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October 06, 2011

// photo's by the fashion gal //

i don't know about you, but i LOVE to give gifts... hostess gifts, thank you gifts, birthday gifts, or even a little just-because gift. i really enjoy the entire gift giving process. i like searching for the perfect present... from cozy missoni socks to a funky vintage treasure (the vintage finds are always the hardest to give away once you got em!). i sometimes will keep an item i love on hand (like this delicious Red Current candle) in case i ever need a last minute gift. it's my favorite scent and i know it's a great gift anyone would like to get. i always try to make each gift special by creatively wrapping it & finishing it off with a homemade card! here is a thank you gift i put together for an amazing girlfriend of mine...

**there was no way i could drop this present off without something for my girlfriends hubby... so i baked him a key lime pie (get my recipe here). oh and i baked one for the fireman too... he really scored in this deal!

the gift wrapping & card making supplies...
where to pick up your supplies... yarn: Joann's / raffia ribbon: Target / fabric tapes: Michael's / tag: Staples / wrapping tissue: Joann's / giftbox: recycled from an Anthropologie gift (try Joann's or Target)

{my friend is a new mom, so i grabbed a little gift for the baby too. a missoni baby blanket of course!}

here's a few steps for gift-wrapping made easy...
one: i like to make a fold in the paper before i wrap each item // two: wrap the individual items separately

three: i thought these adorable Halloween socks would be a cute addition to my little gift //
 four: cut your ribbons all the same length... i like using three different textured ribbons or yarns

five: wrap all three ribbons at once // six: stick the fabric tape along the edge of the tag, then cut 

seven: repeat step six until your tag is decorated to your liking // Ta-daa! you got yourself a great gift!

key lime pie recipe

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Anonymous said...

I love giving gifts as well! I've already been mulling over what to do for Christmas for everyone. These tips are so great. I wouldn't have thought to use yarn to wrap with.

<3 Rachel
dress ups and mess ups

Anonymous said...

What a great thank you gift



kelly @ paper doll theory said...

creative wrapping! the tag is super cute. and that key lime pie looks delish. i'm craving something sweet right now... so that looks perfect.



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