where is this place located? Next time my fridge is looking skimpy...I'm there!
Have a wonderful weekend!

bevy said...

I'm not even hungry, yet all of a sudden I have a craving for bacon burgers, stuffed jalapenos and chocolate chip cookies. Looks so yummy!

Yara Simón said...

I could go for a huge burger right now.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

i just got fatter looking at this. and i thank you.

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