5 things: a cozy weekend

November 21, 2011

{one: Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies... topped with a little sea salt, of course! i found this yummy recipe from the lovely cookie-lover{slash}blogger at Cupcakes and Cashmere. see recipe here!}

what a wonderful weekend! the only question is... how did that FLY BY so fast?!?! here are a couple pics & pieces from our little weekend. other then staying warm & out of the rain, there were some arts n' crafts checked off the list, a little flea market shopping (to be expected) and a fun party with our fire department peeps! so yes, fun was had by all! annnnnnnd i may have given the fireman his birthday present a week early, opps! i was just SO excited about it that i couldn't resist and guess what (?) he LOVED it! stay tuned to see what this lucky guy got for his b-day... i'll post about it on friday {on the big guys actual birthday}! what did you guys do this cozy-rainy weekend???

*i know it's a bit early to show you the newest addition to my Christmas Decor... but i promise i won't put it out until i have Thanksgiving left-over's in my fridge!{two: My Homemade Jewelry. i made quite a little collection of colorful necklaces, this cozy weekend in! a girlfriend of mine is hosting a fabulous holiday (Art's n Crafts) party this coming weekend... and she asked me to sell a few of my necklaces! so here are a few of my little collection! these puppies will be available SOON to purchase here!}{three: A Good Foodie Read. since it was a cozy rainy weekend in, the fireman and i picked up a mag we'd both like to read! so the Food Lovers Guide to LA it was! i always get some helpful tips and a yummy new restaurant to add onto our LA food to-do-list!}
{four: My new {& favorite} Vintage Christmas Ornaments. over the weekend i hit up my favorite flea market (remember these past posts here & here?). well i scored again! and stubbled upon this colorful set of glass bulbs that will either sit in a big glass bowl or on our little tree this Christmas season. i love the mint greens & bright pinks!}
{five: A Post Rainy-Day Sunset. after all the rain had cleared, we had such a stunning sunset in Manhattan Beach.}

how was your weekend? do you know what you're bringing for Thanksgiving yet?!?
have a fabulous week! xo, the gal!


Plami said...

awwww .... so lovely <3



Annie said...

Ohhh sounds like an awesome weekend...can't wait to see more of your jewelry...looks so pretty!

The Other Side of Gray

Meenakshi (meen-ak-she) said...

your necklaces looks so pretty!


Daniela said...

love your ornaments and your homemade jewelry !

VANESSA said...

thanks peeps! more jewelry to come soon! have a fabulous week! xxo!

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

I want to reach out and snag one of those cookies, they look so yummy! Looks like you had a great weekend :)



magie said...

Those cookies look amazingly good, with the big ol' chunks of chocolate in them!
I love your vintage baubles..so pretty. I have a couple sets of my own as well..I think I prefer the vintage ones over the newer ones (though it can be very hard to find any to buy, at times).
Have a lovely week


Molliee said...

those ornaments are gorgeous! Getting me all excited for christmas!!


Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

pretty jewelry!
hosting thanksgiving this year. finally!

Lisa said...

yumm those chocolate chip cookies look so nommy!! love your DIY bracelets they look so pretty!!

Unknown said...

no its not to early...we actually put up our tree this last weekend b/c we are going out of town for turkey day and I wanted it up for when we got home! ha



noone said...

looks like a lovely weekend you had, such pretty pictures!

iheartkiwi said...

What a perfect weekend!

Those cookies sound amazing, I'm obsessed with sea salt and those necklaces are so beautiful and delicate!

Still haven't decided what I should make for Thanksgiving. I'd better hurry up and pick something!

bevy said...

those cookies look so good! looks like you had a great weekend! those vintage ornaments have me thinking...i know my parents have some of those somewhere...hmmm.

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