happy {happy} thanksgiving!

November 24, 2011

// woowhoo let's eat! //

happy Thanksgiving peeps!!! AND happy 1st birthday to my very 1st nephew Kasen! {your auntie loves you!} so, this is my favorite holiday {by far} for SO many reason's! want my little list why?? well ok, here it is...
5 reasons why i LOVE thanksgiving: 
1. it's a warm & cozy holiday {like Christmas} but without all the gifts! just time well spent with family and friends! 
2. the FOOD. my mouth is watering just thinking about the meal i'm about to eat! my family celebrates the colder holidays with 50% traditional German food (red cabbage & dumplings) & 50% American food (mashed potatoes & turkey). which basically equals 100% deliciousness! yumyumyum!
3. the COOKING. any holiday where you get to cook for almost 5 hours straight sounds like fun to me! my mom and i will do most of the cooking this year. 
4. the LEFTOVERS. i like the leftovers so much that i'll show up with my own tupperware! i have no shame! ;)
5. AND most importantly(!!!) it's a wonderful time to reflect & say {out loud} what you are thankful for! sometimes we forget to tell the ones, we love most, that we are thankful for THEM! i am so so SO thankful for many things this year. ONE being my lovely blog and the fabulous people that read it! i sometimes refer to my blog as my second boyfriend because i put so much time & love into it. so i just appreciate {& am thankful for} the peeps like YOU who read it! SO THANK YOU! xxo!

*now here is what I will be BRINGING, WEARING, & DRINKING this {happy} Thanksgiving...

i'm bringing this (to snack on while we cook):
{SO easy & SO deeeelicious! my mom & i will snack on this yummy treat while we cook! delish recipe via}

 i'll be wearing {something like} this:
{A stretchy waist maxi skirt is a must!! with a loose fitting sweater over, of course! cozy & chic!}

i'll be drinking this:
{Sparkling Pear & Cranberry Cocktail with Rosemary, recipe via}

have the happiest of happy Thanksgivings!!
i am definitely thankful for YOU {all my wonderful readers & fabulous followers}!

with love xo,
Vanessa (the gal)

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J + A said...

love the outfits with the maxis!


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