October 21, 2011

// photo's by the fashion gal //

over the past week i found myself taking photo's of {just about} everything! i had an eventful week spending time with the fireman, catching up with a few girlfriends, and even browsing around the local boutiques in my neck of the woods. i took a couple photo's here and there, but not really enough to construct one focused blog post... SO, i decided to take my random photo's {of all the pretty thing's} and let you see the BITS + PIECES of my week!

*what did you guys do this week???

{loving the little things... bright colored yarns & flowers with freckles}
{anyone else notice all the cool white pumpkins this year? and check out that awesome Cinderella Pumpkin!}
{grocery shopping with the fireman is one of my favorite pastimes! it's always hilarious! ps: never shop on an empty stomach}
{we BBQ-ed with friends this week... {left} their ADORABLE son Travis is going to be a pirate for Halloween! {right} this picture cracks me up (!) Travis was trying out his new pirate sword & attacked the fireman!!  PIRATE- 1, FIREMAN- 0 }
{i love window shopping at this new store in Santa Monica... i just blanked on the name. I'll post the name on my Twitter later today! tweet tweet!}
 {i baked my socks of this week! extra chocolate chocolate chip cookies & double chocolate cupcakes! YUM!} 
{my girlfriends are rad! {left} is Chanel, she's a blogger too! we were shopping at the Long Beach Flea Market on Sunday. Remember this post? {right} is Harmony, we were at an awesome Sample Sale in LA, so fun!}
{that's me! {left} trying on my new favorite vintage blue slip {right} in a sea of plaid!!!}
{i've been looking for the perfect new heel & a funky new boot. what do you think of these?}
{i was feeling the LOVE this week! {left} my mom gave me these darling heart-arrow measuring spoons {right} the fireman surprised me with a new pair of Toms and a beautiful new watch! SO generous... this was on our bed with a love-note for me when i got home. amazing.}

{my FAVORITE thing i did all week was cook dinner with the fireman. i'm a lucky little lady.}

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
xo- the gal!


Katie*Belle said...

These photos are fantastic! I've found myself photographing everything lately too. I love it!

Bravoe Runway said...

What an amazing day! The sample sale at the Long Beach Flea Market looks like so much fun, it's been years since I've visited but I'd love to go again!

kat @ paper doll theory said...

love that you shared those photos with us! definitely loving the tie up boots. love those flowers with freckles :) funny how much beauty you can find in random things!
love kat

chanel said...

Love you! That fireman is one good catch. I love that he doesn't make a big to do about the HUGE holidays but that he'll do things like this on a random day.

Vanessa (the gal) said...

Kat- I love the flower with freakles photo too! Thanks for following :)

Chanel- I know he's a good one! Casey is too! We scored. Love you!

My other gals- Have a fabulous weekend!!!


JW | PEONY said...

I love all the pictures - very fun! I've been thinking of carving a white pumpkin this year, perhaps into a ghost.. yes I think a white ghost pumpkin will be perfect-- it's settled.

issatchieu said...

I REALLY LOVE UR BLOG LAYOUT! One of the best ones ive seen so far. Thks for stopping by too.
Happy Weekend my dear!

ur follower :p

Jacqueline said...

Love all of these pictures! They're adorable :)

Yara Simón said...

Yum. Those cookies look delish.

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