October 27, 2011

// my favorite part of Oktoberfest... the pretzels! //

are you're kidding... is it really October 27th already?!? how did this month FLY by so quickly!? now i only have 4 days left to go and celebrate (being German) at my local Okoberfest! oompapa-oompapa! if you're not really sure what Oktoberfest is... don't worry, i got you covered. Oktoberfest is a fancy word that means a HARVEST CELEBRATION. it is the largest Fall Festival in the world, with the biggest celebration taking place in Munich (MYOO-nik) near Bavaria. did you know that over 6 million visitors go to Munich (each year) to eat sausage, drink beer, and partake in the traditional German games and to sing the traditional German songs... that's a lot of fabulous (drunk & happy) people!!! AND did you know that most places in Germany actually start celebrating Oktoberfest mid-way through September? those German's really know how to party! i have such wonderful memories going to Oktoberfest when i was a little kid and my parents dressing us up in little Lederhosens  (for the boys) and a mini dirndl (for me). we would go every Sunday afternoon for "family day" during the month of October... that's when all the local German families would go to show off there kids and have a Sunday afternoon beer. Proost!

here are a few things i LOVE about 
O K T O B E R F E S T...
{the Traditional Bavarian Dirndls... hey if Kim Kardashian thinks Oktoberfest is cool, well then come on!}
{the amazing German beers and the fabulous glasses & steins they come in! the "boot" is the most fun to drink out of!}
{the people watching!! i'm counting 11 HUGE steins! how many do you see???}
{this is a tradition German breakfast... you can usually find these yummy breads & cheeses at the German grocery store. they are not however (typically) served at Oktoberfest... the pickles & mustard are amazing too! if you ever go into a German grocery store, buy yourself some bread, cheese, mustard, & pickles}
{the tradition German cookies (aka: Pfeffernusse!), see recipe here}
{and maybe a little German Chocolate Cake (!?), see recipe here}
{The Tradition German Outfits: 1. Bavarian-style alpine hat... hopefully with a feather & collected pins in it / 2. Traditional Bavarian trachten shirt / 3. Lederhosen / 4. Knee socks / 5. Leather boots / 6. Head scarf / 7. A pretty dirndl blouse / 8. Bodice aka. push-up bra / 9. A dirndl / 10. Leather shoes /11. Steins}

now that you know all about the Oktoberfest Tradition... do you think you'll check it out???
remember Kim K. thinks it's cool! (wink-wink!)


Katie*Belle said...

How fun that you're going to a local Oktoberfest! I love beer so this sounds like a blast. Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

That pretzel & breakfast looks amazing...now I'm thirsty...Proost!!!

J.R. said...

great post V!! I was hoping to see some pics of tyler in Lederhosens. Next year.

molliee said...

I love oktoberfest and have the cutest little costume for it! I didn't have time yet this year for it though:(


VANESSA said...

Thanks peeps! Yeah JR, next year we'll get the fireman in some Lederhosens for sure!!! ;)

chanel said...

Those pretzels look delicious!!!! And I HATE drinking out of the boot. It always splashes your face!

Ellie Lee said...

You're making me crave for some pretzels right now! I've always enjoyed Oktoberfest! Ahhh. The erdingers~ Heh;p

Anonymous said...

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